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Bonus $20 Worth of Bitcoin After Signing up to Bamboo App


"Bamboo is a microinvestments platform that allows anyone to seamlessly purchase digital assets, like Gold and Bitcoin. It's an easy, secure, and effective way to participate in this growing asset class. All you need is a mobile phone and a bank account to get started.
Bamboo sync's your selected bank accounts for transactions. We then round to the nearest full value and easily invest the spare change from your daily expenses into a diverse portfolio of assets.

from their email:
We are Bamboo! The easiest way to invest into your favourite digital currencies. For a limited time: You can get $20 in BTC when you onboard onto the Bamboo app for the month of June. Use code: "BAMBOO20"

After signing up, go to 'setting' > enter BAMBOO20 in the 'promo' section

Referral Links

Referral: random (86)

$10 for referrer and referee, after referee makes first investment (min $50).

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    So.. could you technically withdraw the $20 or will they prevent that?

  • +14

    I feel like I've missed something magical in all these unpublished comments

    • +3

      OP was giving out 20 bitcoins

      • +1

        how generous!

        <checks btc-aud>

        wait a minute…

      • How?

  • +1

    Can you stack the referral and the promo code?

    • +1

      Yes u can. Did it in the previous promo

      • How? It doesn't let you add a second.

        • last time I created with referral link, then in the promo code, it let me enter the code like above. not sure now

    • I believe you can if you use a link to sign up.

  • Anyone actually making real money from selling Bitcoin? I know a person who has 15 Bitcoins, couldn't use them as asset to get a loan from bank, unless he sells them. Not sure if he has to pay tax if he didn't them.

    • +3

      Doesn't your mate know you never sell Bitcoin. In 5 years he can have 3 houses.

      • +1

        He couldn't even get a loan now, let alone in 5 years!

    • +2

      should be able to get a loan from Celsius using bitcoin as collateral.

  • I really hate it when I click 'go to deal' and sign up for something before realising I should've clicked the referral link instead.

    • But you need to deposit at least $50 to get the $10 referral bonus, whereas this code gives you $20 for free.

  • Please be aware their fee is rather high if u only want to put minimum amount ($50) or small one. $1.5 for deposit and $1.5 for withdrawal. I wouldn't use them for micro investing. Still good for the bonus though

    • I micro invested a year ago when BTC was much cheaper and gained in the price appreciation so can’t complain on the fees, however you can just use the bonus and withdraw and unlink your card

      • +2

        Well, imagine if u actually bought them on Binance or whatever crypto exchange that doesn’t charge exorbitant fee like this one :P.

  • What’s the security like on this? I’m not that keen on handing over my details time and time again.

  • +1

    is it safe to provide our “banking user id” ?
    Should I temporarily change my password?

    • -1

      I have been using them for more than a year, no security issues. You can unlink your account afterwards and change your password

      • +2

        Thanks for your feedback but I’m not taking the risk, not worth the $27

    • +5

      What??? Get f#©k3d I'm not giving them id logins.

    • +6

      No, it is absolutely not safe to do this no matter what guarantees they offer. Your bank will tell you not to do it and has no responsibility to help you if they clear your bank account out.

      Having said that you could look at their track record, look at who they are owned by and change your bank password immediately after they scan your bank accounts & call this a calculated risk.

  • +1

    Anyone who uses this able to explain how the microinvestment / roundup works? I'm confused because I thought it'd take the rounded up amount from my account each transaction.
    Instead it seems to be that only when these rounded up amounts equal $50 it'll take $50.
    My problem is I don't want to have $50 randomly withdrawn, there's rarely $50 in the account I linked.

    • No, they round-up cents only to the nearest dollar value, whenever u use ur link acc (e.g: u pay for $2.16 coffee, the 0.84 will then go to Bamboo). There's no charge for that (as opposed to top-up where they charge hefty fee). That's the only good thing about this app.

  • Anyone tried to withdraw? It's slower than a ponzi scheme to get money out.

    • +1

      Yes I signed up and requested to withdraw on Saturday, still being processed after close to a week…

      • Had no issue, took 2-3 days.

        • Still pending since the 14th June. Maybe they've run out of money and/or it was a scam.

      • +1

        I wrote an email to support last Fri, nothing at all from them - seems a bit cheap or did they run out of money?

        • +1

          This is what I got from them:
          Thank you for reaching out!

          We went ahead and looked into your account and found that your withdrawal is on hold due to the lack of investment in-app. Upon checking further, it appears that the funds in your withdrawal request is solely coming from the promo/coupon code. However, once several more successful transactions clear, you can definitely go ahead and process a withdrawal request again.

          Please let us know if you need further assistance. Have a great day!
          Best regards,

          Customer Support at Bamboo 🌱

          Seems like a bad idea, probably gonna back out from this.

          • @ozziekhoo: Apparently "During May [they] have been hard at work in building momentum on a new brand, new features and a new product.". So as part of that brand, they want to associate themselves with arbitrarily preventing customers to withdraw funds that are in their accounts and also not notifying them.

            And offering promotions where they entice people to give up their banking passwords and then grant them a bonus that they will secretly not give you in the end.

            They are also launching a "Self-Managed Super Fund product", I wonder if this also has liquidity problems? What a great idea to associate your retirement money with a company who doesn't allow you to withdraw money in your account.

            Is it a PONZI SCHEME?


            "Don’t forget to refer a friend so they can start their effortless investing journey in under 90 seconds. You both get hooked up with $10 each.".

            So… get hooked up with $10! Just kidding, good luck getting it, Psych!

            "You can get $20 in BTC when you onboard onto the Bamboo app for the month of June".

            So if you onboard onto the app in the month of June, you will get $20 of BTC that they won't give you [unless you do undertake some further actions that we haven't specified anywhere and will decide upon at random]?

            Their CEO spruiking SMSF investing here: https://www.ausbiz.com.au/media/startup-daily-friday-9-april...

            I honestly think bamboo and getbamboo are nuts to run dodgy fake/potentially illegal promotions like this when they are trying to target users investing their RETIREMENT MONEY.

          • +3

            @ozziekhoo: No mention at all when signing up that you need to have made several transactions to get the referral bonus. The whole experience has been pretty disappointing, good thing I linked to my least used bank account.

        • I wonder if OP still has the original email with the offer…perhaps there are T&C in that email which are usually stated at the very end/bottom

          • @godzilla123: Nothing in the email but a link to their terms and conditions:
            I never had a problem withdrawing from my Bamboo account but a small fee applies. I have done several withdrawals.
            I have used a bank account that I normally have only a small amount in it but I use it regularly

          • @godzilla123: They might have changed their term so you need to invest at least once before you can withdraw, so they stop people from just getting the free money and withdrawing it

            • +2

              @Sarinella: Nonsense. They can't bait and switch like that and so far they haven't even published any updated terms.

              • -1

                @watwatwat: well, I have seen so many companies saying sth and doing sth else here in Australia and when I said I'll complain to Fair Trade they weren't bothered, I went on complaining on 2 occasions, one in Victoria no answer! and the other one in NSW called me saying since you want a refund, we can't make the company refund you and you have to take the matter to NCat, pay $50 and wait for the decision (refund was for $500). so in my experience, companies CAN do anything they want and change terms,…. sorry to be disappointing!
                In my experience with Bamboo, I had withdrawn my initial bonus last year when I joined, but I also invested in their platform afterwards and done several withdrawal after that, never had issues.

        • +1

          They just updated the T&C today and added section 4.3 Referrals and Promotion..lol

          • @godzilla123: NICE FIND!

            Now they can pay out everyone and acknowledge they screwed up instead of ghosting everyone. … right guys? So far wrong.

  • +1

    $20 seems very cheap to get all my personal information and bank account details and transactions…

  • Err says promo code is not active for me?

    • same here. Code no longer working

      • Feel lucky you aren't involved with this scam company.

        • You didn't receive your money?

          Ending this promo early without notice and not sticking to the promised promo period loses points from me in terms of trust. I was going to sign up but was wary about having to give out banking info. I got flagged from my bank when I used login info to sign up to Bundll.

          Maybe it's time for a "burner" bank account?

          • @abc: Still no money or further correspondence from them except for marketing spam advertising their superannuation services to me.