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LG Nanocell 65NANO86 $1399.98 / 75NANO85 $2099.98 + Free Delivery / Store Pickup @ Costco (Membership Required)


Hot run out offers on Costco for LG 2020 Nanocell NANO85/86 TVs.
Includes free national delivery, or in-store pick-up. VideoPro is slightly cheaper, but delivery cost outside of Brisbane is very high.
Hope this helps

LG 75" NANO85 offer expires 14/6/2021.

LG 65" NANO86

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Costco Wholesale

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    75" is $1995 at JBHIFI


    I thought LG is famous for their oled.


      They are. The rest of their TVs are definitely not famous.


      Probably the only manufacturer that still uses IPS instead of MVA for their tv's.

      Funny how we go crazy for IPS over VA when it comes to monitors.


        Technically that's not true that almost all other manufacturers use MVA panels. Now that Chinese factories are supplying all LCD screens for major brands, there will be a growing number of TV's with IPS or similar panels
        Almost all the new MiniLED TVs this year use IPS panels, for example


        do VA tvs not suffer from smearing like the monitors do?
        IPS gets backlight bleed or "glow", everything else is great though.


    10 more inches for $700 ?


    65 inch for $1270.

    Did a quick check and it was $59 for regional delivery.