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Intel NUC i5-1135G7 Mini PC Kit $397.80 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Intel CPU


Intel NUC



Graphics Card


Hard Drive

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  • I assume that is sans RAM and m2 drive?

    • any can recommend me the cheapest RAM and m2 drive that is compatible with this thing? tech illiterate here m(__)m

      edit: 8gigs and 128gb wud do

  • Correct. No OS either of course.

  • +3

    Great price on the intel nuc

  • +8

    Yep that price will put me out of business. Wholesale through Aussie authorized distributors is $522.50.

    Don't know how they're doing it or which country they're coming from but grab them while you can I guess.

  • 800 for a 2060… Bruh…

  • i dont know anything about computers, would it be worth changing an alienware alpha for this (i7 - 860m is all i know), my kid doesnt really play many games but there are a few

    • Just be wary that this is possibly a grey import, because local distributors and not able to provide this price to resellers. They could be an issue with warranty support if any issues arise.

    • +1

      I'd say probably not. An older i7 is still fine for day to day stuff and the 860m gives similar graphics performance to the nuc.

      Plus keep in mind these are kits. You have to source and install the ram, ssd and os yourself — which isn't hard but worth keeping in mind if you're not familiar with computers.

      • +1

        i used to build computers back in the day about 20 years ago, now i cant be bothered, nor do i follow whats going on. So installing stuff other than making me complain about doing it would be fine.

        if the performance is similar, yeah not worth it.

    • Funnily enough I am moving from the same Alienware Alpha to this NUC. It's substantially faster, but for me the excellent integrated video is what I'm looking for. The old Alienware Alpha can't decide H.265 nor can it output 4k at 60hz. Great for the time but they are about 87 years old now.

      The CPU is better and the Iris Xe is more than capable of light gaming at lower res.

      I added a 1TB NVME (Seagate Q5 also discounted nicely) and will get RAM elsewhere.

      • yeah the video performance is what i was curious about, not so much 4k as there is just an dumb old 34 ultrawide.

        87 years old? still got a bit of life in it i suppose

  • Any NUC with 8 cores?

  • what would be a good NUC which has two gigabyte ethernet ports?

    • You mean gigabit? All of these popular ones don't have it. I can't understand why they don't have them. They would make a great little pfsense or opnsense box. Zotac used to make ones with 2 gigabit NICs so you might be able to find a second hand one. Other than that AliExpress have no name ones. As far as I know those are you only options as far as NUCs go. Also try to make sure they have Intel RJ45 connectors and not Realtek. Realtek is not recommended for this purpose.

  • Nuc price wrong? Showing $442 now.

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      I'm guessing coupon code will bring the price down?

  • Can I use this with xpenology ?

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      yes, I have it running on Proxmox. You have to fiddle around with it though.

  • Anyone know if this can be powered through the USB C port ? Cheers

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    Damn I just bought the nuc gen11 PAH I5 through their ebay using the 15% afterpay deal for $492.15. Could have saved $31 with this deal for $461.06 inc delivery.

    • +1

      I was two minutes away from doing the same thing. $492 delivered on the eBay one with Afterpay. $412 delivered here.

    • Taller box apparently keeps the temperatures slightly lower. I'd rather have the PAH model if the price difference is small.

      • In wholesale pricing the PAH is literally only $5.50 more to buy so I actually always sell the taller ones. You're right - bit more room and can add 2.5" drive.

  • Anyone know the difference between model numbers? The shopping express one has a 4 at the end while others I’ve seen have a 2 ie RNUC11PAKI50002

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    the PAH is taller and can fit a 2.5in drive as well as M.2

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    Can I use these as a PLEX server for my movies and videos?

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      yes, it's actually marketed as a media center/home office device. For me personally, I've enjoyed the nVidia Shield Pro experience rather than a NUC as my daily stream box. I like NUC's exclusively for home servers and virtualisation, 4c/8t is decent for that.

      • +1

        Thanks for the reply robo11, I've got mainly 4k content and three people might be streaming/viewing the movies at once. I hope it can take the load.

        • Depends on your WiFi and Network routing speeds I guess. This NUC pushes ax so if your router or switch supports it should be ok to cover 3x 4K streams.

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    Snapped. Thanks OP

    Awesome price for the 11th Gen i5 Nuc, considering the i3 version is more $$$ almost everywhere else.

    Been looking for a good deal on one of these for a new Plex server for the new gen Quicksync. Good prices with the discount code for ram and NVME drives too:

    1x RNUC11PAKI50004 $442.00 ( Discount - -$44.20 ) $397.80
    1x Kingston NV1 500GB $69.00 ( Discount - -$6.90 ) $62.10
    1x Crucial 8GB 3200MHz $74.00 ( Discount - -$7.40 ) $66.60

    Shipping was $11

    • ram has gone up a bit

      • so have ssd's… is there a theme?

    • +2

      Highly suggest getting dual RAM, whether it be 2 x 4 or 2 x 8Gb. The Crucial works excellent.

      It never used to matter before Gen 10 or below but the 11th Gen Xe graphics has a very noticeable difference in graphics processing speed with dual RAM.

  • There is no TPM chip on the nuc11PAKi5 / nuc11PAHi5 so can't use Bitlocker drive encryption for OS Drive :(. There is AES-Ni that can be used with Bitlocker-to-go but not BDE unless I am missing something.

    • +2

      Doesn’t have a dedicated tpm module but the CPU has tpm like capabilities ref Intel PTT

      • Thanks firewaters, wasn't aware of Intel PTT. Learnt something new today :).

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