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$8 Buckette Tuesdays - Choice of 5 Chicken Pieces, 8 Wicked Wings, 10 Tenders or 18 Nuggets + 3 Sauces @ KFC


Edit: confirmed that these are the options available -

Choose between

  • 5 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken
  • 8 Wicked Wings
  • 10 Original Recipe Tenders
  • 18 Nuggets + 3 Dipping Sauces


Full credit to Cooni.

Just saw this ad on Facebook.

According to a poster on Facebook who is a shift supervisor at KFC, you get a choice of the following -

  • 5 pieces of chicken
  • 8 wicked wings
  • 10 tenders or
  • 18 nuggets.

Say TGIT with $8 Buckets ft. your choice of chicken. Not everywhere, not forever, and while chicken lasts. Each buckette has a set number of KFC pieces so no swaps pls.

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  • +5

    I have been getting 9 pieces H&S for $9.95 and then $10.95 every Tuesday since it’s inception. I could literally count the times I’ve missed it on one hand.

    Tuesdays will never be the same and this is not an acceptable replacement.

    • Well, I have lived in Brizzy for 4 years and have never missed Tuesday special, my favourite food!!!!

    • It's amazing it's only gone up $1 in 9 years.

      • +1

        My local KFC is so bad they never needed to increase it more than $1 because they make up any lost margin from all the things they leave out of everyone’s orders the rest of the week.

        • KFC meals are massive. They are hard to get right at the best of time. It's not like your maccas system of burger, chips and drink.

          • +3

            @fuzor: Hard to get right at the best of times? They literally have the items for the order listed out in front of them. It’s nothing more than shambolic incompetence by kids who can’t be criticised so never get better, and managers that train them who were kids who couldn’t be criticised and never got better.

    • Is it still ongoing in QLD? Genuinely curious, have you checked your cholesterol levels in recent times?

      • +1

        Nope it’s being replaced by the $8 bucket. Get my bloods done every few months, cholesterol is always fine.

  • +3

    Bring back hot n spicy. Original recipe ain’t good at all. Too bloody salty. 1 peice is ok but after 2 or 3 ur mouth just feels like ur swallowed a fist full of salt

    • dont they already have hot and spicy chicken? you can do so through the app

      • +1

        Depends on the state I believe. WA has it all the time, pretty sure Vic or NSW only have it as a special

        • ahh makes sense, im in QLD and i see it all the time in the app

          • +1

            @swiggity123: Queensland had it all year, we have a store in Richmond, Victoria that do it all year, the rest of the stores in Vic is seasonal

            • @berger: Does Richmond still do it? Last time I went looking and couldn't find it.

        • +4

          NSW does have some stores with H&S all year round:

          • Artarmon
          • Chatswood Interchange
          • Lindfield
          • Town Hall (Bathurst St)
          • George St (Haymarket)
          • George St (Broadway/Chippendale across Railway Square)
    • I find KFC still acceptable- if you find it salty don't even try Red Rooster, they're on a whole new level.

  • Doesnt sound quite right. Can't see 18 nuggets fitting unless it was at least 2/3 of normal bucket size…

  • What’s with all the reports?

    • Was probably the previous lack of detail regarding how many pieces you get.

  • +1

    Can we please get hot and spicy in more stores in Sydney/NSW this season!

  • +9

    How does this have almost 100 upvotes… fellow Ozbargainers I'm concerned about what constitutes a bargain for you

    • As long as it’s a half decent discount off the usual price, it gets upvotes, especially for fast food.

    • These days due to the sheer volume of users and the style of voting without really looking at the deal or comparing notes etc . So many deals get upvoted now that in the past wouldn’t have been considered a worthy enough deal

    • -1

      I'm more concerned that people are happy to eat this rubbish and believe it is food! This is most likely one of the reasons why current generations are predicted to die younger than their parents did.

    • -2

      mass hysteria lol like the twats that line up to save $2 in petrol whilst smoking $8 in cigarets and drinking $5 in coffee waiting lol

  • +3

    9 pieces for $10.95 seems the better deal anyway, and you can get that every single Tuesday anyway.

    • For QLD at least ….that ends after this Tuesday.

      • +1

        that ends after this Tuesday.

        u wot now

      • Yes, more info please?

      • What???

      • +1

        Typical foolish bean counters. Instead of upping the price a bit, or dropping out a piece of chicken… let's just scrap it entirely, then sit around scratching our heads wondering why so many people stop coming Tuesdays, but ALSO stop buying on other days too out of revenge.

        • Is there a credible source stating that they're doing away with the Tuesday deal?

  • +7

    I had this saved as a draft, waiting for a public teaser - missed my opportunity to post. It’s been in the app menu for more than a week now but hidden.

    I haven’t read all the comments yet but here are the confirmed details:


    Choose between

    • 5 Pieces Original Recipe Chicken
    • 8 Wicked Wings
    • 10 Original Recipe Tenders
    • 18 Nuggets + 3 Dipping Sauces

    And it’s Tuesdays only - the in app graphic states this.

    • I just hope the tenders are full size.

  • -1

    I have not seen HnS for at least 3 years , I pop into the store every now and again and get the same answer……. No demand for H and S so they have deleted the line…..have given up pointing out the error of her statement.

    • H&S has definitely been around in the last year

    • Still available in certain stores

    • Always available in QLD, WA and very select stores in NSW and VIC. Comes back as a nationwide promo roughly every 2 years.

      • Which vic stores?

    • We had h&s late last year loll

  • I'm in se Victoria….haven't seen it for at least 3 years….just before my heart attack….lol

    • It gets rolled out at least once every 12 months statewide. I’m SE suburbs and the Keysborough KFC has cars out on the road for hot and spicy.

      • Keysborough KFC in VIC has H&S all year round?

        • No, but when it does the locals go crazy for it

  • +10

    Anyone reckon the 10 piece tenders is the best for value?

    • +1

      That reminds me, I haven't had a lamb roast for a while in spite of my avatar. Time to check lamb leg prices at ColesWorths tomorrow while picking up this buckette.

  • Do they still have $1 large fries?

    • No that ended a few weeks ago.

  • Have a $4 voucher on my account but need $10 min spend…. looks like might need to do a different combo!

    • -2

      And we needed to know that because ? lol just order two lots, not enough obesity in Australia anyway lol

  • +2

    It's not 'buckette', it's 'bouquet!'

  • Got the 8 wicked wings on Tuesday, weren't served in a bucket though, just a regular box.

    So for those thinking they'll actually put any of these in a bucket, they probably won't.

    • I got a bucket with a red lid. The lady said that they've been frying since 1600hrs today, all the way to 1930 when it went quiet.

  • I bought the original pieces one and got five different pieces (wing, drumstick, breast, thigh and whatever the other piece is) in a bucket.

  • Is there a limit of one?

    • I got 3 at one go.

  • Is it only available on the app?

    • You can order at the counter too…

      • +1

        All three, drive through, in store and on the app.

    • App make your own bucket is actually similar or slightly better

      I'd use the app, but Im one of those who can't use the app anymore because their system of verifying an account doesn't recognise its own codes. Had to reverify as I had a new phone

      • I realized last night the the BYOB for 18 wings is no longer $14.95 but now $18. So they've caught on and increased it!

        Tomorrow though, Buckette Tuesday, I'm gunning for them! The app and website both went down after 5pm. Had to resort to a drive through.

  • Trying to construct a family meal out of this:

    2 x $8 Buckette = 10 Original Recipe
    1 x $6 App Sides = 2 Sides
    = $22

    Cheap as Chips (Normal Price)
    8 Original Recipe
    6 Nuggets + 2 Sauce
    4 Sides
    = $21

    Definitely not a deal in medium quantities…

  • I received a notification on the app that today was the last day.