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Dyson V8 Animal Extra $549 Delivered @ Dyson eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Seems to be part of the EOFY sale for Dyson. You can get the V8 Animal Extra for as little as $549 if the $50 eBay coupon PPSS100 is applied. This is the cheapest the vacuum has been since April this year, when it was on clearance at GoodGuys for about $490. Other stores and the Dyson website are selling the V8 Animal (not extra) for $599, so this seems like a fair deal.

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    'as little as $549' —- Xiaomi is offering higher spec less than $200.
    You see Dyson is not even bother to mentioned their spec on lower models. Some might agure IOS/Andriod situation, well, operating system on a vacumm cleaner is not as difficult as in smart phones. I rather think its a Louis Vuitton situation if you into Dyson that much.

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      I take Vacuum Wars on youtube as a credible source and the V8 is where I landed. There will always be cheaper options out there, so suit yourself.

      • I don't have a horse in the race but could you quickly outline why you'd go with the V8 when compared with a similar spec Xiaomi one?

        I'll check out Vacuum Wars on my lunch break! Thanks!

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          Basically, the channel name is pretty literal and this guy compares just about every vacuum on the market. He seems to essentially be the authority on the matter. He has asserted that Dyson's suction, efficiency, fit, and feel goes unmatched amongst the stick vacuums. If I recall correctly, he shows the V8 is a good stick to go for, between the V7 and larger units. For me, the purchase was essentially investing in the product that will work well and last - like buying a Makita or Milwaukie hand drill over an Ozito.

  • Soo tempted. I was hoping to snag one for $200 when my $400 kogan credit is applied (which can take up to 10 weeks) Now I'm worried Dyson will discontinue the product.

    • No worries, the current price point is their standard sort of minimum. As far as I know, the V8 has no market substitute from Dyson, so they shouldn't be replacing it until a new one comes out at the same price point. If they do discontinue it, you'll get a better deal anyway. Good luck.

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    There are people who will only buy German luxury cars no matter what, well they could be very right on the quality, pretige or both, but value for money, not so sure.

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    For a long time Dyson was king. But now there are comparable cheaper options out there such as Xiaomi.

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    Thanks for this. I have been after a dyson stick. My only stumbling factor here is that it doesnt come with a " fluffy head". All the reviews I have read say it is better for wooden floors. I think only the absolute ones come with the fluffy head.

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    $509 with AFTERPAY

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