ShopBack Australia Isn't Honouring Their Deal

I purchased a laptop off Dell and had a 10% ShopBack offer, which was applied and I got a notification from ShopBack that it was pending full payment and on the condition I don't return the item. Fast forward and ShopBack refuses to honour the agreement stating that I did not apply the correct code. This is an absolute fabrication because the ShopBack extension applied the code automatically after I clicked on it, and the confirmation email was sent from Shopback. How do I go about getting Shopback to honour their agreement.

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    ShopBack refuses to honour the agreement stating that I did not apply the correct code

    Did you already talk to them then?

    How do I go about getting Shopback to honour their agreement.

    I simply don't use it anymore. Only cash rewards now. They are reputable.

    • Yes, I contacted both via email and Dell via phone, they each are blaming the other. Dell tells me it's ShopBacks responsibility and ShopBack says it isn't.

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        Shopback is a huge pile of poo. Cut your losses and move on, or not. Go for your rebate then stop using it.

        • It seems so, I won't use it anymore but they should offer compensation.

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    was the correct code applied and it is not being honoured? does it show up on the invoice?

    • The code was applied and I was sent an email saying it was pending I don't return it and the payments finish. After it was fully paid and not refunded, I got a notification saying they could not apply shopback because i had done either of those two things (ie not paid it off or refunded it).

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    Another hour, another complaint on some sort of

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    Herein lies the problem of this service. Shopback is very unlikely to pay you if they don't get paid themselves - even if it is their fault.
    As such, it is u vs their internal system and the external vendor.
    Is it legal? Prob not. But I guess they count on it not being worth your fight.

    Cashrewards though seem to have a more accurate tracking system - much fewer complaints about it not being applied correctly.

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      thought it was the same?

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      Shopback is very unlikely to pay you even if they get paid themselves

      Fixed that for you.

      Clearly not an issue for the small amounts, and not every single large transaction is rejected.

      But it happens often enough on only large transactions that a pattern is forming, and it's starting to be obvious what their m.o. is.

    • I contacted Dell and asked if they had deposited the amount to ShopBack and they implied they had.

      • Isn't that info suppose to be confidential ?

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      I don't even care about the cash, I was buying it either way, I just thought ok a bonus, but the fact they keep lying and making it look like it's my fault, it became about principle. Even if I don't get anything, I want them to be accountable. We are influenced to buy products based on these bonuses, they are responsible to uphold their part.

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    It's ok, they will just give everyone a $3 voucher and it will get 439 upvotes and all will be forgotten forgiven…

    How do these shifty (froapnity) get any traction on this site?

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    What's new?

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    As I stated time and again previously, ShopBack is a scam and should be banned here.

    I always wonder why Mods have never blocked them despite seeing there are dozens of example of people being ripping off by ShopBack.

    • Error ridden tracking software - Yes.

      Scam - No.

    • Ash-Say: Absolutely!

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    Don't worry, Debra is on the case….

    • Classic Debra when you submit a cashback claim.

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        • It's okay I still love you. My cashback always tracks 😘

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    Actually, in early December last year, I bought the ever popular S2721QS from Dell via CashRewards and that also did not pay (did not use extension but definitely got tracked as it was shown in Click History).

    Eventually, after an email to CR, I finally got it. What I am saying is, this could be from Dell itself.

    Having said that, I have far more confidence with CR tracking cashbacks than Shopback.

    • I contacted Dell again.

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    Been in dispute with Shopback for months, with no resolution.

    "Sockpuppeting" was discovered. Don't know if this has happened on your case.

    • Hey mate,

      I sent you a follow-up message, I never heard back from you when you contacted me via DM.

      Cheers :)

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    Situation normal. That's why I no longer use Shopback, only Cashrewards.

    For comparison, I bought a 6 month amaysim deal for $75 with 60 Cashrewards cashback. The click through Cashrewards was tracked, but not the sale, so I completed the online form for when a sale doesn't track and got the $60 in my Cashrewards account in a couple of weeks.

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    Hey @sophiet,

    Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier - if you've not received a resolution please send me a DM with the info so I can take a look at it for you.