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Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds Sugar Free 1kg for $10 + Delivery @ Nuts about Life


I have an almond joke in mind but don’t want to get roasted for it, might think I’m nuts.

Also available Roasted/Smoked/Wasabi etc Almonds for $12/kg along with a few other specials.

Free shipping for orders over $100 using code FREESHIP cheers @eman resu

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Nuts About Life
Nuts About Life

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    $10.90 for postage bit of a killer

    • Dang where do you live in Kiwirrkurra?

      • +1

        Brisbane CBD

        • Yep- excessive

        • Well that's nuts! No chocolatey almonds for you.

  • yea nah

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    FREESHIP still works for anything over $100

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      Cheers boss you just turnt it up a nutch.

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    Shipping kills this deal for me. $13.25 for standard shipping.

  • +1

    get roasted

    For shipping… probably won’t taste any good.

    • Nut today. Nut tomorrow. Like Bruce Willis I'm a tough nut to crack.

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    Great price, thanks OP. Got $10 off from referral to reduce the shipping cost to ~$2.

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    I usually do my purchases of nuts, herbs and tea from them and am happy with their quality. Can easily go above $100 with buying a few kg of nuts to get the free shipping. Also the referral gives $10 which helps with shipping costs

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    Annoying that if you refer someone then you can’t also use the free ship code. They should stack.

    Anyway I used to order a lot from these guys but no more. One of the items I received was infested with small insects. Was in contact with customer support who basically said they wouldn’t refund as too long had passed since I bought the item when I emailed them (despite the item being 6 months within the use by date and obviously being infested from the beginning). They even tried to insinuate that I hadn’t stored it properly! Sorry I can’t support a business who acts like this.

    • almost press the button, you stop me.

    • .. i see a review “it is on special of $12”..but the review was 4 months ago. Are they really on special or it is just an ongoing "special"?

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        $12 is regular price for most types of almonds. Deal must be for chocolate coated almonds.

        • That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

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    Freeship nit valid for Perth

    • *nut

  • Are there any artificial or natural sweeteners in Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds?
    What's the % of cocoa solids in the chocolate?

  • +1

    thank you dins. Bought lots of freekeh and green powder in addition to choc almonds.

    • Nut a problem champ cashew later.

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