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Petbarn: 20% Cashback (Uncapped) @ ShopBack


Cashback from 9am-9pm AEST.

Anticipate comments on cashback not tracking etc…how Cashrewards is superior etc…

Disclaimer: Use Shopback at your own discretion.

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$40 for referrer and $10 for referee after first confirmed purchase and adding banking details.

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  • +12 votes

    cashback not tracking with shopback, use cashrewards, it's superior..

    done! now you can rest in peace..



    • +6 votes

      We joke, but it's true. I've lost so much trust in Shopback. Too many failed tracks for me to consider these deals "bargains".

      • +2 votes

        Fair point, I'll add a disclaimer to the post.

  • +1 vote

    Lol, I just bought tons of stuff yesterday. Good timing, ha!


      they've had quite a few of these lately. should keep an eye out to the newsletter


    Shopback doesn't track or Petbarn through Shopback?


      YMMV - my experience is Petbarn purchases track quickly via ShopBack but after several months always confirm as $0 Cashback. Requires checking every step of the way as can't report missing transaction in first week, can't report at all after 30 days, can't report wrong Cashback amount until after confirmed which is usually later than anticipated date… Then after all that it confirms as $0 and need to lodge claim which is not intuitive in process

  • -1 vote

    Can you use this for purchasing insurance?


    I also had a very bad experience with shopback not tracking Petbarn in their last 20% cashback promotion.. stocked up and spent about 300+ because the high cashback rate, but was told the transaction was not tracked and they are still working on it..