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Forclaz Down Jacket $199 Delivered/C&C (was $249) @ Decathlon


Solid down jacket that will outperform Kathmandu or Macpac for not much more $$. It has solid reviews. Anything close to this specs cost 2x more. This will handle mountains to everyday city use.

Features :

Trek 900 Men's Mountain Trekking Down Jacket. Designed by used heat-sealed compartments to face temperatures down to -18°C when active, this down jacket remains lightweight and compact.
Confront the extreme cold with this jacket filled with RDS-certified down and feathers*. It's the warmest jacket in the range!

Comfortable between -5°C and -18°C. RDS down with a filling power of 660 CUIN

Compact design
Can be stuffed into its inner pocket to save space in the backpack

Water repellent
Completely water repellent fabric. Waterproof shoulder and hood panel

Inserts stronger on the shoulders and wrists to withstand friction

Zipped air vents that help to eliminate the heat generated by the body

Approximately 570 g in size L. Main fabric 35 g/m2; 15 Denier

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    Probably they would sell more if the brand name was different. Would be hard for some to say the brand name with pride… 😊


      Not just that but this is a pretty niche item in Australia.

      We have a limited time window in which certain areas will have certain conditions that are compatible with this sort of jacket (non-waterproof, temp -5c to -18c, weather is actually cold enough to form snow and not wet sleet/rain, altitude is high enough, can warrant 600g of packed weight).

      I have a better style of this jacket (lighter, water resistant all-over, better fill, water repellent down) and it basically exists for winter belaying.

      I do wear it around the house sometimes for giggles, but unless you have ice cold blood you cannot hike in 500g+ down jackets before they wet out and they typically use fragile fabrics that can tear from backpacks/bushes so they make bad outer layers anyway.


        I will use mine for high country camping. Most the time it's single digits during the day and negative at night.


          Meh its overkill for most Australian conditions IMO.

          I had my lighter jacket when I was doing a week in the Bogong High Plains and it got to -12c one night.

          If you are hiking you should be layering anyway and its better to have your day layers + a lighter camp layer. Having a huge overkill puffy jacket that serves 1 purpose and can't be worn when moving is not a good choice and even compressed they take up space in your pack.


            @Telios: What sleeping bag you using for those temperatures? Coldest I gotten so far was - 5 in the vic high country.
            The jacket actually has side zips under arms for ventilation etc.


      They make pretty solid stuff for a decent price. The name sounds exotic 😂


    Looks good, but it's showing as $249 for me?


      It's been changing all day. I wonder if it's a glitch.


    Forclaz actually makes some really good products at affordable prices. You just have to avoid some of their products but other ones are really good for the price. They’re like the “adventure kings” of clothing

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    This and all other down jackets were 50% off last weekend at Decathlon.

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    Low spec stuff. 85/15 duck down/feather and not much of it. I got a Macpac Ember for $245 with more 90/10 goose.

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      not much of it

      This. The ratio isn't everything. You need to consider the fill weight as well.

      Macpac Ember jacket size medium is 300g fill weight. 90/10 goose = 270g goose. The medium size jacket in this post is 180g fill weight. 85/15 goose = 153g goose

      But you're right, it's a shit ton more goose.


      It is $46 more expensive


    Back to $199 again.