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Free A-League Finals Video Stream @ Kayo Sports


The A-League finals are part of Kayo's freebies.
1. Click on the link: https://kayosports.com.au/sports/sport!football/series-a-league!1
2. Click on the "Register for Freebies" button.
3. Register
4. Enjoy

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  • +7

    I already have Kayo subbed but this is fantastic

  • +6

    Only the replays are coming up as freebies for me and clicking on the future matches only comes back with "Get Full Access" but free is free.

    Also for those who didn't know, you can watch all A-League games live for free on their Youtube page after you use a VPN to selected countries. I usually do Japan and it works great, although the streams are only 720p.

    • +1

      There are more games coming.
      The SF are later this week.
      GF is the week after.

    • +1

      Never knew that, will give it a shot.

    • Any idea if there's a place to watch WRC free?

      • +1

        Not really sure but imo your best bet would be looking at which countries show it on Free to Air TV and using a vpn to get access to the live stream of their content.

        I used to do that with the A-League before I knew about the YouTube trick and watch BT Sport.

  • +3

    When is it on? What dates?

  • -2

    Might watch for free, wouldn't give Murdoch a cent of my cash otherwise.

    • Some puppets would evidently.

      I preferred sports before this pay tv Murdoch rubbish.

      • -1

        yeah, me too, but the prevalence of mindless simpletons has dramatically increased since we both joined this forum. I don't completely hate Optus Sport, which I don't even pay for as my partner has it via her phone plan. That has everything I need on it (EPL, Euros, Copa America).

  • I can't seem to watch replays though. Live was fine, I watched ccm v Macarthur. Clicking on yesterday's match now for instance (Brisbane v Adelaide), just goes to an error (error 008). So for me it's just for live games only.

    • Not sure how the freebies work for replays. It may be limited for live games.
      I've got full access, so can't test it. Just wanted to share this info for those who might benefit from what they offer.

      • Freebies events are generally available both live and on demand

        • I've tried it on google TV app, on phone and desktop but unfortunately replays not working, other sports eg country rugby seem ok. Might just be my connection/login. Guess it's free so I can't complain.

  • +2

    Given Euro and Copa America on at the same time, Kayo should start paying customers for watching A-League finals.

    • Be interested to see what happens next year. No more partnership between Foxtel and a-league.

      • Just google it and channel 10/paramount+ has got the rights going forward…

        This whole streaming thing is going to shit, everything is being split up amount so many different streaming services it's literally back to the old Foxtel days now where you have to subscribe to a "channel package" just for one channel you want…

        It's the same now except you have to subscribe to a "streaming service" for the one show you want. We now have streaming sports in Aus split between kayo/Stan/Optus sport and now paramount +. It's about tripple or 4x that if you look at how many streaming services there are for tv shows.

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