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15% off Selected Ultimate Gift Cards (Style, Him, Active, Baby or Eats Gift Card) @ Woolworths


Offer available on all denominations. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions.

Gift Card Participating Retailers
Ultimate Style Bras N Things, Sports Girl, Pandora, Strandbags, Forever New, Sunglass Hut, General Pants Co & Nine West
Ultimate Him Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto, Barbeques Galore, BCF, Drummond Golf, Oxford, 99 Bikes & Oakley
Ultimate Active Adidas, Anaconda, Puma, New Balance, JD Sports, Rip Curl, Foot Locker, 99 Bikes, Lorna Jane, Drummond Golf
Ultimate Baby & Mum Peter Alexander, Seed, Purebaby, T2 Toyworld and Cotton On Kids
Ultimate Eats Nando’s, San Churro, Mad Mex, Boost Juice, Sushi Hub, Ribs & Burgers, Hogs Steakhouse, Grill’d & Schnitz

Note: The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online.

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  • We need home

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    TLDR: No JB-HF or TGG in it.

    • I'm still hoping to find one that does Steam cards. Does that ever happen, or am I holding out for something that won't eventuate?

      • I've never saw any discount on Steam cards in any supermarket and retailers as the items sold in the Steam store had a massive discount already in certain sale period. The same also apply for PlayStation store and XBOX marketplace credits as well.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Need eBay GC.

    • Same, I've just run out from last sale :(

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        same, ebay are doing pretty good recently beat Amazon

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    Don't forget that woolworths employee's get an additional 5% discount

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      Are you one ?

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      Haven't u worked out yet⁉️… You definitely cannot get the 5% Woolies staff off discount on gift cards or tobacco. I have friends and relatives who work for Woolworths and Big W. Only on groceries, can u only get the 5% off. That's FACT‼️👌😉

      • Coz he does not want to share it with you. No discount @ Big W is true, but minimum 10% off on almost everything.

        • Yup 10% off WW branded products at 5% off non branded WW products. I guess his friend and relatives don't like him enough to share the savings. :)

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    Can you use the woolies gift card 4% off from RACV to purchase these gift cards?

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      You can't use gift card to buy gift cards

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        Take a look at the Coles MC deal which is a gift card and 100% it buys this :)

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          its not a gift card, its a prepaid card

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        Yes you can. I used my wish card last week to buy one, unless the system allowed me to buy it when it should allow me?

        • They stopped 2-3 yrs ago @ wollies, I don’t how u managed to buy??? But u still can use gift card to buy gift card at coles.

        • Are you able to post a photograph of your receipt ?

    • Is there anywhere we can still get 5% discounted Wollies gift card?

      • 4% via Entertainment Book

      • Yes, Shoprite members (WA company that gets discounts for union members) still provide 5% cards for a $1 fee.

        So a $500 card for $476.

        Macquarie Bank offer 4%.

      • 4.5% through SunSuper / "Redeem your gift card".

        Though they apply a $1 "delivery" fee. So works out to 4.3% discount on a $500 gift card.

  • You can't redeem these online?

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      From OP:

      Note: The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online.

      • Would be hard to buy now and then definitely have stock of the item you want at the store you want from that list

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    No JB Hi-Fi no deal for me but other people might find it a good deal

    Thanks O.P

  • Can you use these at Nandos, Grill’d, Boost and still get points?

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    can use coles mastercards ?

  • Just brought 500 from coles promo, will keep buying if was can do 15% for JB TGG or eBay.

    • Its not alive yet lol .

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        Even when they go alive, still no JB TGG eBay. Next around maybe

  • Can you use this card online? Keen to buy some active cards

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      Note: The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online.

      • Agh thanks!

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    ultimate san churros gift card

    thanks but no thanks

    • Huh? Also available at many other outlets, not just San Churros…

    • Thanx for letting us know

  • good

  • Does anyone have any tips on what to do with low amounts? A lot of places don't offer split payments, including Nandos.

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      Order in the Nando’s app

      • But post says that Ultimate Gift Cards cant be used online.

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      I was able to split mine at both Nando's and Grill'd

      • thanks legend!

        • just keep asking/trying at different ones. i think it really just depends on who's serving you. good luck!

          • @Grale: Agreed, seems like some attendants are either untrained or lazy. Cheers!

  • they better not, i just bought 15x Home gift cards at coles today.

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    I’ve got a deposit down for a bike at 99 Bikes. Is there a limit to number of cards you can get?

    • Thinking of doing the same,just in time👌🙌

      • me too…unfortunately there's a shortage of "good" bikes!

  • So is the Ultimate Active redeemable at Adidas outlet?

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    Limit of 5 cards per person we got 17 yesterday for a jb Hi-Fi iMac just get them from different stores

  • It looks like Coles are doing the Him / Her gift cards for 10% off today. These ones work for JBHIFI.

    Bit new so not sure if that's a good deal or not.

    www.giftcardhim.com.au has the stores.

    • It's been on sale for almost the whole month now. There was a deal posted on it few weeks back.

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    nothing "ultimate" about these gift cards, not many variety of stores

  • No go with this for me as The Ultimate Gift Cards cannot be redeemed online.

    • What does that mean? So if I buy the Ultimate Him and want to use some of it on Rebel and some SCA how do I do that?

      • I believe you will need to go in store to use them.

  • Is this a one day offer?

    • Last day is tomorrow

      • Sorry this post was about the him/her cards deal expiring 15/6. This deal expires 22/6.

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    15% off 99bikes seems pretty good if you're in the market?

  • Will be gone in 60 sec

  • I think this is good for people who go to SCA often.

    Great to pick up, ready for their next sale.

    If only BBQ galore sold reasonably priced sets….

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    Tried buying ultimate eats but no discount on 50 dollar cards. Cashier said not included in offer… :(

    • Same here though it clearly says 15% off any denomination. I was told that gc will auto deduct 15% when paying at restaurant lolz. I didnt buy that explanation. BM came and said it will auto load to additional 15%, that didnt happened too. Ended getting it 15% off

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        wow that's pretty poor form to say that it will auto deduct 15% at restaurant….things people will say to get a sale :o

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        I just got 1x $50 eats card ( as a test) and it automatically dropped price to $42.50 at the self-checkout.
        It definitely works.

        Edit: it should t be asking you to pay $50, but $42.50 from the get go as soon as it’s scanned and approved by the assistant.

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      Just found out you need to scan your Everyday Rewards Card for the discount to apply at checkout, hope that helps others :)

      • Yep, you're right. Just bought some and the discount was only applied once I scanned my Everyday Rewards card

        • This for eats or all cards? I didn't scan my card and auto discount applied to him. No discount to eats.

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            @Chocobros: Must just be for the eats card

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              @Paperface: Yes it was an Eats cards I was trying to purchase. Discount did not apply and staff were very confused. Eventually they got word from above that it was an offer for Rewards Card members and once we scanned my card the discount applied.

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    Got some For Him cards, discount applied in checkout no everyday rewards card required

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    What’s with the cannot be redeemed online rule? That’s a bit lame. So I can’t buy this, order on bcf online and use the card? :(

    • no

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      They are EFTPOS cards so can't be used online

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      Is annoying but I'd imagine pretty hard getting the cardholders GC number to work with multiple different merchant's online systems - and it having to also be routed back via the issuing companies site (to confirm balance etc).

      As others said, worth it for SCA alone (IMHO) - appears you have to buy the original GC's themselves instore only? Might have to grab a few……also was considering upgrading our wood heater, so could buy a load to use at BBQ Galore - works out pretty well.

      Thanks OP.

  • plenty of stock at my local woolies

    used some at 99bikes after doing a price beat no issue

  • Hey anyone know if the Kids ones are $15 off? When I went to woolies I found some Ultimate Kids ones that have JB Hifi listed. Also if the card is marked $xx - $500 does thtat mean I can put $300 on it and only pay $255 or is it better to buy multiple $50 ones? Thanks guys

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    Plenty of cards still available at Sefton Park in SA. I used the cards to get a Weber 2000 down to about $340 via BCF. Cheers OP.

  • when does this offer expire?

    • Tomorrow is the last day

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    Can you buy these online? As e-gift cards? I cant find them on woolworths website

    • I have the same question as you are. I wonder if I need to visit the physical shop to buy?

    • Physical cards you need to purchase from Woolies Store. Last day is tomorrow.

  • Dear All, how to get on this deal? Where could I purchase these gift card, online from woolworth website or I need to visit the physical shop to purchase? Any suggestion or clue? Thanks.

    • instore woolies giftcard sections i believe

  • Plenty of stock in woolies cooparoo Brisbane

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    from this list id get Ulti Eats

  • Anyone having trouble using them at Grilld?

    A couple of my Eats cards got declined there and when I contacted Ultimategiftcards through their website I got a reply from Blackhawk customer service that Grilld is not a participating retailer in our Restaurant Choice Gift Card program.

    Their logo is clearly printed on the card and on the Ultimate Eats website so not sure what’s going on.

    • Sure their t&c's no doubt state they can change merchants anytime .
      Simple solution is as you know spent it elsewhere .

  • Does anyone know when or if a deal like this will happen again?