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Samsung 27'' FHD Curved Monitor $207.20 del./Philips Aqua Touch Electric Cordless Wet+Dry Shaver $61.60 del. - eBay Futu/K.G.E


This seem to be some great prices for these two items, thanks to the eBay sale. The monitor in particular looks great as an entry point for this size and curved.

Philips Aqua Touch Men Electric Cordless Wet/Dry Shaver w/ Pop-Up Trimmer 1000: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143766479169


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    27'' FHD …

    yeah nah

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      Not for gaming. But for office work. Do you really need to see your text in Ultra HD?

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        Not for gaming. But for office work.

        That is the exact opposite of what you should be saying..

        Not for office work or general purpose use. Okay for gaming and video watching.

        Do you really need to see your text in Ultra HD?

        no i just need to see text in normal vision..

        1080p on 27" is bad for text..
        text is more pixelated, less sharp,
        because PPI is much less than on 24"

        I have seen this resolution and screen size in the store
        and text sharpness is just not great.
        I can even see the pixelation of the font due to the increase size of the font.

        See this

        recommended resolution for 27" = 2560 × 1440 pixels



          I have been using one of these for a while now (FHD one) and no issues whatsoever. Maybe I am just less demanding than most. Oh well, makes my life a bt easier.


            @Lysander: Yeah might be, I just replaced a 1080p to a 1440p one, and the diff is night and day. Esp with the sharper text comment.

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              @starburstyellow: that's because of this..

              -27" at 1080p is lower PPI than 24" @1080p.. so it was a downgrade in sharpness (difference = 10.2 PPI)

              -27" at 1440p is higher PPI than the 24" @1080p (difference = 17 PPI)
              and even higher PPI than the 27" @1080p (difference = 27.2 PPI)

              =108.79 PPI

              FHD (1080p)
              =81.59 PPI

              FHD (1080p)
              =91.79 PPI



    That Samsung is even cheaper. Just fhd resolution. Harvey norman, office works and good guys have them if JB HIFI are out of stock