Returning Jeans (Worn Three Times) without Tags but with Receipt to David Jones

Hello community!

I am in a bit of a pickle here.

I recently purchased jeans and without thinking too far ahead, cut off the tags and wore the jeans with the thought that I'd be keeping them for a long time.

After 3 wears of the jeans, I realised the pair of jeans are quite stretchy and now the jeans are way too big for me….

It's still less than a month since I purchased them from David Jones. I've had a look at the refund policy and it says they'll refund them if tags are attached.

Unfortunately I've thrown the tags out….I've got the online receipt with me but no tags….

I'd really like to get a refund on these pair of jeans or ask for a size change (but I don't think they have anymore of the size below).

Any recommendations, tips or pointers? I'm all ears here!

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    This is why so many people hate working in retail, you've worn them smh

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    What sort of question is this?
    Seriously, who on OB would do this???

    Tags attached means THE JEANS HAVE NOT BE WORN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A question for OP
    if you owned the store would you accept jeans back that had been worn by the customer?
    if course NOT!!

    The OB community has put you in your place….the naughty corner!

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    If you can proof they are not fit for purpose, or have stretched way out of their original size then yes why not.
    Stretching and Shrinkage is normal for a number of textiles but I would not accept over stretching.

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    Facebook market place/Gumtree and try recoup some money.

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    Not understanding how the fit can be so bad that it took 3 wears to realise. Sounds more like a plain change of mind.

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    Without being able to verify OPs claims of excessive stretching, the simplest thing is to take it back and find the same size on the rack, if it is noticeably stretched beyond the off the rack size and provided OPs receipt shows it was bought within a reasonable amount of time, I think they have a strong case for faulty return.

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    Go to a tailor and get the jeans taken in. It's about $25. They'll split the rear seam and re-sew. I had 3 pairs of 501s done in 2017 when I lost 10kg.

    Or eat high calorie foods and sit around a lot

    • That's a good idea, didn't realise they could do that.

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    Were these skinny jeans?

    If everyone wore a pair that was one size under their ideal size, every pair would turn out stretched too.

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      just because they have an excellent return policy, don't abuse it. It is based on honesty. And no I dont want to buy something that has been worn few times as new.

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        Clearly OzBargain agrees with you. But I just can't get behind the idea this is abuse. He bought them. He wasn't satisfied with them. He's within the (often very small) return window. He's returning them.

        Clothing is tough. It's chewing up the environment and a lot of clothes people buy don't make it into their regular cycle. I don't have a solution. I guess we could all op shop a bit more.

        But is this guy's jeans going to solve the problem? Should he take one for the team and just live with them? It's possible not even David Jones wants him to do that.

        David Jones once took back a Dick Smith television of mine. Not only did I buy the next television from them on the spot. But I was forever thankful for them. Sometimes doing right by a customer is remembered. Sometimes a happy customer is worth something in the long run.

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          usually return if not satisfied means- you just get home, put it on maybe walk around the room with it aka. dont remove tags, then decide if you want to return it. Not remove the tags, wear it out 3 times and then after a month decide it isnt good because it has stretched.

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    I'll take a punt and say there was a warning on the garment about stretching etc.
    Also, have you washed them? These items usually tighten after a wash, and stretch as they wear. My 2c with pant wearing.

    Why should DJ cop the loss because you picked the wrong size?

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    Would you buy a used jeans for a few hundred dollars? With tag, used and no refund?

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    Vinnies, eBay, put on weight.

    In our family if we get the wrong size, or its just not right we just give them away to family members.

    Take your pick.

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    If you cant refund, and I sure hope they dont give you a choice, then wash your jeans. Jeans will shrink back in size after a wash. You can even go further and put them through a dryer, that will shrink them further.

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    No dude. You cannot do that. Maybe wash them. Jeans shrink on wash

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    Would you be happy buying clothes that some random wore on three occasions?

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      It’s pretty obvious that if OP returns them they won’t be re-sold. If they accept a return it will be on the basis of excess stretching ie faulty - it’s really unclear if this is the situation in this case, but between OP and DJs they should be able to figure it out. Eg if compared to a new pair the same size.

    • aint that what the charities do?

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    this is such obvious bait…

  • Sell them on Gumtree.

  • Few hundred bucks for jeans that's insane!

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    Honestly if it's excessive stretching then I'd take them in and try it out. Yes any material will stretch but if it's excessive after only 3 wears, that says something about the quality of the fabric. If I'd paid a bit, I'd be peeved. Take them in and measure them against a new pair in the same size etc. The tags only matter if returning due to"change of mind" anyway.

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    Just don't.

    How would you feel if you bought jeans you thought were new but some random had worn them 3 times??? (and surely at least once to the bathroom)

    Simply pathetic

    • How did you get to this conclusion? Are you thinking op is going to pretend they're new or that djs will resell them as new product to the next customer?

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    come on seriously….how wold you feel it if you sold something on gum tree then the buyer used it for 1 month and said nah i want a refund….you bought it you own it.

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      Completely different scenarios. DJs is subject to Australian consumer law, ie OP is entitled to refund, repair or replacement if the item is faulty.

      Second hand goods are sold by agreement between two parties so subject to contract law, where the seller does not have to disclose faults, but cannot give misleading information about the product.

      • the item isn't faulty. It is expected and in most cases, on the jeans etc it will say expect stretching to happen…what if OP decided to return it after a year because the colour has faded or because the jeans have stretched…

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          Yeah I don’t think we know for sure either way. The reality is we are not talking about a year, it’s three wears. If they’ve stretched significantly from that I’d say it’s likely faulty. Jeans definitely give after a wear or two, but probably not typically enough that OP would find them to be that ill fitting to think about returning. But yes, we don’t know if OP just choose the wrong size.

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            @morse: true but like if you owned a shop would you be happy to accept it and make a loss? i dont know how it would stretch..i mean either he/she wore it and was too big for it then stretched it or it was already just bit too big .m

  • this is especially true if worn , like most, without underwear, and in a row without taking it off to air it.

    though I have heard of many who worn jackets with deactivated security tags for a week and returned it. Many have returned pants that were taken up at the tailor and success in obtaining refund

    • Wait…most ppl wear pants without underwear? Serious? Tell me more pls coz I think I've spent my life hiding under a rock if this is true.

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    Um no please don't. Even if you didn't do a marathon in them it's still 3 times (I'm assuming at least a few hours each time…). That's probably a few toilet trips, a lot of dead skin cells and oil! Then the next person comes along pays "a few hundred dollars" for these worn jeans. Geez just sell them second hand or get them altered!

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    If there's a fault in the product, then David Jones are bound by Australian consumer law. If not, you need to learn to use eBay, Depop or Etsy. Make sure you tell the buyer they are stretchy.

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    It’s amusing how many people think that OP’s jeans are going to be sold to an unsuspecting second buyer. If the return is accepted it will be on the basis of being faulty/not fit for purpose - the jeans will written off and maybe sent back to the brand.

    As an aside one of my menswear retail friends used to occasionally give me clothes for my husband that had been returned as faulty and written off but were still wearable, they weren’t meant to do this but I’d say it happens a lot, better than ending up in the bin (which is what was meant to happen).

    We need an update if you decide to return them OP.

    • I agree re amusing. And concerning too.

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    Some people just have no shame, are you not embarrassed to have even written this thread?

    • no shame no gain? gottabe shameless sometimes

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    FFS. Keep the jeans to yourself. No one should buy a pair of new jeans with the smell from your private parts.

  • Would OP be happy to BUY a pair of jeans that had obviously been worn and stretched, previously, and had no tags and therefore secondhand, at full price?? Seriously, a bit selfish I think.

  • What do people at ASOS/Iconic style shops do? I've never actually shopped there since I like to physically try on my clothes first, but I've heard lots of people take advantage of the free returns - buy a fancy outfit (eg some cocktail dress you'll never use again), keep the tags on, wear it out once, return after

  • LOL is this a joke? You have worn the item and want to return it? I dont think so

  • You are doing it wrong OP:
    First rule of ozbargain is to take advantage of all the KFC and McDonald’s offers after buying loose jeans

    Seriously though: write it off and learn from it. No one wants to be the one buying these jeans from DJ after you’ve worn them. It does not matter if 1 month or 1 day. No one wants to buy something full price that has already been worn by others and used for who-knows-what…

  • Run them through the clothes dryer to shrink them down.

  • If you've worn them 3 times, try selling it online as i'm sure someone will pay you more then if you were to return it leeeel

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    Firstly want to thank the community for all their inputs. I did not think I'd get this kind of response from everyone. Some comments are grounded and level-headed while others are very reactionary. Either way, I want to thank everyone for their time and input!

    I've spoken on the DJ online chat function, explained my situation and they have suggested I email them with photos and describing my fit which I have gone ahead and done.

    As previously mentioned, these jeans are way too loose around the waist (I have other pairs of the same brand) so this amount of stretch around the waist/crotch area is new to me. As some posters have suggested, this may fall under the "faulty product' category. We will find out.

    In the chance I don't get a refund, I will take this experience with grace and might try some of the suggestions from other posters, which are:

    1) eat more fast food to gain weight so these jeans can fit me properly
    2) take it to a tailor to get it altered
    3) try and sell it on gumtree, fb, depop, ebay
    4) donate it
    5) wear the jeans in shame and think about how terrible of a person I am for even thinking of wanting a refund

    This is where I'm currently at and I will keep you all posted with what happens!

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      I loved the summary with the five suggestions… LOL

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        No. 1 and 5 there's some serious hate posts here….

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    Thought I was browsing r/choosingbeggars

  • Are they 'stretched' as in; have changed size dramatically since you bought them?

    You may have a case if you take them in and compare to a new pair of the same size.

    I would stress that this is not a case of just changing your mind, but that the good are defective. Maybe ask to swap for the size smaller so that when they stretch they will fit you properly.

    If you did just change your mind then that's another story…

  • Can I change a wedding gown after three wear? I need to look different in fourth one.

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    Troll post?

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    At least OP is honest, but seriously it's not hygienic to wear something or even after washing them then to only return. Not sure of your mentality or culture of thinking it is alright to do so.

    Imagine and feel this.
    I bought an underwear but I only wore once but I washed it and I managed to return it and someone like you bought it and wore it

    Now multiply by the people thinking like you what do you get.

    A multi user underwear sold in shops 🤣

    I remembered my wife told me that she bought a dress or cloths online… from Myer or David Jones and it came with a heavy human Odour and it has Tags. That person is super disgusting and has no shame.

    • If a product is faulty it needs to be repaired (which isn't really going to happen most of the time with clothes) or replaced.
      What the shop do with it after that is their problem, not the customer's.

    • this is the exact reason that shops don't let you return discrete clothing

    • Yes, this is why shops don't let anyone try clothes on in their store, as it's unhygienic!!

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    I’m having a similar situation with a three pack of Bonds underwear that I recently purchased. Normally I buy black/dark underwear but this time I bought white because that’s all that was in stock at at my local Target. Anyway, after a few wears I started to notice strong brown marks starting to form near the crevice area of my buttocks (never seen this happen before in the dark underwear). Do you guys think I’ll be able to get a refund on the grounds that this kind of discolouration just isn’t normal?

    • my sarcasmeter gone off

      wear and tear - poop

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    There is a very good tailor in Myer in Sydney CBD - and they have done very good jobs at alterations (Men and Women). They have a number of branches but I have tried the above and been very happy -
    here is a link:

    There is another place in Macquarie Shopping centre which attached a new zip for a jacket. This is near the escalator near the entrance.

    I have done a number of returns to DJ but without wearing them. For other faulty products, as long as you produce a receipt, they don't mind and help out with the process

    Good Luck

    • how do you tailor jeans?

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        Like any other pants.

  • Yeah, no. They're second hand now. They can't sell them anymore, and if they did, some poor bastard will pay the same amount for a pair of jeans someone else wore 3 times…

    If they were so loose around the waist, why did you continue to wear them? You can't trial run clothes like that.

  • Mmm the smell of used jeans

  • Hey, I returned well worn calvin klein underwear to Costco after 6months because of holes. I said the quality was appalling for a quality brand. They gave me my money back as they have a satisfaction guarantee.

    • more importantly, were the holes in the right places? Maybe the underwear was designed this way to save time in doing…

      • they where shit quality

    • How disgusting.
      What about the poor person that bought your ore worn underwear when they put it back on the shelf.

      • i doubt they put used underwear back in the shelf

  • Any update, OP?

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    If DJ return these, I'm not shopping at DJs anywhere. Seriously. Dafuq?

  • Do yourself a favour donate it to community bin for someone in need. Please wash it first

  • Troll post?

  • Sometimes I'm ashamed to be in the same community as people like OP

  • Probably a troll post. BUT OP - would you buy a pair of jeans knowing someone has worn it 3 times (and probably not washed) & no tags - on top of that it’s going to cost a few hundred bucks?

    If you’re truely bawling - just buy another pair with the right size and save the one you got for later on… :)

  • Use a paltrow candle to burn holes and youtube it! Auction them off then!

  • If the OP is serious, this is a really scummy act. How about you maintain some integrity rather than throw it out the window over a pair of jeans?
    Surely your integrity is worth more than that but who knows… maybe you value $1 more than your integrity

  • If the stretchy is a design flaw, I would suggest try returning. I once bought pair from Target that was advertised as "with some stretch", after a couple of wears, I realised that it had stretched and never regained its original shape and turned baggy. I too had thrown away the tags and therefore didn't bother to attempt a return. When I left a negative review online, they offered to refund.
    And if you're paying "few hundreds" for jeans, then Ozbargain in not where you should be mate.

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    Look I get the Op is asking for advice on a dodgy act. But I think it's unfair to criticise his purchase based on the money spent.
    I completely agree he should take this on the chin. I don't think the whole truth is coming out. The waistline rarely stretches in jeans I'd say maybe more thighs if they use a little elstain.
    But I don't understand why people shame a person for spending $200 on a pair of jeans. That his money his choices.
    I question why people spend $2000 on a gpu. But you never see that type of response here. People perceived value vary from person to person and it's not a fair criticism in my eyes.
    In line with Ops question I really think that you need to own or resell as used. Or "like new" if it's only really been worn three times. And be honest with your advertisement.

    • Probably because all they have in their lives is a PC 🤣

      Honestly if you're spending $200 on jeans you expect quality, considering h&m/target have jeans for $10-30 all year round.

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    It's not personal.

    Both David Jones and Country Road pocketed a cool $35m each last year from taxpayers while making a profit. Woolworths Holdings, their foreign parent company should've sold their assets to cover their overseas operational expenses.

    Taxpayers shouldn't have to bailout foreign zombie businesses like David Jones, Country Road or MNC. Zombie businesses have no place in this day and age.

    They should also stop ripping off their staff.

    Upmarket department store David Jones and the Country Road Group have emerged as the latest major retailers to have underpaid staff, with the companies owing a total of $3.7 million to more than 7000 staff members.

    • +1

      David Jones and Country Road pocketed a cool $35m each last year from taxpayers while making a profit. Woolworths Holdings, their foreign parent company should've sold their assets to cover their overseas operational expenses.

      Lol. That's like saying you claimed medicare benefits while still earning an income therefore you should have to repay them. What kind of warped logic have you used to arrive at this slight? These 'foreign zombie businesses' (lol) happen to employ 10s of thousands of Australian's and they also would have laid off 10's of thousands of Australians had it not been for Jobkeeper. Whether a company is profitable is irrelevant as they qualified for jobkeeper.

  • Mod pls remove posted in error.

  • I assumed new account and troll. But 2010.. 🤔

  • Title already sounded dodgy af..

  • Weird how people are still jumping on here critical of OP, when OP posted a respectful response yesterday at 11:01, which has had plenty of + votes.

  • -1

    Obviously you go to the shop, find the same pair of jeans and take the tags from those to put on your pants. Then return. Ethical? Nah. Will it work? Probably.

  • You're SOL buddy, worn and no tags is a double no.
    These things happen, but good experience.

    Only worth trying on an exact pair the same and see if yours isn't faulty, then take action

  • It sounds like OP might be obsessing over the small details… and has convinced him/herself isn’t the perfect fit.

    I can sympathise with trying to find the perfect fit… once you find the brand/model of jeans you like, stick to it otherwise you can have this issue every time you try new jeans.

    In the meantime, just buy a belt and wear them, seriously doubt anyone will notice.

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    Cut the legs off and turn them into jorts

    • wont fix his original waist problem l;opl

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