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[PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake $19 + Delivery @ EB Games


Hi all,

Stumbled upon a pretty good deal on this game. Not sure if it has been any lower than this.

Enjoy !

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EB Games Australia

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    Free PS5 upgrade.

    Yuffie DLC is $29.95. PS5 exclusive.

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      Yup. And the deluxe is $15 from memory. So $53.95 for what is essentially a $149 for new.

      Not worth the extra $15 imo as it's both digital (the artbook and the album), but it's good for people who wanted it but didn't think the extra $40 was worth it.

    • I was really lead to believe the Yuffie DLC would be part of the free upgrade to PS5.

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        They very clearly specified it wasn't.

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          At what point? I only found out within the last two weeks or so.

          • @theknight27: At the point when they first announced the DLC? As per the video released on youtube on the same day as the DLC announcement, https://youtu.be/DTjvkpAEtZA?t=166

            It said you could upgrade your owned PS4 version to the PS5 version for free and that the New Episode Featuring Yuffie would be available for purchase after upgrading (ie, not free)

            • @Avantre: Its odd that they were ever thinking an expansion pack was free.

              It is free for those who buy the PS5 version (Intergrade), so maybe they got confused there.

              • @Vinodra: Yeah that's where my confusion was coming from. Free on the PS5 version and you can upgrade from the PS4 version to the PS5 version from free too. Didn't spot they didn't both work.

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      FYI, can't access to the free ps5 upgrade with the PS Plus edition of the game.

      • Does it give you the upgrade option if you log into (or create) another account on your PS5?

        Provided you don’t have the PS Plus version installed, it should woork (in theory), then you should be able to play it with your main account once it’s downloaded.

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      The PS plus offer didn’t give the ps5 graphical upgrade unfortunately.

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    Was $10 at bigw a while ago but not much chance of finding a copy now.


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    I’ve just done the free PS5 upgrade. The visuals are eye popping. Can’t believe how far things have come, looks like a cgi film.

    I’ve never played a FF game but are getting through it and enjoying it.

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      It looked pretty close to CG on the PS4 Pro, and looks like they've fixed the muddy textures and pop in with the PS5 version. One of my favourite games of all time, would love to replay it in 60fps. Hoping for an XSX or PC release later this year to rebuy it.

      • Yeah 60 is the way to go. Pretty much applies wholesale to every game for most people.

    • how do you do the ps5 upgrade?

      • Put the ‘play’ disc in, click the PS5 download. Don’t need to install anything from the 2 discs in the box, it just acts as proof of purchase.

        • oh. ive already downloaded the full ps4 version as i had this game from a long time ago, would i have to uninstall the ps4 version and install the ps5 version from scratch? Thanks in advanced!

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            @Toffcuz: You can still keep the PS4 version. But you'll have to download and install the PS5 version again. From what I've heard and if you decide to switch to the PS5 version, be sure to upload your PS4 save from inside the game and then open that save file from the PS5 version of the game.

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              @YuZeR0: thank you my guy! i was worried about the save actually!

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      yeah, this is a dupe. But I bet ya mods won't close it and members here don't care seem to mind since not many were aware of that deal

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        It's not a dupe because Final Fantasy VII wasn't in the title of Gamedeals' deal.

  • very good game for $19

  • I've ordered new games from EB online and I'm pretty sure it was a used copy, case was scuffed and insert was bent.

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      Yeah, I get suss when the price is low. Sometimes it would be a display case that has been on the shelf in store for a long time and they would get the manual and disc from the drawer.

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        They should do it like how Toys R Us did it. You have 1 display case on the shelf and tickets below it. You take the ticket and take it to the counter and they give you a brand new sealed copy.

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          I've had both at EB, but most recently the new games have been wrapped (Rachet and Clank, Returnal). I ordered from JB a while back and the "new" games were in awful condition, I only bought them to trade in so didn't bother kicking up a fuss, but it properly put me off.

          • @Bargainendorphins: I also bought the same game as this post online from JB. The game didn’t come wrapped and the case was messed up that you couldn’t close it properly. The discs looked OK though.

    • I just picked up my FF7 copy today from this deal and it was still sealed

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      Problem is their 7 day return policy. You can always ask for a sealed copy, but you'd have to do it in store.

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      Yeah, I discovered the same thing with a copy of a game I got too. I think it's just ex display case, with new disc inside.

    • It depends on whether the store has copies or only the display copy remains. The store I went to on the weekend had a sealed copy (I did do my purchase online first, since there was another OZB post on this). However, when I went to another store, I saw another person wanting to buy it, that store no longer has any sealed copy.

      It's actually pretty much the same for most retail stores: EB, JB and BigW. For discounted games, there is a decent chance you don't get a sealed copy. I've received both sealed and unsealed copies of games from all 3 stores in the past.

    • I picked this up brand new from ebgames on Sunday and it was completely sealed and definitely not pre-owned. They also sell preowned copies of FF VII for $18 but really for a $1 more why wouldn't you buy it brand new? PS5 upgrade process was pretty seamless as well (not as straightforward as Smart Delivery but still).

    • The copy I got for this deal was new and shrink wrapped still.

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    Delivery $14.95

    What crack is EB Games smoking?

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      The right kind

    • Delivery goes up if it's direct from the warehouse as opposed to coming from a nearby store.

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        Actually its the reverse afaik. For a store they send a courier to pick it up, hence the extra cost, as thats easier than sending a staff member out to the post office, sometimes a post office isnt actually close to the EB store, where as the warehouse would get all the deliveries for the day and do 1 big trip to the post.

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          Yeah, that makes more sense. Thanks.

  • I remember when i bought this for $50 nearly a year ago. Still haven't played it.

  • Great game

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    This is only the first part of the original FF7 game, Square stretched out the first section of the original FF7 into a full length game for FF7 Remake. It will be years until all the other parts are remade into their own individual games to complete the original FF7 story.

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    I paid $120 for this on release day. gotta love depreciation

    • wait for a year then next time..

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      Whaaa $120?! I paid $69 or 79 on launch day for this - pretty sure it was from Big W

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        Probably they got the Deluxe Edition.

      • i didnt pre order and i remember it being cheaper that way. On release day it was sold out from JB. Eb games was next door and typically bumped up the price

    • Hopefully you've already played it! :P

      • it was a present for my brother. Hes finished it now , i should borrow it at least haha

  • If I have a ps plus version with save game I assume I cannot load the save game using this disc….

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      You can. Save games work on the PS4 disc version UNLESS your PS Plus is not the AUS one.

      However, you can only upload 1 save game from your PS4 version to the PS5 upgraded version. You should do that in the actual game (via the in game menu system) BEFORE you install the PS5 upgrade as PS5 upgrade option will prompt you to delete the PS4 version.

      The quality of life improvement of fast loading (via internal SSD) of the PS5 version is quite pleasant. 60 fps is a nice bonus too.

      The separate versions (in this case, 3) can be a bit annoying still. There is a tedious workaround if you still want to hold a copy of the PS Plus version downloaded, assuming you are willing to have 2 external HDDs (since you cannot use more than 1 external HDD at a time), what you could do is, move the current PS Plus 'free' digital-ish version to internal SSD, safely disconnect your main external HDD, then switch to your secondary external HDD (for storing special PS Plus games which run into this multiple versions issue), copy PS Plus version from SSD to that secondary external HDD, safely remove the external HDD, then switch back to your primary external HDD.

  • Aerith all the way!

    • +3

      Username checks out.
      Will you be around for Part 3 though?

      • haha shush on the spoilers!

        • I was traumatised as a kid, now I have to relive that moment in HD.

          • @D3NI3D: We thought at the time you could avoid the outcome if you levelled her up enough. Queue the grinding and then the disappointment..

      • She will, to see Holy in action of course.

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        That's assuming it plays out that way this time around.

      • I dont care, if I have to come back as a zombie so be it! I am so going to be alive and kicking by the time the part 3 is released!

  • Price is sweet but have to say the delivery is appalling. Picked 3 games, they wanted to charge 3 times as 3 games will be sent out from different places.

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      EB is the cheapest for all 3 games right now? That's hard to believe….

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    Yeah, I picked up Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Metro Exodus, Jedi Order, Borderlands 3, and Immortals Fenyx Rising for the free PS5 upgrades.

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