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Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds (White) $71.20 / $69.48 (/w eBay Plus) @ Razer eBay


I believe this is the cheapest so far as per price history. Mixed reviews. But can't go wrong for less then $70.
Cheaper then this deal

$71.20 for non ebay plus member.

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    These vs Airpods vs Truair2 vs Taotronics

    Which one is best bang for buck?


      And which one is best for Win10 MS Teams calls? :)

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        I own airpods, trueair (ver 1), taotronics sound liberty 80, tronsmart onyx ace

        Airpods are by far my most reliable pair. Microphone is also the best.
        Trueair- rubbish mic, everything else is not bad and was cheap
        taotronics - connectivity issues every time I use them and battery life is garbage. Avoid
        onyx ace - works fine, but mic is not as clear as airpods. But cheap, so phenomenal value.

        I'm still looking for a non-apple alternative to the airpods (not pro as I don't like in-ears and I'm android so I prefer to have full functionality). Open to suggestions.


          I have trueair2 as well, which is pretty good in terms of mic and sound quality.


            @Jadeja: I have the TrueAir2’s and get regular complaints on Win10 MS Teams about muffled mic and cutting out if I am speaking too quietly. I’m trying to move away from them.


          Legendary reply, thanks, dazzles.
          Do AirPods work on Win10 MS Teams, though? I thought the volume has issues as MS doesn’t support aptX. I could be wrong, though.


          what about samsung or xiaomi?


      Edifier tw200 is the best for call (on the cheap side)


      Samsung Galaxy Buds grey import.