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Ruark MR1 Mk2 Bluetooth Speakers $594.15 Delivered @ MYER


The blurb .. Our award-winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers will provide remarkable sound in multiple applications. Flawless as computer speakers, ideal to use with a turntable and a fantastic way to improve the sound of your TV, MR1 Mk2 will fill any room with quality sound without dominating it, making them perfect for music lovers and the design conscious alike.

Also available in soft grey.

Other Ruark products also on sale.

Thanks to pricehipster.

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    I bought a pair of these a year or so back. Did a bunch of research and was looking for compact speakers with good sound quality and these were what everyone said to buy. And in all honesty i didn't like them and ended up selling them on ebay within about a month. I had them hooked up via a half decent DAC from my phone and i also was using a chromecast audio playing tidal tracks through them and just couldn't work out what the fuss was about. To me they sounded equally as good as a set of the cheaper edifier speakers that can be had for just over $100. I ended up replacing them with 2 of the nest audio speakers in stereo mode and to my ears that sounds heaps better. Just wanted to let you know my experience. You may love them, but i was disappointed.


      Thank you for saving me money

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      we need more reviews from actual user like you.
      Thanks for saving not just me, probably a lot of people money :)


      Would you be able to describe what was it that felt lackluster about them? :(

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        Well i’m no audio expert but for me they just lacked detail. Felt like there wasn’t as much separation of instruments as i had hoped. They sounded just ok for me. I even did a side by side with a pair of creative T20 speakers and found they had a lot more detail than the ruark’s. The ruark’s had a little more bass though. I guess to sum it up they sounded boring to me. That might be my audio preference and each to their own but i wasn’t impressed. They are definitely made well and feel like a super premium quality speaker but they just weren’t for me. I also bought the battery pack add on too to make them portable.


      someone, please give this person a medal for giving us an honest review and clearing out people's doubts


      Can you use two Nest speakers in stereo mode as PC speakers? Or you're just using them for music/GA driven/Chromecast audio?

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    My experience with these is quite the opposite. I find lots of detail, but the bass could be stronger. If you listen at moderate volumes they sound good, but don't expect to have a dance party with these, or watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster with wall shaking explosions. I also don't find these amazingly built, the volume knob feels cheap.

    I think you are paying for the sound quality with these and for that I think they are worth it.

    I use them to listen to music as I WFH during the day.


    Also to note, these use a class a-b amplifier, I imagine most users are used to class d.


      Is a-b amplifier inferior to class d?


        Apologies for the late reply, actually a-b amplifiers are significantly higher in value.

        A-B is able to produce a more natural sound, while Class D is able to push out much more power.

        In my previous post, I didn't even think to acknowledge the difference.

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    I have the Ruark MR1 mk1. Had them as my comp speaker for the past 6 years. I have found them to be actually really good for their size. Haven't listened to MK2 so no idea.

    Audio is pretty subjective so what someone likes others might hate. To me they have great mids and somewhat lacking in bass. But I have a subwoofer attached to the unit so no big deal.

    To me they sound leaps and bounds better than Google nest…