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Devanti Smart LED TV 43" 4K UHD $276.76 ($269.84 eBay Plus) + Delivery @ Ozplaza.living eBay


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Hi.. Seems a good price.. Same panel as kogan and aldi baun.. Rumours are it's an LG PANEL.. THERE'S A YOUTUBE REVIEW OF THE KOGAN 43 BUT I COULDN'T BE BOTHERED LINKING IT.

ABN 50 115 804 432

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    The listing does not list IPS?


      The contrast ratio is the give away.. And view angle

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    LG panel means very little. My ALDI TV has an LG panel (I've confirmed it myself) and it's the worst television I've ever looked at, even after trying to calibrate it. LG makes crud as well as the good stuff, same as Samsung.

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    Keep in mind I never said it was good.. Just cheap.

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    275 $ for a 43" tv? what do you mean its not top notch? Spare room tv to cast to? that cheap (maybe not best quality but cheap its ozbargin)

    I appreciate users that provide this information. Keep up the negative attitude and you will get less contribution with information like this. thanks for the heads up op.
    When providing criticism (specifically within this site) i can appreciate quality referral - butttt…….. refer it against similar items/quality/price - this instance specifically price.

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      OzBargain in my opinion consist of 2 streams of information:

      1. Deals found by users, or simply companies that want to have visibility within the OzB community by posting their own deals.
      2. The community that shares their point of view to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

      There is people out there who suffer of CBD (Compulsive Buying Disorder) and trust me I'm one of those. Having contributions from other members who either have experience with the product or have found useful information that could help me make an informed decision is something of high value, in my opinion. That's really the value of this site.

      I really appreciate the comments of everyone in the community positive and negative as they can balance each other and maybe save money to the buyer by either getting the deal, or preventing a waste of $$

      "It's not only about buying cheap, it's about buying cheap something that is good and will last"


        Having contributions from other members who either have experience with the product or have found useful information that could help me make an informed decision is something of high value, in my opinion

        That disqualifies most of what you'll find here.

        Like with most open internet forums, the people most ready to make a comment are the ones least qualified to make any sort of valuable contribution.


          Partially agree,

          Speed is king in OzB, if you do not have the time to do the DD you can identify "patterns" which are statically meaningful (of some sort) to make a split second decision(s). Good posts usually get sold out in matter of minutes.

          Not every comment/opinion should be taken as true, I agree 100%, instead is up to the reader to filter and take the value (if any) of those who have had previous experiences. The feature where a post can be upvoted and downvoted can also give you some sort of idea on what "may" be ahead of the purchase and "how" qualified a comment can be.

          At the end, what I'm trying to say is comments and observations from the community (positive and negative) are at some extent of some use to make a quick decision. Never said, they should be taken as absolute truth. My keywords are "help", "value"

          Forums are not a source of truth absolutely, but they may provide some guidance or at least a starting point for your research.

          What I've seen in this community:
          1. On a deal, other members usually reference to other sites that are cheaper than the current deal
          2. Members who have shared their own experiences with the product (it broke, quality is poor etc, great quality, it's counterfeit, etc)
          3. Members who have counterarguments against other's opinion
          4. Have provided in depth research about a product.

          In a nutshell, I have benefited from all of the above heaps!!!


            @ob1wan: Really. Well then, lets do a little test. Do you think this is worth buying, based on community reaction? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/614570


              @outlander: Dude, I made my point. It's all about risk management in my opinion.

              Re: the shampooer, you go and check for yourself!

              I need a cheap 43" TV and I'm not buying this, is all I have to say in this thread. (And yes this is cheap!)

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    Well.. I've purchased one.. Will let you know how it goes.


    Thanks heaps OP! Been looking for a really cheap smart tv for my work office to stream the NBA and NFL on to. Almost bought the 43" FHD from Aus post for $280 (got all the way to checkout before deciding to have another look), both would be cheap crappy chinese manufacturered but this is UHD so surely it will have to be a bit better. Thanks again


    I'm back.. I believe you can get it for even cheaper now.. Anyways took delivery and set it up today.

    Good points.. No dead pixels no backlight bleed.. It's an ips panel with decent viewing angles.

    Picture is rich and colourful… But it must be run in dynamic or its just not bright enough… Picture looks 4k on 4k content.. Nice and sharp.. Motion is handled well with smooth pans and doesn't break up on fast motion.

    I own a few TVs.. And depending on your placement and purpose it's a bargain.. I consider it better then a chiq 43 I purchased for another room.. As the chiq had a va panel and much worse viewing angles(chiq has much better sound.. And 5 year warranty) . I also have a hisense 55 that this does smoother motion than(hisense much brighter picture.. And much better sound. ) … I have a Sony 75 940e as well.. Of course it's in a different league.

    AnywAys the sound is absolute garbage.. The worst I've heard from any TV ever.. You can barely hear voices no matter what the volume as they are muffled over by the background music and noises.. There is zero bass.. Really.. I'd rather listen to a mobile phone then this thing.. It's that bad… You will need external speakers.. It has optical out.. Hdmi arc and headphone jack to pull the sound off it.. It let's you decide the sound format you output in.

    Another thing.. You don't want to use it in a very bright room.. They say it's 200nits.. I'd believe it ain't a spec more. It's has a glossy reflective screen as well… The blacks look fine in the daytime. I'd dare say it being ips it gonna have some wicked ips glow at night time in a dark room… But if your watching full screen content or have the correct expectations.. . You'll be fine.

    The operating system is the same as kogan.. Some kind of Linux.. It is speedy enough.. But I imagine.. Like kogan TVs.. The apps are rarely updated and will not function if some major change takes place.

    Anyways.. I just got it to put on the wall in a craft room.. And for that purpose I have No regrets.

    If I was using in a brighter room.. I'd pony up and get a hisense or a tcl.. To avoid disappointment… Because you have to factor in external speakers or soundbar for this TV.. That pushes the value of this down.


    I should add.. The picture setting menu is very basic and limited.. There's not a lot of calibration options.. But I found on the warm setting it doesn't look stupidly off colour.


    Back with my final thoughts.. I've wall mounted it and had time to play around with it a while..

    Anyways.. All the default picture settings have terrible black crush..

    But the custom setting can be tweaked to give a very good picture… Watched some 4k hdr Netflix and it looks really good… You've gotta up the brightness setting to remove the black crush.. And the only picture setti g you can tweak is custom.

    I think it's a steal at the price.. And would buy one again in a heartbeat.


      Likewise, very happy with my purchase. Bought it for work and mounted it in my office for the sole purpose of streaming sport and it's doing just fine. $400 total for the TV, Mounting bracket and Amazon 4k Firestick delivered to rural QLD