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eufy Smart Lock Touch + Wi-Fi $399 + Delivery (& Extra $30 off if Eligible) @ Bing Lee


I missed this smart lock deal (sold out), which is the same price but free shipping, and this door bell deal. However Bing Lee's deal is still good. Delivery is $6 to QLD, but if you have the Cashrewards plugin, it'll search and apply a coupon code ENTER30 on Bing Lee for you, which reduces another $30 ($30 off orders over $400 when you buy two or more items). You can also enter the coupon yourself at checkout.

Also eufy Video Door Bell 2K (battery powered) $263

Plus the Eufy Security $250K lucky draw! Good luck, OzBargainers!

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    The "ENTER30" coupon is $30 off orders over $400, when you buy two or more items.

    So just add a $1 item to the cart or whatever is useful. I added this: https://www.binglee.com.au/panasonic-lr-43pt-1b-micro-alkali...

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    Great lock - I've had it for about 2 months now and it's so nice to be keyless with remote controls for friends.

  • I live in a rental, the front door has a deadlock. Will it be easy to remove the existing and install this with intentions of reinstalling the original when i leave?

    • as long as the measurements fit, should be quite straightforward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF_ZNBVczWc

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      Assuming the door lock was made to standard, the eufy deadlock is super easy to install (I did it in about 15 minutes).

      AFAIK, deadlock holes have 2 standard dimensions, both of which the eufy caters for.

      Given how easy it was for me to install, taking it apart would be easy too.

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      Pretty sure the real estate agent still needs access to the rental…

  • Is the homebase that comes with the doorbell, a Homebase 2? Is there a market for them, if I don't need another homebase - are there people out there who are looking to get one? Or can it be daisy-chained and linked to another homebase? 🤔

    • Doorbell doesn't come with a homebase.

      • The link suggests it does, even though the title doesn't. The price also suggests its the homebase version.

        • I have one - it doesn't need the homebase to operate (it's wifi connected unlike the doorbell and other cameras).

          Works really well!

  • Anyone know a keyless lock system?

  • Anyone know where I can buy the wifi module for the lock?

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    Same is available on eBay -wireless 1 for $329
    eBay plus - $312.55

    Look at this on eBay

  • Still advertised for $499 @ Bunnings. As per their 10% price beat guarantee that would bring it down to $359. Do you need to request it in store or can this be done online / over the phone?

    • Also wondering about this.

    • Do they price beat for Special Order items? I always thought it was just in stock items.

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      Yes price matched today with Bunnings on the phone and bought it for $360. Great deal!

      • Which number did you call for the Bunnings price match? Cannot find a contact number / online form for price matching anywhere on their website!

        • It’s on their contact page.

          New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory
          Level 8, 5 Rider Boulevard, Rhodes, NSW 2138
          (02) 9846 7100

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    Amazon down to $351.30

    • Amazon is showing $399.20

      EDIT: doh ok ok less 12% with Prime - great deal :)

    • Thanks grabbed one after this post, cheers!