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OPPO Find X2 Lite 5G Snapdragon 765G 8GB/128GB 30W Charge $259.00 @ Officeworks in Store


Could be the cheapest ever 5G phone.
1 left at Penrith Officeworks after I took one.
In store only and should be only floor stock and not all stores.
So please ring to check first.

This morning's stock level thanks to vu.


  • Screen size (inches) AMOLED 6.4" 2400 x 1080
  • Internal memory 128GB
  • Battery capacity (mAh) 4025
  • Processor Qualcomm SnapDragon 765G
  • RAM (GB) 8
  • Rear Cameras (MP) 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
  • Front camera (MP) 32MP
  • Headphone output (3.5mm) Yes

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    the hunt begins

  • Nice 5G phone, I got it last year when find x2 released. Was $748

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      By chance have you tested it on any 5G network cause wondering if the low price of course relating too the phones "quality off modem chipset" would have any effect with 5G download speeds, if the speeds are great then no point say buying the Telstra 5G mu500 wifi modem, better off buying this well its a lot cheaper and it doubles as a phone ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

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        It's a Qualcomm 765G with a builtin 5G chipset. The same cpu is also in the Google Pixel 5.

  • Wow, big screen, big battery and 5g, how does this compare to galaxy s21 plus?

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      No headphone jack, much faster CPU and GPU, better cameras, different OS and UI, brighter screen, obviously more expensive, UFS 3.1 plus external card slot which the OPPO does not have.

      Basically a bit more upgrades across the phone compared to this budget one.

      Also Samsung specific features to the S21+ 5G


      Comparison of the two phones if you want to go into hardware detail don't forget the extra cool software features specific to the two.

  • What's the UI like on these? Much bloatware?

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      Using an oppo a52 and the bloat ware is minimal imo. Everything can be removed that I've tried to and everything can be altered as far as permissions to mic, camera location etc

      Plenty of updates, got one yesterday for Android 11.1.something.

      Wish this phone had more RAM though, the one advertised has double would be perfect imo for a budget friendly phone

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    This might help someone. Bayswater VIC Officeworks has two in stock. They are selling it for $389 each. Try showing them the pic and they might price match. Good luck.

    • Did you find this from a direct visit, or do you have a way of checking online?

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        I called 1300 OFFICE (1300 633 423) and gave them the product code (OPFINDX2LB) which you can see in the picture. They advised Bayswater is the only store in Victoria with two in stock.

      • want to know as well

    • Called them. $389. They won't price match as they said stores can set their own clearance prices.

    • same here they don't match the price

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      wow, you Find x 2.

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    Hey mate, any chance we could grab a copy of the receipt?

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    Nice Find

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      I see what you did there

  • does this just run plain android or needs to have the oppo os over it?

    • Colour OS based on Android 11

  • No external memory slot, fyi.
    Very good price though

    • And for that reason I'm out.

  • crazy price!

  • +39

    Stores showing stock.

    New South Wales

    Store Phone Stock
    Campbelltown (02) 4621 6700 1
    Fairy Meadow (02) 4224 4500 4
    High St, Penrith (02) 4720 4300 3
    Newcastle West (02) 4925 9700 3
    Orange (02) 6361 5100 1
    Wetherill Park (02) 8785 4100 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Ballarat (03) 5320 1400 1
    Bayswater (03) 8720 4800 4
    Fitzroy (03) 9412 6700 1
    Geelong (03) 5223 8200 1
    South Melbourne (03) 9693 7300 1

    Western Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Malaga (08) 6240 5100 2

    South Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Croydon (08) 8245 5600 1
    Elizabeth (08) 8182 8100 1
    Gilles Plains (08) 8369 9400 1
    Keswick (08) 8229 9500 3
    Marion (08) 8422 6700 3


    Store Phone Stock
    Hobart (03) 6230 9400 1

    Australian Capital Territory

    Store Phone Stock
    Belconnen (02) 6264 7600 2
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      no QLD?

      • All stores showing 0 it seems.

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          One dude drove around to every store and collected

          Jokes on him cause petrol expensive

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      called malaga wa they don't match clearance price from another officework store

      • +3

        … As he quietly buys 2 price matched โ˜บ๏ธ

  • And to think I paid more for my pos Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and thought that was a good deal at the time.. I think 3-4 years ago.

    Edit : no external card slot is a deal breaker for me.. Thankfully they kept the headphone jack for us poor earphone plebs

  • Have called Adelaide CBD, Keswick and Portrush Road Stores in SA - no stock. Marion won't pick their phone up!

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      My GF Marion also doesn't pick up her phone…

      • +1

        Sorry Robin!

  • Anyway I need the x2 pro for wife

    • You want really good cameras and battery life then for the wife.

      Trust me.

    • Was also looking at the X2 pro. Just need a decent price to pull the trigger

  • oppo or xiaomi?

    • As a Xiaomi user there is nothing really to talk about in the wow department.

      They didn't stuff up and not put a screenshot button like samsung did on their older tabs that's for sure.

      But their app is very finicky to use and for awhile did not work at all for me.

      I still don't trust it but you can't really trust any of them any more.

      Check what features you need and read up which ones have them or don't have them.

      Never used an OPPO so cannot say.

      But yeah really figure out what stuff you want because sometimes they do things differently or take shortcuts on some features and it sucks finding it out the hard way.


      Use this site to read up on and compare features it is pretty good there are others like it but this is my favourite so far.

      They even have a camera samples comparison and video too I believe so you know how they perform on each camera or the ones they have tested.

      • depends what the buy factor is, my current phone is ok and in 12 mths most phones will have 5G, depends how urgently you need a phone โ€ฆ.. christmas sales are only another 6 mths away.

        • Yeah exactly.

          For people like me who don't need 5G my phone will probably be fine for another five to ten years.

          I don't feel comfortable using nfc on my phone or relying on it since I run out of battery some days and then there goes my ability to use opal, flybuys, debit card and other pay methods.

          Although the thought of having cheap nfc readers around the house or even room and using my phone like a magic touch wand to change the lights to off dim semi dim and on is a fun idea.. Or even turning my computer on somehow from bed without opening my phone might be cool.

          But yeah I can see myself using my current Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for another ten years honestly.

          Unless I started a side business that needed better photos or something then I can't see myself upgrading.

          Honestly I just wish Android or MIUI had a better space provisioning system.

          My current OS doesn't do the whole move app from internal storage to external storage thing and I have a 200-400gb micro sd card and some backup spares in other devices I could easily use but the option to migrate is not readily or easily accessible. I have tried some apps to move some stuff and manually move over my non app data but yeah it's weird that my Samsung galaxy tab s2 has this functionality but it is still only one app at a time it is still there compared to my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

          Anyways maybe someone will fix this missing feature soon enough once more people have this issue.

          Money from a good business idea is a good motivator.

          But yeah the only reasons I would need a new phone right now is if I broke my current one.

          The only other reason I would consider getting a new phone is if it had insane battery life like double what my 4000mah has now or triple but those phones weigh a ton so yeah.

          The Mi Max line tempted me for this reason and some other very expensive exclusives.

          On top of that I would put a battery case or cover that had even more battery basically make battery anxiety go away and since I usually get to charge my phone every day when I come home I should have zero battery downtime but yeah something with that size of a battery kind of scares me they are basically combustible objects triggered by a drop or maybe even getting sit on.

          Sorry for the long comment all but yeah it's nice to dream about extreme specs.

    • I have a Oppo A72 and a Xiaomi RN9S.
      Between those two the Xiaomi is far better.
      MIUI is better to use than the Oppo UI and the Xiaomi just feels more stable and better built.

  • Is this good for pre iPhone12 users for 5G tethering, instead of "upgrading" to $1200+ iPhone12 (or up) mini with:
    ~30cm2 extra screen
    +64G (+4GB RAM) memory
    more MP for Zoom in
    3.5mm jack
    BT 5.1
    USB-C with (free) 30W charger


    • -1

      "mORE mP FoR ZOom iN"

      This is satire right?

      • You are correct, you cant compare this 48mp to the iPhone camera. Completely different type of camera.

        This will spit out 12MP photos.

        You will almost certainly get less detail in photos from this than you will an iphone12. (and i am no fan of iphone)

    • +7

      S10+ for 259???

      • I'm guessing they were thinking about upgrading from their s10+. I'd pay 500 for a s10+ over this item, if I can find one :(

        • Yea this, been wanting to upgrade the s10+ was hoping this would be a cheap upgrade but it'd be a downgrade

  • No SD card or I'd have tried to get this. And camera not the best. But otherwise great find OP, will suit a lot of people

    • Yeah if I had no phone it would be a top 3 contender but no sd slot is a also a deal breaker for me.

      No headphone jack is another.

      Camera and screen honestly don't matter I just need to be able to see them clearly and ok not enter a photography competition although I bet the extra shine is nice.

  • Other than OP, who got one?

  • wow.. would be a great deal if any stores actually had stock and were selling for this price.
    You don't normally find many if any of the following features in a sub $300 phone.
    8GB RAM
    128GB storage
    FHD AMOLED screen.

  • +7

    I just grabbed one from the Newcastle store and there are 2 left. It actually scanned at $194.00 so an absolute bargain for a 5g phone.

    • Should have bought all to help someone or to sell. Good bargain mate ๐Ÿ‘

      • +2

        Thought about it but wanted to leave some for other ozbargainers ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Hahah I wish I was nearby I would have bought it lol. Good score bro. This is one of the best bargain.

    • Not gonna lie for that price I am pretty jealous.

      No sd slot is a killer but thankfully it has about 100gb maybe after the usual manufacturer storage provisioning and operating system stuff plus it has 8gb ram which is a huge reason why stuff randomly crashes in the background other than the CPU running out of processing power.

      • +3

        Not burning you more.
        Got 1 from Wetherhill Park. it was marked $600 customer return. Checked all was OK still in box.
        Scanned $194 reduced to $180 being customer return.
        came home, setup all in perfect condition.

        • Ok i am going to need a speed test result once you get a chance to do one.

          3G 4G 5G wifi anything.

          Man that is a good deal… hmm honestly might not hurt for me to have a spare backup phone now that i think of it.

        • Would you be able to upload a suitably redacted receipt?

  • +3

    FYI, don't bother calling Belconnen, ACT. They're out of stock.

    • +1

      Yeah one guy brodened both of them.

      • two is hardly broden it's mildy broden

    • +1

      Damn, thanks for that.

  • I would love one in Vic.. far out.

  • -2

    I bought one from Fairfield without checking if its the dual sim version. I need dual sim. It's now on eBay.

    • +1

      if you don't want a profit i'll buy it.

      • I started it at 210 with a buy it now at 310. its currently at 217

  • For future reference, does anyone know if JB etc will price match clearance items?

    • clearance tag is an excuse to say no.
      if the price fall within their wiggle room they do. if it goes near their cost they play clearance card.

  • +1

    Thinking of buying it to use as a hotspot for wifi
    To utilise the optus 3 months 5G free internet:)

    What do you think?

    • +2

      Yes certainly, works great and actually not even worth buying a dedicated 5G modem there way too expensive and still looking over $300 for one second hand one, anyway I use & couple of mobile phones too wifi hotspot too few other mobile phones I have and other devices around the house which includes my Mighty Fetch box, also too both my Samsung Note 9 & Note 10 mobiles which have both storage each of 512gb and of course use these mobiles too download large torrent files, yupz ordered the Optus dsta deal and using it now as we speak, my other sims for data downloading includes Ozbargans Telstra $5 p/m deal, have a couple of those mind you they only have 5gb p/m of data but slow down at 1.5Mbps (so does this Optus Deal just remember too set it on in the Optus app) but amazing how much data one can use per month at that speed, one more plan is the Felix 4G mobile/unlimted data plan (capped always at 20Mbps) I haven't activated as yet as Optus beat me too the punch with this amazing deal lol (dare I try too order a second ๐Ÿ˜)

      edit: certainly works out for a single user situation over having a fixed home internet connection and it is all mobile take it were ever you want

      • Wow, thanks for that info, getting one :D

  • Iโ€™ve been contemplating about buying a 5G mobile phone for a while now to replace my Nokia 5.3.

    I managed to get one at Officeworks North Ryde for the same price (got very lucky), then I set up the phone and Iโ€™m so impressed by it!

    The Oppo Find X2 Lite is absolutely phenomenal! Iโ€™ve had an Oppo AX5s before, so I know that Oppo is a reliable brand. You canโ€™t go wrong with Oppo!

    Thank you so much for this post!

  • +1

    I am lucky to get it for $194 from Taylors Lake Store yesterday. YESSSS… GREAT PHONE,,, SUPPER HAPPY

  • South Melbourne + South Yarra, Victoria.. OUT OF STOCK not happy :(

  • Wow that's a steal. I got the x2 Neo just after launch at $649 from JB (the proper OzB way- $500 voucher for signing up to Telstra that work pays half of, and slightly cheaper gift cards for the rest) and it's still a good deal in my opinion. The X2 Lite is, without having used it, at least worth the original bargains of $450. To knock almost $200 puts this above any comparable phone in the price bracket by a long way!

  • +1

    great deal but I rang OW internet team and they confirm 1 phone left in NSW at Orange store.

    I rang Orange OW store but the price is now back up to $389 which is what TGG are selling them for.

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