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Earn up to 9,000 Membership Rewards Bonus Points (from Minimum $1500 Spend) @ American Express


I received an email from Amex -

  1. Bonus 2000 points for spending $1500, by 15th August 2021
  2. For spend above $1,501 until 15 August 2021, you’ll earn 2 bonus points per $1 spent, up to 7,000 bonus points

This is available on my Amex Platinum Edge but not Amex Qantas card.

Membership Rewards® Bonus Points and eligibility: Offer is valid for payments made online, in-app, via phone or in-person at any merchant that accepts American Express. Offer is valid for spend billed to your Card only after you have successfully enrolled into the promotion between 12:00AM (AEST) 14/06/2021 and 11:59PM (AEST) 15/08/2021.

Offer is unique to this Card and is not valid for any other Cards you might hold. When spend on this card reaches $1,500 between enrolment and 11:59PM (AEST) 15/08/2021 you are eligible for 2,000 Membership Rewards® Bonus Points. Spend from $1,501+ in the promotional period will be awarded 2 bonus points per $1 in addition to your Card’s standard Points Earn, up to a maximum of 7,000 further bonus points. Points awarded for the first $1,500 will not receive 2 bonus points per $1 spend in addition to your Card’s standard Points Earn. Only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer. Spend on Additional Cards will not count towards this Offer. Offer is not valid for spend which does not earn Points in the rewards program that you are enrolled in such as cash advances, interest charges, fee payments, charges for which we do not receive payment in full for any reason, and balance transferred from other Credit Card Accounts.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (21)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    Mine is $7500 spend for 9000 points.

    No thank you


      Mine too. And so would need an average spend of $3750 per month for 2 months, for a relatively small reward.
      Maybe I could do it in discounted Coles Gift MasterCards! hehe!

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      Get 30 x $250 CMGC's :D

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        Not worth it haha. Years ago, DJs had a homewares offer where all you had to do was buy anything from their Homewares department and you'd get 5000 points. $2.95 espresso spoon for 5004 points is a much better prospect than this offer.


          oh nice yea that is better


    Nothing on my plat charge

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    Mine is spend 9k for 9k points. Ookkkaayyyy


    I received this offer ($1500 spend for initial 2000 points) on my Essentials card.


      Same on my DJ card. Just $1,500 for 2,000 with nothing beyond that.


        Apologies, I should have been clearer! I did receive the 2 points beyond $1500 spend up to 9000 points total, but was referencing the initial spend amount required, as others seem to be getting awfully high spend targets! Sorry for any confusion :).


    Mine is 9000 points for $7500 of spend and the double points up to 9000 points for spend over $7501. $1619.10 already spent on Coles prepaid Mastercards today.


      Got the same as you, already spent $6500

      Also, can you see it in the offers saved section?


        nope.. but if you try to activate it again, it tells you its already active.


        No, I can't see it either, however just like @skinny, if I try to reactivate it says it is already active.


    I got (total 15,500 points) for a Gold Amex:

    Spend $4,500 by 15 August 2021 and receive 5,000
    For spend above $4,501 until 15 August 2021, you’ll earn 3 bonus points per $1 spent, up to 10,500 bonus points

    *Spend on Additional Cards not included. The first $4,500 spend does not earn 3 bonus points per $1.
    *The 3 extra Bonus Points will be applied to your Card’s base earn.


    Got 12,500 points offer on the Edge.
    Spend $1,500 to get 2000 bonus and then 3 points per dollar over $1,501 up to 10,500 bonus points.
    Assumed it was because I haven't used my card lately but probably not as targeted as I thought!

    I actually need the Amex points ASAP for a redemption, just realised the wording says that the points will be allocated after the end of the promotional period - ie August. Has anyone ever used a similar offer and gotten the bonus points before the end of the promotion?

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    Can confirm that the bonus points post as soon as you reach the target amount.