This was posted 4 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$12 Wed/Thu/Fri Deal – 1/4 Chicken, 2 Chicken Tenders & A Regular Side (Available Everyday with PERi-Perks) @ Nando's


Its back

  • 1/4 Flame-Grilled PERi-PERi Chicken
  • 2 PERi-PERi Chicken Tenders
  • A Regular Side

Available everyday for PERi-Perks members.

Between 50c Big Macs and this, I am spoilt for choice. RIP my diet.

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    wtf deal lol

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    Plus 20% off for health aNd emergency services workers.(if it allows together with deal)

    • thanks for letting everyone (including me) know this deal.

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        There’s no way to let everyone know excluding you

        • Had a chuckle, thank.

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    Do you get peri peri points if paid by Gift Cards ?

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    To OP's question, this $12 deal is 2300% more than a $0.50 big mac, should be pretty straight forward answer for OzB? :P

    Available all week for Nando's members too.

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      You gotta work out the dollar per calorie for the true Ozbargain way.

      • Eat both and report back.

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        But not all calories are worth the same. A calorie from fat is worth less than a calorie of protein.

  • Why don't Nando's just make it perpetual? What possible benefit would they have from having a popular deal like this run for just few months of the year.

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      Same reason pizzas aren't just listed at half their price when almost everyone uses bundle offers anyway. It creates a sense of 'value' or 'discount' in people and clearly drives sales.

    • It’s done at the cost of franchisees who are already struggling.

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    Prefer the ribs over the tendies.

  • Just ordered but the restaurant missed the chips out of the order, so very disappointed, only recourse is to email the generic customer care place. so left hungry…

    auto reply:

    To our loyal customers,

    We are experiencing a large volume of enquiries at the moment. Please be assured we will action your feedback as soon as possible.

    We really appreciate your patience and we will get back to you.

    Thank you kindly

    Nando’s Customer Care

  • is this deal only available for PERi-Perks members because i am not?

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      Yes, available to you on Wed, Thu and Friday. Available to members every day of the week. It does mention this straight after the dot points.

      • Thank you. I did not interpret it straight away, haha

  • Doesn't mention anywhere on Nando's web site this is limited to Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for non members or have to be a member to get any other day. Just a limited time deal.

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    i'm finding they're starting to burn the chicken a lot. does not taste nice anymore.

  • do they do delivery???

    • Yup.
      Just placed an order (but some items are limited depending on the store. Wanted to add in an extra halloumi but the store in my area doesn't have)

    • I ordered through Nando's website and they used DoorDash to deliver. Good luck, I had last 2 orders with them delayed and straight up not delivered. They did refund but it's a nightmare when it comes to communication as DoorDash needs to communicate with store, driver, customer etc and quite frankly their not great at it.

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    Did you know that the area of a Nandos between the front door and the back door is known as the peri-peri-neum ?

    • The area between a chicken bone and the chicken meat is called the PERIosteum. Coincidence?

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    This getting more expensive each time the deal comes out?

    • I agree…

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    Pay with the Ultimate Eats gift card from Woolies.
    Saves you an extra 15% right now. (= $10.20)

  • Another reason to have Nando’s most days of the week. Hopefully some free delivery deals around .