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Realme C11 6.5" 5000mAh Dual Sim MTK6765 $97.00 in-Store Only @ Officeworks


In store only. Seems only a few stores have stock
Low end android phone.
But at $97.00, it worth it for the specs:
* 6.5" display 1600 x 720.
* MediaTek 6765 processor
* 5000mAh battery
* 2 GB of RAM.
* 32 GB storage capacity.
* Dual rear cam 13 + 2 MP, 5 MP selfie

Currently $199.00 from JB though not worth that much.

Also C12 at $127.00. Seems more stock
Similar spec to c11 except 3GB RAM, 6000mAh battery and triple rear cam

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    Might grab one just to use as a portable hotspot.


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      LTE Cat 4 hotspot? Mate. You are wasting 4G speed. Cat 6 or above, at least.

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        I doubt I'll need more than 150mbps when hotspotting, if I can even find 4G coverage that'll provide speeds faster than 150mbps.

        My home service is 100/40 and I don't max that out.


          150mbps theoretical max is 20MBytes per second on paper. Real world is only about a fifth of that but rarely.

          You will get 2 Mbps. That is (profanity) slow for 4G and it is limited by the phone hardware.

          I have Cat 20 and 4G download is at 30Mbps! Faster than NBN! Way cheaper too.

          So yes, LTE Cat is important as higher can use multiple bands.


            @Xantar: Interesting, I'll have to look into it more.

            I'm guessing you mean your cat 20 is 300mbps, not 30?


              @tiskael: Cat 20 max speed is 2Gbps. Thats 2000mbps. About 300 Mbytes per second (on paper and in lab)

              Real world max is only about a fifth of it. But I guess you need to be like next to the tower to get that kind of speed. Some people do hit 1000mps with Telstra though.

              Most flagship phones are Cat 20 or higher nowdays.


            @Xantar: how do u get cheaper/faster than NBN? good contract?


              @shroomish: Nope. Most 4G download speed are faster than NBN anyway, at least where I am. I'm only like 500m away from the tower. 5G is even faster, but not as stable as 4G.



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    I grabbed a C12 from officeworks for $50 couple weeks ago. The major reason is for using it as a myki, but it turns out it doesn’t have a NFC…


    The C3 is 135 from Amazon. I think its a better phone. 64gig



    Shame, the 2gb of RAM would cripple an otherwise good phone. The C12 is a much better buy


      C3 is 3gb ram

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    i have the c3 with 3GB RAM that should be the bare minimum required for modern day apps


      And the price is in the same range

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    2 GB of RAM.

    Can't recommend as basic apps like Chrome and maps will lag