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$800 off Any Phone on Telstra $99/Month 12 Months Plan (Min Cost $1188, Port-in Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store


for those who don't want iPhone 12 mini, it is still not too bad :)

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      Agreed… It's crazy. And a lot of people get a new one every year just to have the latest and greatest.

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          Yup, because people buy expensive phones when they want their intelligence is equivalent to a child. What a stupid comment, I use my phone every day and definitely get my money's worth out of it. Yes flagship phones used to be cheaper back in the day but everything used to be cheaper back in the day.

          You can get a cheaper phone if you'd like but there's no reason "people are dumb because they buy something I can't fathom buying"

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        Yeah, many of those people will resell their phones (instead of just keeping it) before they depreciated to zero value, so the actual costs of changing phone yearly is not as high as the sum of all the phones they buy outright year to year. And if you buy at the great price, the overall cost may be closer to someone who hold onto a phone until it reach its almost zero value than you think.

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      They call it a phone, but it's not really these days. Its actually a pocket computer. One which most people use 8+ hours a day. $800 seems pretty reasonable to me.

      • You're telling me most people use their phone for a third of their entire day, so you've got work for 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours, phone for 8 hours?

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    It was $900 not even a week ago

    Given you get the 180gb plan from Telstra for $65 regularly, it's essentially $400 off with no international calls, no data sharing and being locked in for 12 months.

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      I believed $900 gift card "NEED" to goes toward buying a phone. Sounds like this deal is just a gift card to purchase any items in JB.

      • With the limited details other than the heading, it specifies that it's "off any mobile" which is the same as the $900 deal.

        How did you come to the conclusion of it sounding like a gift card when it's not mentioned anywhere in the OP? It's usually a $500 GC with the $99 plan so it may well be but there's no mention of it here specifically.

      • Nah, it was towards any purchase.

        Needed a phone, got a s20Fe 5G for $799 + $101 credit.

        You could also have gotten something for 900, then just return it the next day for store credit.

      • The JB website explicitly says "any PHONE"… though if someone has anecdotal experience being whatever they want… I'll change my mind. ;)

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    Pls mention it is only for $99 plan

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    Who even still goes on plans these days?

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      I do

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        I like pizza too. At least we have that in common.

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      I'm on a plan. 80gig $40/mo

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        I guess if you use the data it's a good deal. I barley use 20gb and pay $20/Mo. Mostly on WiFi.

      • Link pls?

      • Was on same plan but 20% off recently ended. Still not bad for $45/mo for 80GB with 4GB Roaming data considering how Optus has increased the price of their postpaid plans now. Their smallest plan is $45/mo for 20 GB with no roaming data and no international calls inclusion.

  • So this is the amount that customers heavily overpay for the service. Even after removing this overcharge Telstra still has profit. Hmm….

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      Could definitely be a loss leader.

      I took up one of these offers and have stayed beyond the 12m period as I’m sure a lot of people do. It’s expensive to capture new customers and this is one way to do it.

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      yup. imagine 2 guys in suits shaking hands:

      it's a solid deal mate. we'll screw everyone together

    • Actually it’s not. There is a reason to the madness

  • They should upgrade their offer, at least $800 GC!!’

  • i saw $300 gift card for $69x12=$828 and $500gift card for $99x12=$1188

  • As I am currently on this plan to expire in August and need to tick/tock to maintain a decent deal, what is the Optus equivalent? Nobody likes customer retention any more…

  • $99 p/m in title would be helpful

  • Slightly off topic, but we are currently on a similar plan, which ends in October. Both our numbers are in my wife's name. Anyone know if I signed up as a "new customer" for the deal with 2 fresh random numbers, once set up and holding the gift cards, could I then port the old numbers into the new plan to replace the random numbers? It would save switching across to Optus as a stop gap.

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      It definitely used to work, but is a pain as you need to find a useful telstra rep and can result in 24-48 hours of downtime on your sim. If the 30 day penalty box isn't a killer it's legitimately easier to port out and in.

      • Cheers, nah, not a killer at all. Might just stick to that method.

  • For new Telstra customers correct? Which means if I'm on Telstra currently need to port out for a month?

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    I still don’t get it why people willing to sign up a $99 monthly plan and you can get similar or not the same from boost/kogan in their prepaid sim deals?

    • some can't use those services due to reliability in their work location - these people are often also reimbursed by their company so it's not $99 out of pocket per month

    • No you can't. Those 2 barely offer half of the data on this plan LET ALONE access to 5g.

      If you actually did the maths these telstra deals come to about $29-$32.3 per month (if you can sell iPhone mini at street price for eg).

  • so…….i wonder if this works
    sign up, apply $800 off iphone 12 pro, cancel straight away, pay 594 for ETC and give back 800 meaning iphone 12 pro = $1394?
    fyi, i'm looking at iphone 12 pro 256 which is 1896 RRP

    • After you apply the $800, you still have to pay the price difference….LOL

      • oppps, hahahah that makes sense
        so $1869 - 800 = outstanding payment 1069
        termination $594 + $800 = $1394

        hahaha…….works out worse so yeap…scratch that idea :P

    • I believe you will have to give back gift card as well when you cancel it

    • Your logic checks out.

  • It is harder to justify the JB / TGG plans because they don't allow data share.

    but TBH for a two person family, you get two of these (or better the Apple / Samsung deal) and ditch the NBN, your real cost is like ~120-130 a month depends on your NBN plan. You have a new phone (two new phones)., and your data following where even you go.

    It does not work that well for people who don't have good speed with Telstra though and I am one of them. So sad keep seeing these deals flash by me. Well at least I am getting my Optus data pool covered for my next 12 months……

  • Grab the $700 gift card instead of the $800 off a phone. Op might wanna update the title or do a new post.
    Was at job hifi today and there are 3 options. $900 off a computer, $800 off a phone or $700 job voucher. I think there was a $600 option for discount on some tablet…but better to just use the gift card surely.

    Btw there is a new job hifi in Richmond next to Ike’s. opened today

  • What happened to the scam of just getting the $1100~ iPhone mini or S21 free on the plan and returning it for $1100 of credit?

  • Is $800 off iPhone 12 mini a good deal?

    If I go with the $99 plan and go for iPhone mini 12, can it be refunded for RRP? I have read previous posts the receipts seperated from the plan showing the RRP of the phone you can technically refund it, can anyone confirm?

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