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[PC] Epic - Free - Magic: Legends: Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack - Epic Store


Another freebie from Epic, this time for Magic: Legends.

Magic: Legends is a free game you can get here: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/magic-legends

You will get:

  • Unlock the Moorland Ranger character costume
  • Unlock the Moorland Ranger Werewolf summon skin
  • Two drop boosts, for increased rewards.


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    Isnt this game a f2p p2w micro transaction model?


      yes, however this content is only available (for free at least) from 17 June to 24 June, and redeeming is contingent on you adding the main (f2p) game to your account (you don't have to install).

  • +1 vote

    Base game is Free To Play.

    The Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack will be available for a limited time from June 17, 2021 10AM PT to June 24, 2021 10AM PT.

    Unlocks the Moorland Ranger character costume, Moorland Ranger Werewolf summon skin, and two drop boosts, for increased rewards.


    How do you get it? Just log into base game?


      Click the link in the OzB deal and click get on the Epic page.
      You must have the base game first, which is also included in the OP.

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    Nothing will make this game worth playing

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      Yeah unfortunately have to agree with this. Love mtg, but this game just hasn't got it right. The technical completion is very much in an alpha state, which is not the best but ok they'll get there…what's really worrying is the core game aspects are just not good, and some parts are concerningly poorly thought out (e.g. The length/clarity of the tutorial phase). If you're thinking about trying this game now. Don't it's a disaster. Give it 12mo and come back.


      I did try it a while ago and wasn't impressed. All they had to do was copy Hearthstone but it's not polished.


        You're confusing this with the more conventional card game MTG Arena.

        MTG Legends is a terrible microtransaction filled hellhole of an ARPG with some MTG flavouring over it.

        I'd advocate reading a couple of the books over this.


    Game is terrible, even this free pack doesnt make it worth your time. What blows me away is it was terrible in the closed alpha about 12 months ago and even with all the feedback it didnt change any.


    This game is dead. Developer's have virtually ceased all communications, patches, and news. A cash grab gone wrong.