Vava Products Gone from Amazon?

So, I was hoping for an EOFY sale to pick up the much lauded Vava baby monitor and night light. To my shock, they seem to have been removed from Amazon and only available at much higher rrp elsewhere like

Anyone have any insight?

A classic snooze you lose scenario?

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    Amazon did a cull of products and sellers that faked reviews a while ago. Even better known makes were gone.

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    Just read a news article on this 'Amazon has now delisted RAVPower, Taotronics, and Vava — all three of which are owned by the same Chinese company, Guangdong SACA Precision Manufacturing. The suspension of RAVPower and its sibling brands comes after a Wall Street Journal investigation found the company offering a $35 gift card in exchange for a review of its charging brick. Of course, doing so violates Amazon’s code of conduct for sellers who want to hawk their products on its massive platform. '

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      Amazon must have their copy-cat basics line ready for production.

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    I have the Vava baby monitor and it's a clearer picture than any I could find for even double the price or more at Baby Bunting so might still be the best available even at the higher RRP. We have a cheaper wifi camera too but we find it so much better having a seperate screen if you want to have a quick check without changing what you're doing on the phone.

  • Thanks all, appreciate the info, kicking my self I didn't pull the trigger on this buy earlier now given it's strong reputation on here.

    I'll try my luck tracking it down for anywhere near the $175 it appeared to be sitting at on amazon.

    Otherwise, open to suggestions other may have!!

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    I actually had a couple of their products in my cart that I was interested in, but not quite ready yet… but then I guess it raises the question; would I have been so interested in their products if favourable reviews have been bought or faked?

    Here's an article anyway.

    • Thanks Jwh, I had a couple items in the "wishlist" that I couldn't delay any longer. Only to find out they've vanished

      • Yeah I'm of two thoughts.

        I don't support gamed reviews, but if their products are actually good, then there's a loss of competition now. Also, if their products are actually good, let that quality speak for itself and build credibility genuinely.

        • With amazons excellent returns process you would think if the quality didn't speak for themselves, they would be sent straight back.

          Maybe there was a correlation with such high ratings v high returns on Amazon's end?

  • I bought a nightlight, they did email me a few weeks later asking if there were any issues with the products, I gave my feedback and they thanked me. Didn't offer me a gift card though 😢

    • 😅

      Night light any good?

      • Pretty good. Standby lasts forever, think I've charged it twice in 3 months and once was because my toddler kept playing with it for hours. I bought the version where it's just white/warm white as I thought colours would be too stimulating.

        My gripe about it was that I thought the touch control could be disabled by the button, but there's no way to "lock" the light so when my toddler touches it and stuff it keeps dimming/brightening so it gets her all stimulated again lol. I just use it as my nightlight to make milk /change nappy now so I dont have to groggily go on my yeelight app.

      • I've got this! Also have the warm/cool version over the coloured version. I love it, we even take it when we travel. I like that you can tap twice for on and off for brighter light (that you can then adjust), but also tap and hold for a dim light. I've probably charged it every 6-8 weeks or so.

        I'm annoyed it's not on Amazon anymore, it was one of the things I've used daily and would easily have bought more in the future as baby shower gifts. It's almost double what I paid for it now on other sites!!

        • Yeah that VAVA light is exactly what I had in my cart and was looking to purchase shortly, but hoping for a slightly better price. Along with some Taotronics headphones I was on the fence about.

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    • Was just reading that and came here to find any discussion on the topic / brands.

      OZbargain never lets me down lol

      • Exactly what i did after reading that! I just simply searched 'VAVA' in the forums and here we go!

        I think a lot of people will be missing their products as I see the products listed here often (any of Sunvalley's)

        • Bought 2 taotronics headphones this year, 1 in the last few weeks

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    I have the baby monitor and night light, highly recommend them to everyone. Spewing cause I was going to buy more night lights as baby shower presents, but when I went to go buy them, couldn't find it anywhere on Amazon.

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    VAVA Products are now being sold under HERILIOS & FAKEME on Amazon AU.

    For example:

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      Hi Richard. Thank you so much! I was desperately searching for a second camera and couldn’t find one for months. Almost purchased from Kogan for over $300. Your post saved me and I managed to get camera and monitor for $123. And it synced with existing VAVA monitor. Same packaging and everything. Thank you!!

      • No problems, glad I could help.

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