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Samsung HW-Q900A/XY 7.1.2Ch Home Theatre Soundbar $965 ($865 with Buy Smarte Club Membership $19.95) + Delivery @ Buy Smarte


Decent price. Will need to sign up to Buy Smarte Club Membership for $19.95 to obtain the cheaper price of $865. Membership is usually $99.

Total price is $884.95 (including Membership fee).

Free Shipping to selected areas.

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    how's this compare to Q870A

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      I believe the Q900A is marginally better.

      The main differences include, but are not limited to:
      - Different designs;
      - Q870A comes with rear satellite speakers;
      - Overall number of speakers for Q900A is 16 and 12 for Q870A;
      - Q900Ahas full range side-firing and up-firing speakers.
      - Q900A has 2 x HDMi ports
      - Q900A supports Dolby ATMOS, Digital Plus and True HD. Q870A is limited to ATMOS.


        Thanks for the comparison, I'm not sure if rear satellite speakers is a pro or con. I heard the single soundbar needs walls to reflect the sounds that coming from back


          I've ordered the Q900A.

          In saying that, I have no space to install the rear satellite speakers. If I did, my choice would be the Q950A.


    Q950a is what you want ~$1250

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      Can get the Q950A for $1,199 delivered. This beats Good Guys Commercial pricing. Difference is ~$315 and the best price for the rear satellites as a separate buy is $350. I also believe the speakers sold with Q950A fire differently (i.e. there are side firing speakers).

      I wouldn't hesitate in buying the Q950A if had space for the rear speakers. Unfortunately, I don't.


        Damn I thought the 1199 price was from the good guys.

        I want big store for easy returns if something goes wrong.


    If I don't have a Samsung TV to match, how would Q900A compare with Sonos Arc?


      On paper, it has the better features compared with Sonos. In saying that, I can't provide any comments on the Sonos arc, as I've never used it beforeā€¦. you won't regret the Q900A.


    on marketplace saw one guy is selling 900t for 550 claim brand new in box, feels a good deal. what do you guys think. 799 at appliance central