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Free Live Stream of ICC World Test Championship Final (New Zealand Vs India) @ ICC.tv


ICC is providing free live streaming of the WTC Final between India and New Zealand. Day 1 will commence at 7:30PM tonight (AEST) in front of 4000 spectators at The Ageas Bowl, Southampton. Good deal for those without a Foxtel/Kayo subscription.

You need to register to watch the game however there is no verification so you can simply sign up with fake details.

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  • +7

    I love how we're slowly growing accustomed to seeing things that were previously free now offered for "free" as a result of paid subscription services.
    But then again if the Australian Cricket council hadn't been greedy and kicked out nine in favour of a contract with Kayo, reducing the viewership but getting them their dollarydoos we'd still have all cricket free to air.

    Don't have to look hard to see that nine built the game and Kayo/Foxtel are killing it.

    • +23

      I dont ever remember a non Australian test match being on free to air television in Australia

      • -4

        SBS and Nine has played them previously depending on competition,
        Alas not anymore it seems.

      • -3

        @tight terry
        It’s not free to air on television, it’s free to watch on icc’s website or app which is icc.tv.

        • +6

          I think TightTerry knows that. He was responding to Drakesy's comment about how we would have "all cricket free to air" if not for paid subscription services. This being a Test match not involving Australia, we wouldn't have seen it anyway on FTA.

      • +5

        Every test in Australia will always be on free to air as will Ashes tests in England. International tests in other countries featuring Australia have been on Foxtel for about 20 years now.

        As for Cricket Australia kicking out Nine, Nine didn't even bid for the cricket rights when they were up for renewal and let everything go to the new 7 and Foxtel partnership.

        • +1

          Unfortunately thats not correct

          Foxtel/seven bid $300 million more than Nine's $900 million. Nine still bid

          Australian cricket council got greedy and now foxtel/7 are pissed they're making a loss on it because of covid.
          A little bit of schadenfreude right now thb.

    • +5

      I fully agree. These companies can easily make millions in advertising. Cricket is a game perfectly suited for ads as there is a guaranteed break every 5-7 minutes between overs. Not sure why they need to pursue a paid subscription type model.

      • +4

        I'll give you one simple reason, no ad breaks during playing. It is so much enjoyable watching all three forms of cricket without Hardly Normal and the golden arches screaming after every six balls. I'm more than happy to fork out money for this.

        • 100% Cant agree more!

    • +2

      You had me until "…nine built the game…" (if you are referring to the Test format of the game).
      The ABC were the original broadcasters and did a fine job, until Packer / Ch 9 blew that apart in the 1970s and started 'World Series Cricket'.

      Either way, I do agree that Foxtel killed it off when they took over broadcasting previously free-to-air matches to their subscription service.

      • ^ facts

    • Nothing is free in this world and nothing lasts forever

  • +1


    is Australia certain?

    Or perhaps only free in ACT & NT ;)

    • +2

      By territories, they mean countries. You can check out their official announcement of broadcasters. Australia is a certain.

      • thanks for this link, much clearer now.
        (also the ;) wink indicated i was joking re the territories)

  • +7

    Tim Paine single handedly made sure Australia don't participate in this game.

    • +6

      Aus cricket team cry when they cheat, cry when they go to Maldives.
      Pretty sure lack of emotional regulation is the biggest issue.

    • +1

      Well at least his mates like him except when he meets them at the Gabba.

  • +6

    99% chance it's a draw no thanks to the English weather

    • Unfortunately the weather has turned for the worse over the last few days, the draw has now come right into $1.85 - and thats even with this final having a reserve day!

    • They have an extra day in case if its heading for a draw…

      • And that reserve day has heavy rain forecast as well :P

  • +3

    Go the Kiwis!

  • -2

    Nice move B-ICC :D

  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    Up the Blackcaps!!

  • +6

    Crickets an amazing game. You've got a final between a country with a population of 1,400,000,000 vs a country with a population of 4,900,000.

    285 Indians to 1 Kiwi!

    • +1

      No matter how much we hate India, deep down we know they are a better team than NZ in every department. But oh well, may the best team win!

      • +1

        They are, but in English conditions and with NZ having 2 warm up games against England they go in as favorites and rightly so. India are traditionally terrible in England - they will have to prove that this incredible team they have can get it done in England. If England can get players on the park for the following series after this final it should be a cracking match up.

        India wont have a better time to beat England in England than now.

        • -1

          all the Aussies would be rooting for India..and hoping that would batter England's confidence and take advantage of that in the upcoming Ashes.

      • Every department except when in NZ, as the recent series showed:

        • -3

          NZ are home track bullies. Noone wins in NZ.

      • +2

        I disagree. New Zealand are #1 in the ICC test rankings - and any team that heads that is the best in the world. You can use whatever measure you want, but the rankings and this upcoming game are the real deal

      • Discrimination @ thimothiz🤔

      • Why would you have india mate, you look like the typical racist such a shame , people like you are allowed to comment on the post like this .

      • And yet NZ holds the upper hand right now.

    • +1

      You know that regardless of their population there will only be 11 players fielding & 2 batsmen at a time on the field.

      • Really?? I assumed there would be a billion of them crammed into the Ageas Bowl…

        • This sad excuse of bringing population wasn’t trendy before the Gabba loss, Langer was lost for words & said it, now everyone repeats it as if they are applying Sudocream on their rashes. No one talked about population when Ponting scored 3 WC wins or during WI’s era of dominance.

          • @Wrongguy: It’s not that deep bro, I support England. Go outside and grab some fresh air

  • +1

    Finally something free from ICC !!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. They probably know that the match is going to be washed out most days due to rain 😁

  • 5 days of rain forecast. Typical England

  • ahh typical pommie weather

    • Typical Pommie summer weather you mean

  • No play before lunch :(

    • Or after lunch!

      • And definitely not during lunch…no play today

  • New tech - No Motion cam

  • Pfft Rose bowl. More like fish bowl based on the forecast for the remaining days

    • +1

      You'd be quite at home then…

  • -English conditions
    -NZ fast bowlers
    -NZ acclimatisation in ENG

    India has little chance. It ain’t spinning boys!!

    • +1

      Aussie conditions, Aussie fast bowlers (including World #1 bowler) and it never spun at the GABBA and India won without stars, it does not matter Boys!!!

      Whoever plays well will win!

      • “I told u so”
        Result speaks

        Never go by 1 fluke performance .. look at the consistent inconsistency of Indian team.

    • Oh, but they impressed in all conditions.

      They have better fast bowlers than spinners, now things have changed a lot since inception of MS Dhoni and Kohli co era.

  • Not a bowl has been bowled yet

    • +1

      I hope not. This is Test cricket, not Kitchen Nightmares.

    • Weather looks OK for Day 2 although rain is forecasted for the afternoon so we should see no stoppage for the first session at least.

      • It's technically Day 1, as the reserve day has come into play.

        • +1

          You're right it is Day 1 of play but I believe they're still calling it Day 2 for marketing/statistical purposes. Reserve day will only be required if it can enforce a result otherwise both captains can call the draw on day 5.

          • @Smogul: OK, I should have written "non-technically", lol. I wonder what Cricinfo will call the reserve day (if needed)? They can't call it "reserve day" because it would no longer be in reserve.

            • @strangeloops66: I think it'll be called Day 6. The reserve day for the 2019 WC semi-final was called Day 2 If I remember correctly so probably the same naming convention here.