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[First Responders] 30% off Storewide in-Store, Excludes Services, Gift Cards, Tyres @ Supercheap Auto


This Offer is only available in-store on June 24th 2021 to First Responders.
Discount off RRP. Store stock only. First Responders will need to identify themselves via Photo ID or uniform at point of purchase to receive discount.

Offer excludes Gift Cards, Services & Tyres.

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  • Does the person who calls 000 count as a first responder?

    • Not a bad idea… Just make sure that you wear your uniform at point of purchase. Ymmv ;)

  • Thank you to all of our first responders throughout this pandemic! You have been our hidden knights in shining armor while the rest of us worked from home and complained about lockdown 😅🙌😮‍💨🤣😛

  • It is a shame it is in-store only, I will be working a 12 hour shift so no chance of getting to a store

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    Its nice and all but it doesn't feel real special when they had a 30% off sitewide in store and online a fortnight ago.

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    Never understood why people just doing their job get special treatment.

    I've continued just doing my job as an essential service and don't, nor expect, any special treatment.

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      Because people that work in hospital are on the special spectrum

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        Edit: Most Doctors and some of the nurses (some still get treated bad) are "special" but the support staff (Cleaners, Catering, Maintenance, IT etc) tend to get a raw end.

        • Agree with this. My wife is a nurse at an aged care facility, we are regional and haven't had any cases of Covid since the first wave. She has received several extra payments from the government for being a front line worker and all the rest, but she was annoyed that out of all of the staff at the facility, only nurses received it.
          The cooks, cleaners, maintenance crews, all the rest didn't get anything extra, yet work just as hard for just as long at the same times as the nurses.

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      To be fair I don't think anyone has requested this special treatment… Its marketing decisions made by big companies.

      This type of offer is no worse then big companies giving special treatment to people named a certain name or born a certain year etc. It's all just lame marketing and all offers should be open to all customers imo

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      Because they're respected roles within society. Is this surprising?

      Furthermore, not all first responders are "just doing their job", plenty are volunteers.

      Are you a member of SES, RFS, etc?

  • supercheap is on sale now.
    most of the items are 30-40% off

    can not see how special the deal at this point.