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Sony Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm F/4 ZA OSS Lens $769.42 Delivered ($669.42 after Sony cash back) @ Camera-Warehouse


For those who scored one of the recent Sony a7c or a7 III bargains, and wanting something more advanced than a kit lens but is on a budget, this constant aperture F4 zoom lens would be ideal as it covers the most common focal ranges. It is also light weight enough for travelling.
Used ones are selling for $700-800 on Gumtree and eBay. So under $700 after $100 cash back for a new one with warranty is a bargain. If you have the Amex Sony $60 cash back offer, then price match and buy from Sony to stack the savings.
Note that Sony cash back is hit and miss, there is a chance you will have to chase them up.
Better to do price match at Sony store if you are near one to get immediate rebate.

Review here

Who’s it for?
Suitable for shooting portraits, landscapes and general photography, this lens is a natural ‘walk-around’ partner for the α7 cameras, partly because of its size but also because it has been designed for high-performance cameras. It’s also a better performer on cameras with 36 x 24mm sensors than with APS-C models (we tested it on both).

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    Looked hard into this or the 24-105. Ended up with the 24-105

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    This is a rubbish lens…
    The 85mm post is a nice deal.


      It’s just so damn dim…


      You are comparing a fast prime lens with a multipurpose lens? Of course it would be better, at a single focal length. For most people, at most times, they would be shooting in the 24-70 range. 85mm is no use for group photos, architecture, indoor or landscape no matter how fast it is. If someone is on a budget, or starting out and can only have one lens, this is the lowest price I have seen for this lens. I have used it for a while and got a lot of good photos, even indoor or early evening (the a7 is good at high ISO). I eventually saved up and graduated to an f2.8 zoom, but most people won’t be able to afford or want to spend over 2 grands for a lens.
      If there is a better alternative zoom lens in this price range, feel free to contribute here for the community’s benefit.


        Calm down and take a deeeeep breath mate.
        You completely missed my point…
        What I am saying is, this lens is even not better than a $279 28-70mm lens.

        I am NOT comparing zoom lens to prime lens.
        24-70mm f4 is probably one of the worst lenses Zeiss ever made…

        Nothing against this deal or op. I am just warning people not buying something only because of the Zeiss brand.


          I don't know if you have experience with either and whether it is a strawman opinion. I actually did have both, the original kit 28-70 with the a7, then upgraded to 28-70mm F4 afterwards and can vouch for its value.


            @Buy2Much: I had both 28-70 kit and this 24-70 f4.
            Zeiss lens is of better shape… nothing more than that based on my experience and other feedback online. You may notice that prices for Zeiss lenses are quite stable (or even getting more expensive such as 35mm f2.8 ZA). But this lens eventually becomes half of its RRP. The Invisible Hand shows the answer to some extent.

            I understand that sometimes it may be subjective/controversial when comparing lenses though.


              @RimofLeo: Coincidentally I also have the 35mm F2.8, but rarely put it on while I had the F4 zoom because my shooting constantly alternates between different focal lengths. After I have the F2.8 zoom (cost more than the camera itself), it was quite easy to sell my F4 zoom, but the 35mm prime is hard to sell…

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                @Buy2Much: I sold my 35mm ZA (mint with packaging) for only $450 on gumtree…
                It is pretty good (sharp, portable size, metallic built etc.) but less used since I have Tamron f2.8 zoom.
                I agree that the zoom is really versitile and convenient:-)


    For anyone starting out, a 35mm F1.4 or F1.8 is a viable alternative to a standard zoom lens - I don’t even own one.
    Pairs nicely with an 85mm too.

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      It’s a matter of personal preference and usage. I take spontaneous photos when going out on trips, events and holidays. I don’t want to carry a bag full of lenses or have time to switch lens, the moment would be gone. I have various fast primes (24, 35, 50) and zooms, but find that 24-70 zoom stays on my camera 95% of the time, the primes get 1% use, the rest with my 200-600mm.
      Photographers in studios or working with pre planned shootings would have different ideas.
      If you are starting out or not sure your shooting preference, get a constant f4 aperture zoom like this 24-70, or 24-105 if your budget can stretch further. Review the photos you take in 6-12 months, if the majority is of a certain focal length, then get a prime to suit your shooting preference (not the other way around). If mixed, then stay with zoom.