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The Cooks Collective Classic Non-Stick Stockpot with Lid, 7.2L $34.97 + Delivery / C&C @ Myer


Thought was a good price, 1/2 price as is

The Cooks Collective Classic Non-Stick Stockpot with Lid 7.2L


Premium Cast Aluminium
Easy Clean Non-Stick Surface
Durable Bearing-Shot interior surface
Phenolic heat resistant handles
Clear-view Glass lid with steam release vent.
Suitable for all Cooktops
Dishwasher Safe
Oven Safe to 180 degrees


The Cooks Collective Classic range is made using high quality food safe aluminium.
Cast Aluminium allows for fast and efficient heat transfer, from the heat source, through the cookware for even and consistent cooking temperature.
Combined with a super durable and easy to clean non-stick cooking surface, the Classic Non-Stick Stockpot with Lid 7.2lt is ideal for everyday cooking.


The Classic Cookware range features the latest in bearing-shot technology that transforms the cookware surface.
Firing small stainless steel ball bearings at high velocity into the cookware altering the surface and increasing the cookware's durability and hardness.
The end result is a multi-layered super durable non-stick cooking surface that has excellent food release and is perfect for everyday cooking.

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  • +2 votes

    What kind of stock are people making that is sticky?


    Dishwasher Safe

    Neither aluminium nor non stick should be put in a dishwasher. Those tablets are super aggressive!


    How can it be both "classic" and "non-stick"? And why does a stockpot even want to be "non-stick" besides marketing to people who don't know any better?