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Gigabyte 27'' Gaming Monitors M27Q $349, G27QC $299, M27F $259 Delivered ($0 Shipping on Orders over $59) @ MSY


Gigabyte IPS with KVM 27" (M27Q) 2560x1440 1ms 170Hz DP HDMI FreeSync Gaming Monitor

was $499, now $349

Gigabyte 27" Curved (G27QC) QHD 165Hz 1ms Adaptive-Sync Gaming Monitor

was $499, now $299

Gigabyte IPS with KVM 27" (M27F) 1920x1080 1ms 144Hz DP HDMI FreeSync Gaming Monitor

was $329, now $259

ASUS ROG-RANGER-BP1502G 15.6" Backpack

was $49, now $19

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  • Does the Gigabyte IPS with KVM 27" (M27F) 1920x1080 have an Srgb preset?? Im in the market for a 1080p 144hz monitor. Coming from a 60 hz Asus TN

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    M27q looks good but was 318 earlier this week.

  • Anyone familiar/ have any experience with the the warranty process behind msy?

  • For the same price, should i get the Dell S2721DGF or the Gigabyte M27Q?

    Holding out buying the S2721DGF from a friend coz it apparently doesn't downscale the PS5's 4k to 1440p.

    • Yeah it doesn't. You want a monitor with a built in downscaler one of those adapters (can't remember what they're called).

    • I didn't know about this? I'm looking for a monitor for my PS5, til I decide to buy a PC

      Originally wanted to use the same monitor for my music production, so wanted a 34" but started to think I'll need 2 seperate monitors.

  • that M27Q sounds like an absolute banger with the KVM. Would be perfect for the WFH gamer. Hardware unboxed also reviewed it very well.

    • The main concern I have is one OZBer reported the quality control being an issue. He swapped it 3 times and still not happy so he decided to get a refund. All 3 had excessive backlight bleed. The store he got it from indicated someone swapped it 10 times to get an unit that he is happy about. The other person had 1 bright pixel, but after hearing his experience, was unsure whether to swap for another one.

      Also found a forum post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monitors/comments/jwpm0l/gigabyte_m...

      While I understand IPS glow is common, that much backlight bleed, I don't think I will be happy.

      • You didn't mention the main con with these monitors - the BGR layout.

        • BGR is less of a problem for gamers or Mac users. Backlight bleed seems to be quite common for Gigabyte monitors.

  • Thx purchased

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    MSY have had their fair share of grilling from the ACCC https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/msy-technology-ordered...

  • Any of these good to use in a Mac? Specifically speaking, Mac Mini m1.

    • Not really, these high refresh tastes are better suited for gaming and you'd be paying for something you might not need (in my opinion)

  • @MSY For online shopping, do you guys ship from central warehouse or the nearest retail store? The model I am interested in only has one unit left in my state, can you please confirm it isn't an ex-demo?

    • Hi there, thanks for reaching out.

      We ship either from the central warehouse or closer retail stores and it depends on the ordered products. We only sell brand new products, if it has to be ex-demo, we will definitely label the product as ex-demo clearly.

      May I ask you what model are you interested in and what is your nearest store, so I can double check the stock availability for you!

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