ShopBack Has Stolen My Gift Cards

heads up , shopbacks super store has stolen my purchased gift cards

I had $140+ worth of gift cards in there , and one day (few days back) i opened it on the app to be greeted by a message- you have no purchases

Immediately i contacted shopback and "harry" replied saying i have no purchases ? ……… this is BULL as i can prove every purchase USING THEIR APP , with cashback from the purchases + click my account and click order history - BOOM! , LIKE 25 CARDS!


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  • uh oh

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    What did they say after you've sent them a screenshot of your order history?

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      Obviously he was referred to ozbargain to solve the issue.

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    Stop your complaining… there is a $2 voucher available to ease your pain and help you forget… You just need to sell your soul and the soul of a friend to get that big, fat, juicy $2 pay day*…

    (* Will have to spend another $8 to get the $2 "discount" and then use that $10 voucher on an Amazon purchase… May or may not contain traces of your personal account data or your friend's personal account data in any future data breach.)

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    WHY are people still using SB?

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      Ooh now it's almost sounding like someone who works for the competition, or just trying to bring SB down

      Why you'd continue to deal with them after that supposed incident beggars belief

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        You only have to read over the $2 and $3 coupon posts with 130+ upvotes and the amount of people who are happily bought off by these whimsical gestures.

        Users complain about their piss poor customer service interaction with SB but still feel it necessary to upvote the "deal" (and I used the word "deal" very very loosely).

        "Shopback never tracked my cashbacks multiple times. Leaked all my data on the dark web and burned my personal details into spambots. Worst. Company. Ever… 5 Stars/Upvote, would sell my data to them again for $3…"

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    Mine happened the same, just need to updated app.

    • +1 to this.

      I got my $50 ebay gift card back too, after updating the app.

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    Hey @pwildnz
    I'd be happy to look into this further with you. If you send me a DM we can have a chat and get to the bottom of this :)

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    OP, did you ever get your giftcards back?

    I had a very nasty experince with SB after encountering a problem on their app in relation to giftcards. I was left out of pocket with no explanation and no recourse. SB were unwilling to help and to top it off, even cancelled my account. My advice is that even if it turns out well this time, to stay away from SB. You never know when it's going to blow up in your face.

  • anyone else had this issue? just happened to me … $2000 in gift cards gone cannot contact anyone because its a weekend… what a joke

    • Anything that is Egiftcards should only be purchased when using fairly fast .

      • fairly fast? little confused by this comment

  • With all due respect how easy is it for a hacker to withdraw all cashback to gift cards and get away .
    Not much thought by SB into this withdrawal method at all .
    It really should be bank accounts only .

  • Yehhh numerous complaints is normal at SB. I'd suggest instead of raising a complaint on OzB, raise it to the ACCC.