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Tamron 28-200mm F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD for Sony FE $878.40 Delivered @ digiDIRECT


Much to my surprise, there ARE some deals in this sale. New historical low for AUS stock.
Bought one in February, great lens and even more of a no brainer at this price.
Will be price protection claiming again with 28 degrees :)
Strongly suggest you either pickup in person, or call to confirm stock as sometimes you could be left hanging out for backorders for months :)

Other good deals as pointed out by user eecan
$1599.2 Tamron 70-180 for Sony - cheapest I've seen it for local stock
$1006.4 Tamron 28-75 for Sony - a few dollars off the cheapest I've seen''


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    Two question:
    1 How quick does the f-stop goes down. I will be dreaming but I wonder if it holds 2.8 up to 85mm?

    2 Any wide or super wide deals in their sale? I can't see any and not giving it any hope given digi direct's reputation of price jacking before sale.

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      Google is your friend. Don't just ask.

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        you can't easily google this information you doughnut

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          Don't know who's the doughnut if you find it hard lolz.


          28-30mm = f/2.8
          31-42mm = f/3.2
          43-53mm = f/3.5
          54-77mm = f/4.0
          78-112mm = f/4.5
          113-146mm = f/5.0
          147-200mm = f/5.6

          took about 30 seconds


      Tamron 17-28mm 2.8 ultrawide zoom for $1,159 is a good price for local stock. Combine with $10 digidirect newsletter voucher.



        Tested that when it first came out and find it bit too long (physically).

        Also in a situation now that the main body is sort of broken and with border closure not likely to end soon, I am very reluctant to spend money on new gear.

        I think my best bet is the Tamron 20mm 2.8 as I can temporary use it on my A6000 as standard lens until I make a call in a new body.

        The price that Digi DIrect selling is ok too but I just cant find the urge to pull the trigger.


      It's 2.8 at 28mm and that's it. It drops almost immediately.

      Having said that, it's the only superzoom that hits 2.8 at all anywhere in the range so it's still the best :)


        Well best for those use to full 200mm.

        Many would find the 28-75 more than enough and with crop mode for emergency use then you reach 110mm. In fact it is very usable with a 48mp body.


          Back in my 20s I would routinely take 24-70, 70-200, a 50 and an 85 with me all the time on trips/vacations… those days are way over and this is my main kit now.


          I have both, 28-75 is used 99% of the time. I only ever use the 28-200 when I absolutely have to get to a really far zoom.

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    Great deal and a great lens for the budget. I find that this is a super versatile lens to have when you want to get a good range of shots without changing lenses all the time. I have a few other Sony lenses and the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 Art, but am surprised by how much more I've used the Tamron. I paid $940 for it on sale at Digi in February.


    Question for anyone that has this: the zoom ring is rotated further forward than usual (at least to my thinking). Just wondering if that makes the handling less convenient, when changing focal lengths.