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[PC] Steam - Bento Bundle (incl. Tokyo Xanadu eX+, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, White Day) - $8.49 (was $281.92) - Fanatical


Great bundle for fans of the genre. Worth it for Tokyo Xanadu alone.

You will get the following games:

  • Tokyo Xanadu eX+
  • Spirit Hunter: Death Mark
  • White Day: a labyrinth named school
  • Synergia
  • Learn Japanese to Survive Trilogy
  • The Exceed Collection: Aural Brutality Edition

From the website:

A tasty line-up to feed that gaming hunger! Enjoy a lip-smacking selection of anime Steam PC titles in the brand-new Bento Bundle 4 - featuring ten games.

Futuristic and mysterious adventures await you - experience fear, joy and survival across an awesome selection of PC gems. Brave the nightmare realm and take down vicious monsters lurking within the dungeons in ‘Very Positive’ rated JRPG Tokyo Xanadu eX+; explore a mansion filled with supernatural beings and solve the mystery behind a deadly curse in visual novel horror adventure Spirit Hunter: Death Mark; and get caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse in cult-classic Korean horror adventure White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

Enter a vibrant cyberpunk world where your choices unravel the possibility of multiple endings in dystopian visual novel Synergia; defend humanity and jump into bullet hell heaven to experience frenetic, explosive stages The eXceed Collection: Aural Brutality Edition; and brush up on a new set of skills by learning both a new language and survival skills in engaging RPGs with the Learn Japanese to Survive! Trilogy.

Please note: Learn Japanese to Survive! Trilogy will be delivered as three Steam PC keys.

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    Highly recommend Tokyo Xanadu especially if you liked Falcom's other JRPGs. I played original on the Vita and the gameplay is a bit rough (it was a practice project for a newbie team at Falcom) but still fun and is like an action Trails of Cold Steel game. Synergia and Spirit Hunter are both solid visual novels, so the price is very worth it for those three games alone.


      Yay found a Falcom fan.

      Just wanted to upvote my fellow brethren here.

      I've only finished the Trails in the sky series, and now finding time to play Zero/Ao duology with the geofront patches.