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Telstra $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit 365 Days 150GB Data - $250 Delivered @ Telstra


Telstra $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit for $250.
3-in-1 SIM card that fits standard, micro and nano sizes.
$300 recharge you can use after you activate on either Pre-Paid Mobile or Pre-Paid Mobile Casual plan
Recharge with your chosen recharge amount in future
Keep your number when you switch to Telstra, or get a new one.
International calls included.

Further 5% Discount possible from office works.($237.50) You know what to do!

IN my opinion this is the Oz best network provider. I was with them for 6 months without any issues, signal was great until I changed it to Optus then Voda. Both were not as good, experienced frequent drop-outs. This deal may not be the cheapest but can get you going.

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  • Includes 150GB of data

  • +1

    Cheaper to go with boost and same network and service.

    • I mostly agree, only difference is no 5G on boost.
      How much that really matters is debatable.

      • +2

        but all but one (the $60 recharge) don't have 5G either so that point's moot atm

        • Although it doesn't advertise it I get 5G on telstra pre paid, same offer as this.

      • +1

        Another difference is eSim for Prepaid available from Telstra. I have duel SIM iPhone, using Catch Connect in physical sim card slot, so need something that offers eSim. I wish Boost starts offering eSim.

      • The description says 4G network for this as well. Are you sure they allow you access to 5G?

        Otherwise $250 each boost gives 240 GB and this gives 150GB. Boost also gives 3600 minutes internationally to zone 2 countries.

        Only advantage is this gives eSim if you need it.

    • +4

      This comes with esim whereas Boost doesn’t.

      • eSim is the only reason why I am with Telstra Prepaid instead of Boost.

        • I live in melbourne and telstra has informed me twice I am unable to get an esim on my telstra prepaid service.

          • @bimetal: Well, i am using it. May be eSim no longer offered by Telstra to new customers. Not sure

      • Does Telstra prepaid allow VoLTE?

        Dont think Boost allows that

  • hmmm this seems to be a better deal… https://boost.com.au/collections/all/products/300-prepaid-si...

    I wonder how bad Telstra throttle the download speeds of Boost?!

    • +1

      They dont. I used Belong as well as another Telstra wholesale provider, both had excellent 4G speeds of up to 60-80 mbps in Melbourne cbd. But this was 8 months back.

      Kogan using Vodafones network is giving me around 300 mbps on 4G. Telstra generally gives less speed than Vodafone tho but quality is better along with latency

  • +2

    Thanks OP. bought one from OW price beat to $237.50

    • +1

      Thanks OP and Mag05. Went to OW, they were reluctant in beating the price. Made me wait, I showed them this comment and the manager finally agreed, ha ha :)

  • As said before, Boost got no call waiting, better check.
    I know some old card still give this option, not new…