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[Prime] Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This seems like a good deal for $199.

Randomly spotted it browsing Prime day deals & someone mentioned these were a good upgrade over the HyperX Quadcast from my previous post.

I don't know much more about them. Please feel free to say more in the comments.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • Wow this is such a steal. I bought this at MSRP at launch and I'm loving it, basically the SM7B's little brother

    • It's not, but this this a great price for it.

  • +1

    Really good mic and a good price. Worth checking out this review of it.

    • Excellent link!

  • Great deal!!!

  • isn't this the one every Youtuber is using ? Good price for sure

    • The ones that can afford it go for the SM7B.
      It’s a classic, but also usually closer to $1000 (though on sale for $560 at the moment).

      • They do, but they do it based on blind recommendations. The SM7B is an all-rounder for studio recording, and has stock sound that can be favourable for those seeking that classic radio broadcast sound with some detail and resolution to it.

        For just spoken word, this is much better value.

        • The SM7B is an all-rounder for studio recording, and has stock sound that can be favourable for those seeking that classic radio broadcast sound with some detail and resolution to it.

          Strong disagree to be honest, the charm of the SM7B is that it has a very warm, mellow sound that trades off detail/resolution for a fuller sound. If you want detail/resolution, get a large diaphragm condenser.

          • @p1 ama: I wasn't trying to suggest it was great for recording the room, just that it was versatile for what sound you put in front of it (vocals/spoken word/instruments). It's still a dynamic microphone.

            It doesn't get harsh with the top end, the low end is warm without being over the top, and the mids are great. While it won't fully capture the space, it doesn't go completely dead in the air frequencies.

      • You need Audio Interface / Mixer to use SM7B. If anyone already have setup to use XLR then I would definitely go for SM7B but if not, MV7 is good choice with this price.

        However, they failed to deliver this…….

    • This is a no brainer over the smb7 to be honest. By the time you get preamp/interface, that's another 50% added to cost.

  • Would this do alright at a longer distance of 50cm? This would be mounted above my monitor. I know closer is better but I really don't want it in my face for general purpose use, and I don't want to keep moving it back and forth. For recording videos, i'd position it differently/closer.

    • This is a dynamic microphone, so not really.

      You might want to look into shotgun microphones if keeping the microphone away from your face is a priority, especially if you don't want it picking up other noise.

      • Yeah, i've looked into shotgun mics but a decent one would be close to 300. Ended up just buying this MV7 instead of overthinking it (more). The app looks really straightforward and useful. If this was only a small discount I would keep looking but it's better than 50% off.

        • I bought my HyperX with the hopes it could work 30cm away, but even at max gain on my macbook pro, I found the volume was suboptimal (also the sound quality dropped a bit too, even though you could still hear me). That said I don't know the differences between a dynamic mic & a condenser mic.

          As you say, the cheapest shotgun mic with a USB interface is like $400+, so it wasn't cost-effective for my use-case: As described in a post below, I used a cheapie stand to get it closer to my mouth, and my team members are really happy with how I sound now over my previous crappy 10y.o. logitech webcam mic.

          You can get pretty cheap stands on ebay/amazon - just note it maybe slightly off-angle depending on how you mount the stands on your desk. I can't really justify the cost of the fancy RODE stand for Zoom calls :D (Even @ $165, the QuadCast is a little overkill :D)

  • Thanks OP - Just ordered one.. Does it comes with a stand or what is a good stand to go with it?

    • +1

      No it doesn't come with desk stand or boom arm. You will have to purchase separately. RODE PSA1 boom arms are most common as they allow full 360 rotation compared to something like Yeti. Downside is that, RODE doesn't have a cable chamber so cable looks untidy unless you secure it with zip ties.

      I just bought one too. will likely buy the Rode PSA1.

      • Anyone got a suggestion for a budget desk stand?

      • how about this one.. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01IEZ9I4Q (just for the boom arm)?

        • +1

          I bought the HyperX from my previous post, but it has a similar ability to rotate on 1-axis like the MV7.

          I've hacked a 15 year-old desk lamp stand which looks 99% identical to the cheap microphone stands on ebay and amazon - minus the handy microphone thread attachment -> The hyperX stand luckily fits into the same gap the lamp attached to.

          So far this stand works fine for Zoom calls, but if you are using it professionally, the more expensive ones as o2saint suggested would suit better as it allows for rotation. (I'm currently using the mic slightly off-angle as the stand is bolted on the RHS edge of my desk mid-way)

      • I have the PSA1, it comes with RODE branded velcro ties, doesnt look bad. Plus Black cables of the mics kinda mixes in with the black arm so it really isn't all that obvious. I was reading into the Blue Compass but many people found it was having issues holding the weight of heavier mics.

  • +1

    At this price, anyone thinking about purchasing, it's a no brainer IMO. Shame I purchased from last weeks Kogan "deal" at $328, which is arriving today.

  • +3

    Looking at the manual:

    It seems to support a "far" setting, where the mic can sit on the desk and be 45 cm from the speaker?

    • I have one now - can confirm it works well at about this distance, but not much more.

  • Dont forgote cash back

  • Super tempted…

  • If you're using it for work zoom calls, can be a tax deduction too!

  • Very good review of the mic.


    Convinced me it'll work for my needs.

  • Any decent table top stand?

  • Guttered for missing out on this deal cos I was juggling between this or the XLR Podmic

    • For what it’s worth I canceled it. The usb point is known to be really weak on these. For xlr only, there are better mics imo.

      • Oh boy, could have sold to me instead :P

        I don't have XLR interface so this could be the best option IMHO for myself without needing to get something else.

        ATM, I'm just running the Marantz PodPack1 which is a pretty basic USB mic.

  • +1

    Anyone still waiting on theirs?

    • Yes

      • Has yours shipped or in preparation for shipping?

        • Still yet to ship

          • @jbjimmyjb: Also still waiting to ship, "Expected by 16 Jul". Don't forget Amazon's Prime guarantee. EDIT Nvm, seems it's only relevant once the item ships.

            FWIW I also purchased one of these as I've heard the stock windscreen sucks.

              • +1

                @Ctn: They're essentially the same except the RK345 has a plastic ring on the base which ruins the fit on the MV7 a touch.

            • @planeodds: Mine showing "Arriving 21 Jul - 4 Aug" now….

              • @IUisdabest: What was the eta before?

                Hmm, my eta hasn't changed yet.

                • @Ctn: Arriving 6 - 16 Jul

                  • +1

                    @IUisdabest: Mine arrived last weekend - must have jumped on the purchase while they still had stock!

                    • +1

                      @ngengerous: Damn, lucky. My ETA hasn't changed - still "Expected by 16 Jul".

                      • @planeodds: Wow it's so hard to get any meaning information out of Amazon support.

                        • @Ctn: Not surprised in the slightest. I contacted them a few weeks ago asking why it hadn't shipped after a few days and was advised that it was shipping "today" at the time…

                          • @planeodds: I've been told it's shipping today like 3x already.

                            It was in stock when I bought it.

                            • @Ctn: Ditto RE stock when purchasing.

                              • +1

                                @planeodds: This just gets better and better.

                                My order went from "not yet shipped" -> "preparing to ship" for 2 days then back to "not yet shipped".

                                • @Ctn: Pretty comical considering the mic is currently in stock and sold by "Amazon AU", yet not in stock according to vendor we purchased it from, "Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd". GG Amazon.

                                  • +1

                                    @planeodds: From what I was told and reading between the lines.

                                    Some of prime day sales are sponsored by the manufacturer and we might be allocated stock from a different pool of limited stock.

                                    We may not be allowed to be allocated stock from the "Amazon AU" pool. maybe…

                                    I've been getting so much random information from Amazon Support.

                                    I'm expecting this to drag on until the estimated date of delivery as usual.

                                    • +1

                                      @Ctn: Mine finally shipped today, how's your order?

                                      • @planeodds: Still in limbo.

                                      • @planeodds: Finally arrived.

                                        • @Ctn: LOL well you somehow received yours before me. Mines due to arrive Friday!

  • Has this happened to anyone before? I'm pretty sure I sent in a cancellation request to amazon, however just got a package today. Have checked my account and looks like the cancellation failed. I've just decided to keep it since it seems like a great deal.

    Small review: Definitely had the same issues as a few others regarding USB port - very weak and wiggles around a a lot. I'm open to ideas on how to strengthen it maybe? Anyways, regarding the actual mic, it's noise rejection is amazing and I no longer have to worry about my pc fan noise.

    The motiv app is easy to use and it's a great plug and play mic. Sounds very clear, however the low end isn't as present compared to say an sm7b. In saying that, you can get a similar sound if you select the highest compression in the motiv settings. The included pop filter is garbage though.

    • Do you want to sale it? I am looking for one, thanks

  • The item never delivered to me and cancelled forcibly……sigh

    • Hmm that’s no good, did you order stay in not yet shipped stage?

  • Unlucky there was canceled as no stock, please let me know if anyone received but don’t want to keep it any more.

    • Really? it's in stock now, but at a higher price.

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