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[SA] IKEA Ladda AA 2450mAh and AAA 900mAh 4 Pack for $7.99 @ IKEA SA


Was looking around in Ikea SA, new Ladda AA 2450mAh 4 packs are $10.

The recently old ones (white) 4 pack now reduced to $7.99. Only picked up 2 packs as I already have too many. They had about 100 packs left.

AAA 900mAh also $7.99, credit to Miss Engineer for confirming.

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    Anyone in Perth knows if these are also selling at $7.99 for a pack of 4 in the Perth store?

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      @sschen website shows has them in stock

    • Just checked Innaloo. Full price :(

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    Eneloops or these? I prefer the Ladda….

    • Ladda. Also cheaper

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      Ladda 2450's are Eneloop Pros, made in Japan in the original Eneloop (Fujitsu) battery.

      Current white Eneloops are now made in China.

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      Tough crowd

  • Do you have a photo of it? Gonna price protection it

    • hehe…cool innit?

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    I can confirm both the AAA and AA are at this price, I bought some on Saturday. The website shows normal price still.

  • Anyone know if same price in NSW? Got a voucher to use.

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    Does anyone know if the AA are cheaper than $14.99 at the Canberra Ikea please?

  • Anyone know if same price for Vic?

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      AA are Marked down to $11.99 in Richmond. Plenty of stock.

      • Awesome, thanks!

  • QLD logan store has these at $8.99 at the moment. Both AA and AAA same price. Still quite a bit left at the moment. It’s the old packaging which is green packaging with white battery.

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    Thanks. Been hanging out for the Ladda AA 2450mAh since I missed stocking up before the price rise a few years back…
    As of 6pm 22/6 the regular battery area had:
    less than 10 AA 4pks left.
    over 100 4pk AAA left.
    Both are $7.99 per 4pk.

    However, a large volume of the stock has been spread out across the store by staff. Some are in the lighting section near battery powered devices. A lot of ends caps have a batteries on them. The wall clock area opposite the plants also has batteries on the endcap.

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      Still a few AA and loads of AAA left today (24/6), in the lighting area near the staff workstation. I didn’t see any other old stock in my walk through.

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    I've been pretty happy with these. I think Aldi stopped selling rechargables.

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    Springvale VIC has:

    Old packaging

    4 x AA = 7.99 (hundreds of packs placed around the lighting section)
    4 x AAA = still normal price of $12.99 (better off buying the ones in new packaging which is $6 but only 750mah instead of 900mah)

    • FYI

      Richmond VIC ikea:

      4xAA = 9.99
      4xAAA = listed as $12.99 but scanned at checkout 6.99

  • How come you can't get delivery for these to certain areas? I'm in country WA and I understand about bigger items not being delivered, but why wouldn't they do a small item like this?

    Anyway, if these can't be delivered, anyone know where I can get a 4-pack of the Eneloops for a similar price ($14.99)?

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    Still plenty of stock in ADL so they have restocked the shelves

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      I was tempted to buy more, but I didn't want to be too greedy.

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    SA - was told all AA gone by the attendant (could see a blank space where the display probably was)
    Still had dozens of AAA

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