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[Prime] 3M Safety Professional Paint Respirator Medium 7512PA1 $65.48 Delivered (Was $109.14) @ Amazon AU


Scare muggles with stock surgical mask during covid with your own over the top but actually effective 3M respirator!! Jokes aside, score 40% off this bad boy with prime day deals. I have one and it performs amazingly in filtering air and fits very comfortably (I also wear glasses).

Product details:

3M Professional Paint Respirator
Used by professionals for certain paint spraying, solvents and pesticides, the 3M Professional Paint Respirator (model R-7512ES) provides at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols including oils. Designed and constructed for exceptional performance and comfort that lasts, the Professional Paint Respirator features 3M Cool Flow Valve technology for heat reduction and easier breathing.

  • One facepiece
  • One pair 6001 cartridges
  • One pair 501 retainers
  • Two pair 5P71 filters

P.S Apologies to mod if its not in the correct category

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    Is this effective for dust as well?

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      I believe so but I would suggest you do your own DD. The 5P71 is a partial filter that would need to be used in conjunction with 6001.

      What kind of work are you looking to use it on?

      You can always change / remove the filters as per your needs. That's another bonus to using it.

      3M PDF Guide

      6001 cartridges

      5P71 filters


        Thanks mate. Looks like will need to get dust cartridges well. All interchangeable, so not bad to have spare filters for different applications


          The ability to swap filters and cartridges is great. As you wrote, have a few different ones for different tasks. The unit itself seals well and is comfortable for something that seals this well.

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      This link says the 6001 filters are good for dust protection.


        The product you linked is not made by 3M, rather a 3rd party brand called "BAOMAO".

        The information provided about the 6001 from the link is applicable only to them and not 3M line.


          Sure, but all the brands for this model say the same thing.
          Even the official 3M page says "for sanding and scraping of lead-based paint".
          You would also usually expect vapour particles to be smaller than solid (dust) type particles.

          My guess is the standard "dust only filters" would be cheaper than these 6001 ones.


    literally bought one last night from bunnings not at this price though … dammit

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      You can take it back if you haven't used it and get this one instead.

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    This mask is designed with exhalation valves which are not filtered, and should only be used in work or occupation settings where the wearer needs to be protected from particulates or aerosols.

    This shouldn’t be used for COVID protection. It allows the wearer to breathe out more easily and stops moisture build-up, but the problem is that it allows you to breathe out virus if you’re infected.

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      'the problem is that it allows you to breathe out virus if you’re infected' - as do most masks, out the sides of nose and cheeks and under chin


      Yeah masks won't stop aerosols, but they do reduce the droplets you emit onto other people's face when you talk. And let's face it, if I walk around with this mask in Westfield, I'm sure no one would even want to talk to me.

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        Hum the Darth Vader theme song to yourself loudly to increase effectiveness

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      This shouldn’t be used for COVID protection.


      Actually this product would offer protection based on the cartridges and filters that it comes with.

      You are talking about something completely different. If you had a room of 10 people and ALL wore the respirator, they would all be protected against one another. If one person just wore a surgical mask then no, they would not be protect (surgical mask are not designed to protect the wearer).

      The filters 5P71 filter is N95 rated and on top of that you have the 6001 filter after. This product does offer protection but it will protect you only as good as the seal (perfect fit required).


    Dammit, unavailable. Though I probably need a large anyway


    Anyone found this anywhere else for a decent price? Best I can find is $99 @ Bunnings