How much time do you spend on OzBargain?

Hi everyone,

I find that I spend so much time throughout the day checking OzBargain, refreshing at least once an hour. Probably the first thing I check when I wake up and am still laying in bed, to the last thing I check before I put my phone down. Don't necessarily need anything…. ever. But I just like to know what good deals are out there.

Just curious how often other people are checking the site, I think I might have a problem lol

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    Every 3 minutes according to this post

  • Every 15-30 minutes for me

    A Poll would help though.

    • I tried adding the poll but muffed it as you can see and not arsed to fix it. I'm spending more time here!

  • about 30mins at work everyday and 10mins at home, thank us using slow amazon virtual desktops that take 3mins to do something

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    Enough that my SO tells me to get off OzB whenever I am on my phone, regardless of me actually being on OzB or not…

    • "But love, I'm on Reddit"

  • I think I might have a problem lol

    OzB anonymous club :)

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    About 1hr 30mins a day. I got nothing better to do anyway.

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      must be victorian.. thanks to Dan

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    should be "How much time do you NOT spend on OzBargain?"

    • i agree, with you.

      OzB is addictive :P

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    Im here for OzLegal… and OzWhatCarShouldIBuy…

  • Rescuetime is a good app that sits on the phone and desktop to show your productive time (and OzBargain time 😉)

  • Physically I'm here but mentally I've been lost for a long time.

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    Sometimes I close the tab then immediately click it on my favourites bar again unconsciously.

    While at work I look probably every 10-20 mins. When at home maybe every hour or two. Many PS5s have been missed during these times.

  • What I want to know is how much time some people spend viewing deals vs. forum posts.

  • Viewing the page is one thing but wait till your involved in the cash rewards/shopback/gift cars/after pay/latitude pay/coupon codes/ suncorp and commercial discounts ahah it's all downhill from there

  • The real question is whether your time is better spent on ozbargain watching for deals and dreaming of discounts, or working/studying harder to get more money to build a better future and be able to afford everything even without the deals

    Obviously, it's stupid to pay full price for anything.

  • Only website I visit. About 10-20 times a day

  • I spend more time on Oz on the weekends rather than weekdays, however I find better deals are much more typically on weekdays.

  • after countless gadgets which I’ll never put in good use later, I would say too many times a day

  • I've dedicated my life for Ozb 😃