How Much Have You Spent on Amazon Prime Day and Do You Think It Was Good This Year?

I am curious on peoples opinions on Prime day this year and how much they've actually spent. I thought prime day was pretty average just like last year was.

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  • +1

    Just after airpods pro but nada 🤣

  • +24

    Better than last year for personal products, appliances, grocery and random things. Worse for gaming offers generally.

  • +1

    About $550 with one regrettable purchase. Still a good amount back with cashback and discounted gift cards.

    • +1

      What was your regrettable purchase, Mr Clear?

      • +6

        Tim Tams and other sugar loaded goods.

        • +24

          I bought a 1.1kg (or thereabouts) bag of Skittles last time. Don't know why. I consumed them fast. I don't even eat skittles. I also bought big bags of Starbust snakes and party mixes. They were nice but I didn't need that much. My idea was to put them in a glass jar and pace myself over the coming months. Also didn't happen.

          • +1

            @Guybrush57: Peanut m&ms would be dangerous in that size

          • +2

            @Guybrush57: I did 2.2kg of the skittles and that was a mistake too. Still have 1kg left.

            • @Clear: Those starburst, Tim Tam and wonka raspberry twizzler deals are hard to resist! 😭

  • +8

    Honestly less available this year than last, less UK deals and US deals probably due to covid and transport costs.

    Literally this year it seemed like orbit keys and toilet paper.

    • +6

      All I saw was garbage lego sets and alexa devices. Really had to dig to find some stuff I needed and wanted.

  • Yawwwwn

    $50 on 4k blurays, nothing i couldn't have gotten at jbhifi.

  • +2

    Scored two instant pot nova duo for my family members for $68 each. A few t shirts and TP.

  • +1

    Picked up an Echo Dot and Echo Show 5 at much reduced prices, happy with that.

    • +1

      Yeah, mostly the echo devices were a great deal

  • +1

    Missus bought cat litter and a kindle, good deals on both I s'pose.

    • +4

      For a second i thought it said she bought a cat from Amazon. 😂

  • +31

    I've mostly avoided the deals page for the last 2 days.

    Ozbargain was basically a mirror site for Amazon for 48 hours. Ooooh look here's a discount on Amazon better list it on ozbargain.

    Can't wait for tomorrow. No more [PRIME] merde.

    • +3

      Merde Sh!t Pain

    • +1

      I ended up getting a doorbell, but apart from that I agree 100%. OzBargain= Amazon.

    • +6

      Agree. Seemed like every listing was for amazon. Nothing I saw warranted a bargain rating. Glad it's over.

    • +4

      Has Ozbargain been bought out by Amazon? Not sure this monstrosity of a business needs a leg up for every half decent priced item.

    • prime day still on for US, we get deals until 5pm today!

  • +3

    really tried to buy what i needed not what i wanted

  • +4

    Thought the s5 max robot vacuum was a good deal.

    Didn't buy it though.

    • +1

      It was, but the s5 Max is overkill for most people anyway

      • Not if you have thick carpet. It’s the only model that cleans carpet well and won’t stop due to brush resistance.

        • Really? I haven't heard about that in any of the reviews e.g. vacuum wars

          • @Jackson: Yep we’ll known problem with the S6. The S5 is the best, followed by S4.

    • oh damn really…

      was it FBA or who was seller?
      (i only saw Mobileciti listing pre-Primeday)

      • Definitely amazon. It was 499….

        There was also an ecovacs t8 for 599. But you get the extra mop (169) and at one point, you can also add 3 washable filter (forgot price).

  • +1

    I thought it was pretty mediocre for prime day. I got myself some cheap groceries and damp rid refill lol.

  • Cashrewards may have saved the second day :)

  • fairly disappointed with this years bargains

  • +1

    EOFY and Black Friday probably as bad

    • Black Friday is best of the year, will have to see lol

  • +2

    I felt it was quite disappointing this year tbh. The only bargain I liked was the $1.95 Palmolive liquid soaps which I had in my cart and was just awaiting my $100 gift card (that I bought just prior to get the $5 bonus) but it only came through minutes after the lightning deal expired. My fault for not buying it ahead of time I guess.

    EDIT: I did actually score Sennheiser HD 599 headphones for $128.23 delivered via the following:

    +$153.23 delivered from Amazon UK
    -$20.00 ShopBack cashback – Tracking correctly so far
    -$5.00 free credit from $100.00 gift card purchase – Not actually used toward the purchase as I believe it would have invalidated the cashback (also not yet received because it gets sent out later I believe) but since I will use the credit later and I used the $100 gift card it stemmed from, I decided to include it in this calculation
    -$20.00 AmEx offer

    TOTAL $108.23 for what I understand are some neato headphones. Will go swell with my sound card and Tidal Hi-Fi subscription.

  • +1

    Household stuff and some cheap lighting deals, not much interested or good thing this year

  • Garmin Vivoactive 4 for $234
    $299 from rebel
    -$50 shop back.
    -$15 28 degree price match amazon.

    $0 spent at Amazon.

  • Of the dozens of items I have on wish lists not one went on sale. Last year two of the more expensive items went on sale with 30%+ discount so for me it was far worse than last year.

  • +1

    2 x Voss Sparkling. That's it.

    • So not a deal

  • I'm curious whether people thought it was good value including the subscription cost (which also applies for purchases throughout the year)?

    • From what I saw no

    • i got free shipping on the 3 things i bought, while it probably would have been 10 - 15 dollars from anywhere else in australia (even for one item) so the sub was good value for me, but i will be cancelling my prime sub next month. i only get prime if i'm buying something on amazon as the prime sub is usually cheaper than the shipping cost of any individual item and then if i want anything else from amazon i got a month to buy it with free shipping.

    • I'm curious whether people thought it was good value including the subscription cost (which also applies for purchases throughout the year)?

      For me, absolutely. I've ordered so many things throughout the year from both Amazon and eBay that both Prime and eBay Plus are no-brainers. Of course different people have different buying habits, so you really have to judge for yourself based on your own purchasing patterns. These sort of subscriptions will be a great deal for some, a good deal for others, and a terrible deal for the rest.

      • Ebay is my last resort now. I only ever try to use it for cheap things and their search and filter is so ripe for abuse that you can never find what you want.

        Amazon isn't as cheap most of the time but at least you get quick delivery and good support. Prime TV is a bonus.

  • Orbit key and Zeiss wipes. Total $60.

  • +6

    It was pretty shit.

  • Palmolive soap was the pick of the deals, which isnt saying much. Also got 25% off a boardgame I already wanted. Bit of a flop overall

  • +1

    I had a good one this year.

    Withings Scanwatch was my biggest catch at $399 (which could have been reduced to about $360s but I got JB Hifi to price match which they reluctantly did but if it wasn't for Amazon, I wouldn't have had it and I got to use my Gift Cards).

    Otherwise I got some groceries, kitchenware stuff and I did resist a lot from the temptation of spending another $300. Eg: $69 for PS5 controller.

    It could have been better.

  • +3

    I was hoping to snag a largish ext HDD. Nada

    • +2

      All the cheap ones are mining Chia. Unfortunately.

  • +1

    Nothing, didn't need anything. Good deals, but I didn't see the need.

  • +3

    Absolute load of junk and the majority of it from third party sellers. I get gift cards from doing surveys so always have credit on Amazon but it was a struggle to find anything worth buying, aside from soaps, deoderant etc. Very disappointing and I feel like Amazon has declined in recent times, I used to regularly find clothing bargains (legit bargains.. like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger shirts/jumpers, shoes etc <$20 but now that's very rare. Many times I find that Amazon is not even the cheapest..

  • Just like previous years it was underwhelming. For the things I was interested in the pricing wasn't any cheaper than previous deals. Biggest deal was probably the cashback combined with the cheap prices.

  • +1

    This one was kinda underwhelming and boring even the discounts weren't as much lol. Only got a protective case for my iPad as it had next day delivery.

  • get better bargains thru the year

  • +1

    I thought this year was pretty pathetic. I got a couple of Diet Coke cases for $20 and three boxes of Huggies for $40 each, as well as Nioxin Shampoo I needed and some Bonds socks that worked out cheaper than direct from Bonds. While yes, it was all less than I usually pay for it, there was no "Yay! I found a bargain on something fun!". I guess the fun part is I can spend the money I saved elsewhere…

    I also noticed you had to click on individual products to see the "prime special pricing". Interesting move, and I'm guessing it was to thwart the price crawlers/trackers from displaying the rock bottom price.

  • Amazon Prime Day is just like its owner.

    • +1

      Divorced from MacKenzie Scott reality?

  • Ghost of Tsushima, some cat food, an air pump for camping. Nothing ground shaking but also not wallet breaking.

  • +1

    Very underwhelming this year.

    I purchased 4x 1L Sukin Bodywash for $6.60 each.

  • +1

    Didn’t participate at all. Nothing posted caught my attention so I didn’t buy anything.

  • +1

    Toilet paper and Red Bull. That's it. Disappointing sale.

  • +1

    Was pretty underwhelming, tried hard to find something worth buying but nada.

  • Eh soap refills, omo and a arctic's 360mm liquid freezer II

  • +1

    Got a new pair of shoes, switch pro controller, Ghost of Tsushima, foot massager for dad, waterpik and portable massage gun. Spent less than $500.

    Used Cash rewards, hopefully get around $50 back.
    Also had Amex spend $100 get $20 back.

    Had to control urge to buy new Kindle and tablet.

  • Around $1000 - 2 of the Samsung a30 door locks + some baby supplies + the B+D mower.

    Needed to replace the old double cylinder door locks with something smarter so I guess it was a welcome discount.

    Had no lawn mower so that was great as well.

  • +1

    ~$100 mostly on food and drinks

  • I bought some cat food, toilet paper, cleaning products and a hat at decent prices.

    But my too-good-to-be-true bargain was a high end moisturiser deal on Amazon UK. Down from $146 to $16.44. I bought four packs.

  • Just like every year nothing worth buying

  • I stocked up on 3 tubes of sunscreen and 3L of moisturiser for $60.99 total, will last me at least until the end of the year.

    Bought this with $60 in Amazon gift cards @ 2% shopback cashback with 7.48% discounted Coles MC, paid other $0.99 with the Coles MC. Will get $5 back from the gift cards through Shopback and $6.89 in cashback from Cashrewards. The skincare was priced below their usual half price discounts at Chemist Warehouse/Priceline/Colesworth so I think it was a decent haul. I definitely only bought what I needed though, resisted all the temptations.

  • +1

    Was BS this year

    • This year's shop events really have been shitty

  • +1

    didnt buy shit from amazon but I bought 3 more watches from Ali, 3 proper rechargeable flashlights also from Ali, and the 55" Hisense Q8

  • I just got a bonus from work (my first in 8 years). so had some fun money to splurge on things. Picked up :

    Nintendo switch
    Pro controller
    Mario kart 8 deluxe

    180 T2 tea bags

    Logitech G305 Mouse

    Lens wipes

    Seiko 5 watch

    Been getting packages /presents all week :-)

  • +1

    Stocked up heaps of household items during shopback and cashrewards :D
    Over $800 spent.

    Big Yikes.

  • +1

    So much tempted for the discounted Bose 700 headphones and the amazon mesh wifi system.
    But ended up skipping. Zero regrets.

  • Spent just over $100 on DVD's and Blu rays

    Pretty lame otherwise

  • I only buy from Big W.

    • should look at kmart too

      • Or target at times too

  • If we had the Fire HD 10 Plus here I would have nabbed one of them. But we don't. So I got nothing.

  • +1

    Nothing, but I wanted the Panasonic G7 camera. When i went to buy, it was gone. :(

  • Groceries and a fancy wooden wick candle from the US.
    Got electronics from the last Prime sale.

  • Spent nothing this year. The only deal that really appealed to me was the Fitbit 4 but shipping dates were pushed right out by the time I got to it.

  • Vitamins and Pepsi max, far from anything amazing but a few dollars off on something I woulda been buying anyway.

  • About $120

  • Zero, yes it was good

  • +1

    I've got on board with prime day by accident but I had a blast. I bought t shirts,jacket,trackies, berocca, couple shirts, batteries, cat food and finally after many many years on this site, my first eneloop purchase including charger (made in Japan ;-)

  • Better than last year's joke of a Prime Day but still nothing too great. Handwash refills, detergent and some Lego.

  • poor

  • I thought last year was great. This year was pretty good too, but maybe not as good as last year.

    • my sentiment this year for many of these events

  • I thought the initial deals on commencement were great; picked up the $69 ps5 controller, LOTR and Hobbit 4K Blu-ray’s ridiculously cheap, but after that absolutely nothing worth mentioning. I was hoping for new/better deals as it went on but after the first few hours it seemed like pretty much third party seller filler..

  • Went ballistic
    Could have bought more but some deals were sold out quickly

  • i had 200 dollars budgeted but i only spent 52 bucks, conan dvd, the wire box set and an aluminium phone stand. pretty underwhelming, i expected to be having to choose between things i wanted, i did buy that lowepro camera bag but i didn't need it and cancelled it because i wanted to buy a new razor (not on amazon), already have a camera bag anyway.

  • Bought a new beard trimmer. It was a good price, and my old one is 12 years old so is starting to fall apart (literally the plastic is degrading). Not too concerned about spending $30 on a trimmer to replace a 12yo item.

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