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Bosch Serie 8 10kg Front Load Washing Machine WAX32M41AU $1424 Delivered @ Appliances Online


For the niche (?) market of those who want a German made Bosch and needing 10kg capacity, this seems to be the cheapest this model has been?

However, do note the estimated delivery date is 7th July (which had been pushed from 2xth June to 30th June and now 7th, so don't expect you'll be able to get it right away. You may need to wait for a bit.).

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    Interesting. Previously all German made front loaders had the WAW prefix. Looks like WAX too now.

    At the $1999 RRP mark I would want iDos in there. Is it called something else on this model?

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      No mention of iDos on this one, but only the more expensive WAX32K41AU (RRP$2099 lol, which interestingly, Winning Appliances is selling it more than the RRP at $2133, while E&S is selling it cheaper at $1999).

      I wonder if that's why it is discounted.


    i have ordered this machine and getting delivery today,, i like the 10kg size


    I've also ordered this machine (for $1750), but mine isn't due until the 7th. So I did what any OzBargainer would do and cancelled the order!
    As soon as I see the cancellation confirmation, I'll re-order it.


    The specifications does not have a "Country Of Origin" like others, it does not say Germany, and the Bosch website itself does not put a Germany Flag on WAX32M41AU. May be made in Turkey if not China.

    Compare waw28460au vs wax32m41au


      Yea I saw that and was wondering too.

      I suppose best try is to call both Bosch and Appliances Online.


    Check this link for e&s, in description it mentions "contry of origin". Even if you check the pic on Appliances online, under the power button, it's printed "made in Germany".


      Oh nice, thanks.

      I suppose maybe Bosch is trying to market the higher RRP Wifi/iDos -K-model more, so didn't put as many marketing logo on the -M- model then.