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[Prime] SoundPEATS Watch Pro1 $43.99 Delivered @ AMR Direct Amazon AU


New model. $5 more than the old model which is also on sale. RRP $60

1.28 inch full touch screen: Easy to check your health data

· Compatible with Android 4.4 & ios 8.0 and above devices

· IP68 waterproof & super long battery life: Don't need to take off the fitness watch frequently

SoundPEATS Smart Watch
· All in Touch Screen

  • Never miss calls, texts, and social media notifications

  • Access the weather information, control the music, find your phone on your watch

· Comfortable Wearing

  • Ultra light-weight: 52g

  • Adjustable wristband: 22mm wide, 5.9 to 9 inches (perimeter), suitable for men, women, and teens.

· Motivate a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Alert you to move!

  • Perfect gifts for yourself, your friends and family members for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthday.

Bluetooth Smartwatch
13 Sport Modes & Connected GPS
The sports watch supports 13 sport modes: Running/ Walking/ Cycling/ Alpinism/ Yoga/ Skipping/ Tennis/ Baseball/ Basketball/ Badminton/ Football/ Rugby/ Table tennis.

Connect to your smartphone's GPS to draw the route map in the SOUNDPEATS SPORTS app while exercising.

Smartwatch with Heart Rate
24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor
Care about your heart rate with PPG sensor. Take a glance at your real-time heart rate on this smart fitness tracker and adjust your workout rhythm to keep efficient and healthy.

You can also check your heart rate graph and rest/average/max/min heart rate data in the app.

smart watch monitor sleep
Sleep Quality Tracker & Silent Alarms
This smart watch can track your sleep activity, recording your deep sleep, light sleep and awake duration and wake you up with silent vibrating alarms.

A comprehensive sleep quality analysis in SOUNDPEATS SPORTS app also helps you improve your sleep quality.

Smartwatch message notification
Call & Message Notification
Read calls, texts, and social media notifications, including Instagram/ YouTube/ Messenger/ Facebook/ Twitter/ WhatsApp and more directly on your smart watch. You will never miss a call or a message.

Music Controller smartwatch
Music Controller
During workout or when your phone is not handy, you can just simply tap your watch to play next/previous song or pause music on your smart watch without the need to grab your smartphone.

long battery life smartwatch
Long Battery Life & Adjustable Brightness
With the built-in 285mAh battery of this digital watch, one full charge of 3.5 hours supports 10 days of working time and 30 days of standby time. With 4 brightness levels, it can be seen clearly in the sun.

Full Touch Screen & Multiple Watch Faces
Multiple Dials & Customizable Watch Faces
· 1.28 inch full touch screen gives you a clearer display of your health data. There are 6 main dials on the smart watch and 50+ dials in the app.

· You can set your own dial face with any pictures such as your family, children, pets, etc. And there are 50+ watch face in the App, making your watch personalized.

· Every time lifting your wrist or press right side button, the screen will light on. (Need to turn on the function of 'Raise hand to activate display' in the app)

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • +1 vote

    these specs at this price seems too good to be true.


    Grabbed one. Thanks
    Reviews sold it


    Been tossing up between waiting for next gen Wear OS or getting the Amazfit GTR 2e.

    So glad this went on special - now I have an interim watch until Samsung/Google sort out their crap - thanks OP!

    One of the downsides of Android is the lack of support from Apple Watch :(


    Apparently from comments on YouTube, you can only read a few lines of text messages. I’m out.


      but are the fonts big enough ? i cant read from xiaomi band fitness, fonts are too small


        Yeah i have this font is huge.
        I wanted a smart watch that vibrates for calls & it's fine. Notifications on this aiint great


    Waiting for Haylou RS3 with amoled screen.


      Also interested in Haylou RS3. Any good deal?


    Third day in a row at this price, still undecided

    I have the amazfit bip, bought a while ago for $70-80 does pretty much everything I need and lasts on average 35 days, really don't need a new one, but this does look appealing…


      I also have the Amazfit. Great little watch.
      If only it had NFC. Happy to wait tho. Not essential atm as i use the phone or card.
      In terms of a standard watch il ride it out until i feel the need for NFC.


        Yeah I guess I've been fine without nfc so far, same here with phone / card use.

        I don't think I can go from the 35 days I get per charge, down to 10!

        I only let sms through to the watch, turned off all other notifications. My use is more fitness related and don't need a gazillion notifs'

  • +6 votes

    Personal review as i have one of these.

    • Battery life is fantastic, will last the 10 days.
    • When phone calls come in you can decline them, but not answer them.
    • Screen movement is a little slow
    • Does count steps and have custom modes for gym and running.
    • Comfy to wear, not to bad, does pinch abit if you have hair on your arms.
    • Suitable for smaller wrists as the screen isnt very large.
    • Able to read text messages to come in, not as great, but you can see them.
    • Able to read facebook notification and it does vibrate when a message comes in.
    • You will need to turn off heaps of notifications from the app for the first time when you get it , and set that up correctly.
    • A few face's for the watch to choose from, which is pretty good.

    Overall for $43 i would get one, but only as a starter and upgrade later.


      good that we can read. xiaomi band fonts are unreadable
      but only 1 line / the long notification/messages are not scrolling, right?

      • +3 votes

        they go down on multiple lines but it is set to cut a word off halfway and drop it down, so its like a set amount of letters per line.

        hope you can re
        ad words like thi


          Can you please try sending yourself a long text message and see if it displays the entire thing on the watch without truncation.


      What is the app like? I keep getting these cheap ali-express smart watches and always run into issues with the app. Latest one (G51) I cant even pair it to the phone (android 12).

      What is the app name and developer?

      Thanks in advance!


      Thanks for the info. It confirms I'm better off with what I have.

      I get 35 days from current watch / fitness tracker. Going back down to just 10 would be painful!

      I realise 10 days in the "big brand* world is a lot, aka Samsung etc


    So definitely no iPhone app to go with this? From comments and description, seems it is really for android phone users, is that correct?


      First page review on Amazon… Which I guess you didn't bother checking

      Lou Pavone
      5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
      Reviewed in Australia on 4 June 2021
      This SoundPEATS SmartWatch is the BEST value for money currently on the market……that it is waterproof enough for showering and swimming is worth the $50 - $60 price tag alone. There are 57 beautiful interfaces to choose from to suit everybody (male or female), the wrist band has multiple holes as part of the design so will fit small and large wrists.
      It very easily syncs with iPhone with downloadable app makes it easy to manage settings. Can display phone txt messages and notifications/messages from multiple apps like Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp, can play music linked from iPhone. Works with android phones too. Has 13 Sports modes, does everything a fitness watch should do including measuring heart/sleep/steps. A very comfortable watch and looks great. LOVE IT


    How this compares with the Huawei Band 4 pro?


    How accurate is the fitness tracker, can it work out the difference between bumpy car and actual walking?


    Ended up returning mine - heart rate monitor was wayyyyy off.