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SanDisk Ultra Flair 512GB USB Drive $79.95, Ultra Dual Drive Go 256GB USB Type-C $39.95, $1.99 Delivery @ Shopping Square


Further reduced price for EOYFS.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go offer expires 24/6/2021.

SanDisk Ultra Flair 512GB USB Drive $79.95

  • Item to be shipped from Sydney warehouse.
  • warranty service in Australia


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    Shipping is only $2, I went for the 128gb version of the dual drive for $22.95 (plus postage).

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    Price seems decent, however looking at reviews, the real-world write speed is quite slow fluctuating between 10 and 30mb/s.
    Unfortunately this is the norm for many USB 3.0 sticks that focus their advertising on fast read speeds.


      I bought the 64GB Ultra Dual Drive Go from JB Hifi last month for about this price, maybe a bit cheaper.

      Write speeds are about 30mb/s from memory so yeah not great if you're transferring larger files as you might be on a 256gb drive. Still pretty cheap to have something flexible on hand if you're in between devices with/without USBC, or if you more storage rather than speed