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Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer Dual Probes $27.71 (Was $39.59) Shipped @ Inkbird Amazon AU


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Wifi Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T
35% OFF, Was $139.99, Now is $90.99

37% OFF, Was $95.99, Now is $60.74

Wifi Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T + Storage Case
25% OFF, Was $145, Now is $94.25

Wifi Sous Vide Cooker ISV-200W:
30% OFF, Was $125, Now is $87.50

Bluetooth Meat Thermometer IBT-4XC 4Probes
31% OFF, Was $91.99, Now is $64.39

Bluetooth Meat Thermometer IBT-6XS-6Probes
31% OFF, Was $91.99, Now is $64.39

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  • Oh a cooking thermometer. I was a bit… concerned as to how one would use it on the body

    • I am a bit concerned as to how you think

  • Can someone tell me which one to buy? Need uncomplicated monitoring for smoking brisket, ribs etc.

    • I have the IBT2X $27.71 (Was $39.59) and it does the job.

      App is convenient and simple to use too.

      • Thanks. Can it show me a graph with the temp of the meat over the course of a cook?

        • Yes it does, you can have a look at the app, it is called "BBQ Go"

          • @moops9: Thank you

            • @a bs: Reviews say graph is erased if bluetooth drops out, or another app is opened. Is that your experience?

              • +1

                @a bs: Not OP but have same temp probes and use the app. The graph is horrible, it clears all the time, app has to be open and screen on if you actually want to use it.
                But I find the temp graph unnecessary anyway. As long as you check temps every hour or so you should be fine. Minor fluctuations happen regardless

    • See my comment below. I would recommend IRF-4S if you're not keen on using an app.

    • I have the IBT2X and it's great but if you are smoking / bbqing more than one thing at a time I'd recommend the 4 probe one, as I always use one probe for smoker temp & one for meat temp which is fine until I'm doing multiple briskets etc

  • Came here just to rave about the IRF-4S. I've previously bought one as a gift and one for myself. Makes charcoal grilling/smoking pretty much foolproof. This model doesn't use wifi/bluetooth/app. Just a regular old pre-internet piece of electronics that uses RF to communicate. One unit connects to the probes and the other goes in your pocket. Can set up temperature alerts and timers. Cannot recommend it enough for anyone into 'slow and low' cooking.

    My only complaint about this deal is that it doesn't include the carry case. Previously its been $64 including the case.

  • I bought the ThermoPro TP20. Anyone think I should change to having an app to track temp?

  • The IRF-4S is coming up as $51 for me after code!

  • +1