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Crumpler Tucker Bag $159 Delivered (40% off, RRP $269), Crumpler Jolly Swagman $199 Delivered (50% off, RRP $399) @ Crumpler


My first post, be kind! Great discount if you have been chasing these backpacks. Better than their End Of Season Sale deal.

Tucker Bag
Moulded breathable EVA backpanel and shoulder straps
Quick access top zip pocket
Expansion gusset
Side Compression
Side pocket with internal expansion for drink bottle
Front Water resistant zip
Hidden rear passport pocket
38cm x 26cm Internal Laptop sleeve (fits 15" Macbook) and internal pouches
WIDTH: 30cm / 11.81in
HEIGHT: 44.5cm / 17.52in
DEPTH: 17-23cm / 8-9in
VOLUME: 24L / 1464.57cu in
WEIGHT: 1.08kg / 2.38lb

Jolly Swagman
Moulded breathable EVA backpanel and shoulder straps
Waist strap, chest strap and load lifters on shoulder straps for comfortable carry
Expansion gusset
Side Compression
Removable rain cover/ lightweight tote
Seperated Top pocket - shoes or laundry
Side Mesh Drink bottle pocket
Side zip pockets
Front Water resistant zip with pouches
38cm x 28cm Internal laptop pocket and sleeve pocket
WIDTH: 34cm / 13.39in
HEIGHT: 57cm / 22.44in
DEPTH: 18-23cm / 7-9in
VOLUME: 47L / 2868.12cu in
WEIGHT: 1.54kg / 3.395lb

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    I'm still using my Crumpler from 6+ years pretty much on the daily. At this rate I'm only changing bags before any warranty because I want a new colour/style lol Great bags!


    Any recommendations for a commuting bag to run with around 10km carrying a 13.3" laptop and change of clothes?

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      I recommend the Tucker bag. I use it on 10-20km depend on routes cycling commute.

      I carry a 14" ThinkPad work laptop and change of clothes ( roll up pants and folded shirts ) and some food. It won't fit extra pair of shoes or suit jacket/ heavy jumpers though… It has capability to expand slightly. Some external zip pockets are great for easy assess to keys, passes, phones. The chest strap helps balance.

      It's far more comfortable for active lifestyle than those more stylish backpacks e.g. crumpler's mentra..

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      Hey Pavlos!

      I would recommend the Conveyor backpack.


      However it is currently not on sale unfortunately. But has a chest strap to help stabilize the bag during those active moments! separate compartment for clothes/shoes and laptop and work stuff! Party in the front, business in the back! lovingly nicknamed the reverse mullet!

      The Optimist


      Is another great option which is on sale for $119 (normally $169). Ample space to fit in clothes and bottle pockets on either side. Laptop storage in main compartment as well which will easily fit your laptop.

      The Tuckerbag


      Also on sale for $159 (normally $269). Great padding on the back and straps with a unique design to aid in airflow (great for sweaty people like me). Again, chest strap to help stabilize the bag. Great organization for everything and actually expands in size when you need it to. Usually sits at a slim 19L but expands to a roomy 24L. Laptop section in main compartment too.

      Hope that helps!


        Appreciate the suggestions thus far. I think I'm specifically interested in a backpack targeted at running to avoid the dreaded bouncing up and down of the backpack itself as well as the contents moving around inside so it is as streamline as can be. Wouldn't call myself a fast runner but wouldn't say I'm sluggish either, I try to average between 4:30-5:00/km.

        I have plenty of other generic backpacks and I find most of them fine for cycling, whereas for running it really becomes an issue if the backpack doesn't sit properly. I figure if a backpack is suitable for running then it would also be fine for every other physical activity including cycling, whereas I don't think the reverse is true for cycling or hiking backpacks.

        I notice the first two Crumpler suggestion say they are water resistant, does that mean I need a waterproof cover for them if I am commuting during a heavy downpour? And the Tuckerbag is not water resistant at all?

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          First of all, that's a respectable pace!

          We don't have a bag specifically for running, however we have bags for hiking. Which are currently on sale too.



          These bags are very lightweight and have a mesh back with an aluminium frame. The mesh back and frame work together to really conform to the shape of your back thus minimizing movement of the bag while on the move. The bag is also very streamline and stays close to the body. The addition of compression straps ensures minimal bulk, maximizing comfort by keeping weight close to the body.

          All the bags are Crumpler are weatherproof. The materials themselves are non porous and another layer of waterproofing is applied underneath the material for extra protection! The design of the bags just recommended also do not have exposed zippers for the main compartments either. A waterproof cover should not be necessary unless the downpour is severe and you are out for a long, long time.

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    Thank you ate2much! Beat me to it!