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100 $2,000 Scholarships on a Range of Undergraduate Courses @ Multiversity


Multiversity are offering a Scholarship on a range of their online courses for just $2,000 for the first 100 sign ups, this is a huge saving on the normal course prices and a great opportunity for Students looking to get themselves started on their desired career path.

Applicable courses are:

Diploma in Aerotropolis Industry 4.0 (Mechatronics Skills)
Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering
Undergraduate Certificate Construction Management
Undergraduate Certificate Information Technology
Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity, Cybercrime and Behaviour
Undergraduate Certificate in Science
Undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Sustainability
Undergraduate Certificate in Data Engineering
Undergraduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Engineering

This ends on June 30th so get in quick!

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    these courses are free elsewhere..

    Looks like double dipping

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      Hi Stickymoo, are you able to to refer me to a place where I can find the free undergrad cert for Cyber Security please. I am genuinely interested and cannot find it with a quick google.

      Edit, never mind I think I found a previous post about it

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    Data engineering fees
    Subsidised places - HECS-HELP 2021 Full course fee: $1,500 Subject fee: $375
    Non-subsidised - FEE-HELP 2021 Full course fee: $5,240 Subject fee: $1,310
    Students must complete 4 subjects. There may be additional costs to purchase resources required for individual subjects.

    So you get paid $125 to do these?

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    You buy a scholarship? That's not how scholarships work, as a rule…

    • I can't speak for above and whether it's a good deal or not but generally speaking scholarships can vary in level of support

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        Yeah, but they're not usually based on whether or not you see a post in OzBargain

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    Scholarships used to be based on merit….

    • Now they're fake!

  • Not even a deal ..

  • ?