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Philips Hue Smart Tap Switch - $29 / Dimmer Switch - $29.59 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


popped up on camelcamelcamel.

Dimmer switch is also $29:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    They are nice but not as nice as the dimmers to use

    • they're also on sale, same price. But that's a smaller discount.

  • Would it work with the xiaomi mij home app?

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    "is powered by your touch" same, tbh.

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    Just be aware that if you intend to use one of these with Conbee or another zigbee stick and Home Assistant for example, here's what the Zigbbe2MQQT website says:

    "This is a Zigbee Green Power device which allows it to be very energy efficient. Messages from Green Power devices cannot be “understood” by normal Zigbee devices, therefore they need to be “translated” first. Not all Zigbee devices can do this translation, currently the only devices known to do this are Philips Hue devices. This means that the Green Power device has to be in range of a Philips Hue device in order to use it."

    • So a single Hue bulb in range would do it, even if you have no Hue bridge?

      If you do have a bridge, is there any advantage to connecting switches direct to HA, rather than via Hue though?
      I have all my lights and my Hue switches connected via the Hue bridge, and non-Hue-compatible devices via a flashed Sonoff bridge on a separate Zigbee network.
      So get all the advantages of Hue (reliability, google/alexa/siri, apps …) as well as full control and automation from HA.

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        Putting them all on the one controller would mean you have one large mesh network and more redundancy in there as a result than operating two seperate zigbee networks.

        That said, you lose OTA upgrades and the like, so I keep my Hue devices on the Hue bridge myself.

  • This is a little different to the dimmer as in each button can control different lights. I think its ok, but my mrs doesn't like how hard you have to push it.

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        swing and a miss bro

  • Thanks OP been waiting to get a couple more dimmer switches, good price.

  • Can two of these be connected to the same bridge? One for downstairs lights and one for upstairs ?

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      you can connect multiple to the same bridge.

      The Hue Bridge – with an advertised 50 bulb limit – actually has a hard limit of 63 lights (and 62 accessories), however you may start having performance issues above 40-45 lights and above 12 accessories. Buying a second Hue Bridge is the only real solution, even though this has some issues in itself.

    • We have three of these on the one hub, no problems at all.

      If you are on iOS I would highly recommend getting the iConnectHue app - best one I've found so far.

    • Absolutely.

    • Yes currently have 8 dimmer switches and just bought 2 more.

  • Thanks OP good find :)

  • how are people finding the reliability of the tap switch? I've heard that they "wear out" and need to be replaced.

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      Had mine for over 4 years now

      Button goes in, button goes out.
      Never a miscommunication.

  • With the dimmer switch, does anyone find that it doesn't register a press half the time? Often I have to keep mashing the button repeatedly until the light goes on/off. All 3 of my dimmer switches do this, and I'm only controlling 3 light bulbs. Moving the bridge closer doesn't help :( The Hue app works perfectly 100% of the time so it wouldn't be an issue with the bridge or light bulbs.

    • No, I find it very reliable.
      Does the LED still blink green when you press a button, even when it fails?

      You could try changing the Zigbee channel.

  • Cannot add to cart :/

    • Out of stock, but the dimmer is still available.

      You can program all 4 buttons on the dimmer switch, just not using the official app.
      Hue Essentials is recommended.

      The dimmer switch looks better IMHO, has an extra programmable button, feels better.
      One CR2450 battery lasts for years.

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      Looks like Officeworks still has them for the same price (C & C). In stock at a few around Sydney that I have checked :-)

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        I just picked two up at my local OW, it looks like it is on clearance everywhere so just a matter of finding one with stock.

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    @spaij OP
    You might want to add the Fuzo lamps to the listing. There are a few discounts on Amazon right now, but the Fuzos are the most heavily discounted. Camel3 tells me that $79 for the small wall Fuzo is an ATL.

    Edit: the dimmer switch is $23 at EB Games, but possibly delivery only. None of my local stores had stock. They also have the hub + dimmer + 3 colour globes kit for $188. If you subtract the current price of the dimmer ($29 or $23, take your pick), then another, say, $50 to offload the hub on scumtree, then you're down to about $30ish per globe, which isn't too bad at all.

  • Possible Bunnings price beat?

    • OOS cannot be price beaten

  • Good switch and works well with HomeKit.

    Still amazing that it powers itself. Amazing engineering feet.

  • At this price tag would have definitely consider dimmer switch with 4 buttons, and each the top button can be used for 4 functions, (1 tap, 2 tap,3 tap, 4 tap), so overall 7 functions vs only a few on tap switch. Furthermore the price could be cheaper if you willing to wait long enough, like $20 (in the kit) at Bunnings Clearance before

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