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[First Responder, Zip Pay] Bose QC35 II Wireless Headphone $223.10 in-Store Only (ID Required) @ JB Hi-Fi


First Responder Day - ID required, in store only.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Black)
$286 ticket price.

First Responder Day - 15% off

Makes it $243.10

Stack with with ZIP Pay deal (set up physical card in Apple Pay, no barcode generation)
$20 cash back with over $100 in store spent

Makes it $223.10

Alternative Deal:

Stack with Suncorp discount JB Cards (or similar other deals)
5% off gift cards delivered instantly to inbox.

Makes it $230.95


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    what is first responder day?

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      This offer is only available to Australian-based first responders. First responders include medical and health workers including doctors, nurses and paramedics, as well as ambulance staff, police personnel, firefighters, defence and border force personnel, SES, lifesavers and quarantine workers. A full list of eligible first responders can be found here. https://www.retail.org.au/firstrespondersdayfaqs

      We ask that first responders bring a Photo ID which shows their work identity. Alternatively, they can shop in their work uniform.


      a minefield for Police integrity

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      Seppo bullshit being forced upon us.


    Which wireless headphones for my wife?

    She's not picky about quality.
    She'd probably like a microphone so she doesn't need to swap headsets whist working
    She has a small head


    This, bose 700 or xm4?

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      from my research and asking people who had both, 700s are a step up on these, but not as comfy and don't fold up for travel, the Sony are amazing, and probably the best but are hot and sweaty after wearing for a long time. So for long wearing sessions, working from home etc these look to be the pick


        These are also hot and sweaty after wearing for a long time, think that’s par for the course for any leatherette headphones.

        Can get replacement ear cups that are better but I understand that affects the isolation.