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[XSX, XB1] Chivalry 2 (~A$19) - Brazil or Turkey VPN Required @ CJS-Cdkeys


This is way too cheap for a recent game.

VPN puts a few people off but it’s really easy.

Turn on VPN (it’s usually Argentina)

Go here

Type in the code and

Have fun.

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  • Wow, that's cheap! I think I'll grab it. It says it needs to be activated on a Brazil or Turkey VPN.

    • Let us know which one works for you.

  • This game is so much fun. Definite purchase.

  • How does this game compare to chivalry 1? Is there a PC version?

    • PC version is $60

  • Got any good cheap vpns to use or used something like hola works?

  • Anyone bought it yet to see it works? Never bought anything from cjs-cdkeys

    • Cjs is fine. They have been around for years and I’ve never had an issue. My issue is backlog. It’s first world problems but they need to stop giving away free games on epic, gog and steam.

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      my advice is to stay away from cjs…..
      bought xbox one code from them before, listed as region free but its actually region locked when i tried to redeem, reported to them immediately with all proof they requested (screenshots of error n chat with MS to confirm its region locked), they first denied my complaint n quietly updated their page, claiming its always listed as region locked. had to google n found their page before update n screenshot it to show them they lied abt it. had to chase for months for the refund. in the end only gave me store credit refund.
      nothing else good to use the store credit for months, ended up purchasing a steam code. this time the code has already been used. again had to go thru all the trouble to report to them with screenshots n AGAIN had to chase for months for another store credit refund.
      terrible experience with them!!!

  • Apparently this game is hilarious fun

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    Lmao, I tried to buy a key. They said my mobile number is high risk and that I should send them all my identification details such as bank account statements and a photo copy of my ID. They happily took my money though. Trying to verify my account but so far no luck.


    • That’s no good, I remember I had to take the 0 off the front of my number if that helps you not have to send in ID which I wouldn’t do either.

    • This was my fear… Thanks for updating the rest.

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        I sent of my details to them, a copy of my drivers licence and a bank statement that only showed my address, this allowed them to match it up with my paypal's delivery address, as well as the date and the website written on a piece of paper. Took them 8 hours to verify it but I have the game now.

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          Cheers for update.

          Would you be willing to buy another copy and send via PM? :)

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    Confirming this worked for me.
    Used a Turkish VPN when redeeming.

    Had an issue when trying to pay. Said mobile was medium risk and wanted document ID. Just opted to use my wife's number and verification code came straight away to that number.

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    It worked for me.
    Used Argentina.
    I had an 8 hour wait waiting to be approved.

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    Gamivo has this for about AU$13.55:

    Just make sure not to select the "Smart" option.