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6 Weeks Free Medibank Hospital Plus Extras + 15,000-130,000 Velocity FF Points (< $40- $120+ Weekly Premium) @ Medibank


A nice little bonus but be quick, expires June 30. Just got the email.. Bear in mind, 6 weeks oft the 90 day wait for the points will be free. Can also get points at 7/11 to bump up total. I will be getting 15000 points. as my weekly premium is less than $40.

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  • Just noticed that they evaluate the weekly premium, BEFORE govt rebate, so many wiill get the next level up

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    Say no to private health care.

    • its a yes for me

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      Say hello to tax implications

      • Username checks out

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    English please.

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      Tally ho, old chap! As I was recently saying to Fauntleroy and Lord Ponsenby; "6 Weeks Free Medibank Hospital Plus Extras + 15,000-130,000 Velocity FF Points (< $40- $120+ Weekly Premium) @ Medibank".

      English enough?

      • Thank you pommy!

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    A little tip if already with Medibank - the other day I called Medibank and said HBF are offering a cheaper comparable plan plus 6 weeks free and asked if Medibank could offer any discount otherwise I might consider changing providers. Medibank were able to offer 6 weeks free no questions asked and thought that was pretty good service.

    • Who did you speak to? Great tip

      • Called normal line and they put me through to the retentions team.

    • Interesting, I called up Medibank a year or two ago and told them HCF had some offers that I was considering, and if they could provide any discount. But they said they couldn’t offer anything, so I switched

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        I'm with medibank now. Last financial year made the switch fr bupa. Been with bupa for years. When tried to talk tk bupa about medibank… They said only for new customers. Came to medibank after setting up, someone from bupa called to match it. I thought after wasting my time might as wekk just stick with medibank. If they have this, I will do it… If not last I checked, bupa is also giving the 6 week free.

        • We were with Bupa for over 2 decades and were not offered anything until I switched to Medibank then they called back and tried to offer me incentive to not to go through with the change. Well you could have consider looking after long term loyal customer and no ! Too bloody late and I stuck with my change to Medibank on principle !

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      Also, if you are with Medibank during July 2020 - June 2021, they will be giving some rebate during September.


  • I jumped from Medicare to HBF about 8 months ago, if I jump back to Medicare would I be eligible?

    Need to be 12 month. bugger

    • now they are hooked up with velocity you will probably get another chance

  • How to get 130k? Worth it for free pts or no actual profit?

    • I was about to churn to medibank for 6 weeks free anyway, which goes to july 13. I have decided to just take that one because I would have to pay for 8 weeks extras with the points deal, I dont want extras. With the medibank deal I will just have to pay for 4 weeks extras. and I still have a free week until july 7 with my current provider

    • you wlll have to pay for 45 days hosp and extras to get points, and it is direct debited fortnightly so may even have to pay for another fortnight to reach the 90 days

  • Medibank gives 6 weeks free after 30 days, which takes it to 72 days so you make it to 90 days to get the extra points. As it is direct debited fortnightly I think you would need to make 2 more payments before making any changes,

  • Just clicked through ready to get a quote…but I’m not eligible as I currently hold Heath insurance with AHM. Dang!

  • Hello everyone I am Prabs,

    I work for Medibank Private. Feel free to send me an email if wanting to join or any enquiries.

    There are great last minute tax time june offers for joining hospital and extras.
    Even for extras only ,you can claim straight away as we can waive all 2 and 6 months waits.

    Email : [email protected]

    • Will referral code works on this 6 weeks free offer as well?

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    Interesting that they can do this, as it is mandated by the govt to only provide 12% discount max on any private health insurance….YUP hard to believe what the govt does to protect the PHI.

  • roll on the 12% discount please

  • Can you use the VELOCITY code to stack with a referrer code?

    • referrer code gives only 4 weeks free so doesnt match

  • with medibank and called them and said I wanted to swicth and they gave me 6 weeks free without asking any questions.

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